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Festival of
The Holy Dove

Festival of
The Holy Dove


Three Grail Festivals mark the spiritual high points of the servants of the Light who of read the Grail Message, as instituted by Lord Abdruschin.

These are times when the whole of Creation prepares to celebrate in the right way these great Festivals, which are important for all of humanity. On Earth a good preparation begins at least two months before the Festival, with special attention being given to a day before the Festival (Fore-Festival) and the Day after a Festival (Post-Festival). – Master John
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Festival of the Holy Dove

On May 30th is the Festival of the Holy Dove, that is, the Day of the Outpouring of Power through the Holy Spirit, otherwise known as Pentecost, which, as a Covenant between the Creator and His creature, is repeated annually for the entire Creation on May 30th.

Festival of the Radiant Star

On December 29 is the Festival of the Radiant Star, also called the Festival of the Rose in that the rose is the symbol of love. On this day we contemplate with the deepest gratitude the Divine Love Which sent the Son of God Jesus to Earth in order to bring the great Message of Love to humanity.

Festival of the Pure Lily

On September 7th is the Festival of the Pure Lily. Although this Festival is primarily a celebration of the woman in her striving towards Purity, it is not only for women, but also for men and all servants on mission on Earth.

... and Commeration
of the lives of the
the Sons of God:
Jesus and Abdruschin.

We think that everyone should consider making an offering to the three (3) Grail Festivals…. We, in the Beyond, also make a gesture of offering to the Light that is different from yours on Earth.

Master John

Master John stated that we are in matter and there are many ways in which you can act as an offering to give to the Light.

The Essential Beings built a large Bridge … to place on which are placed the envelopes containing the request of each person with their name on the envelope. All the offerings, the compensations of the people who thought about the work of the Light, they are placed on this table.

The Bridge of Light which is at this point, causes the Light that descends to touch the names as well as the offerings, the donations of the people which are placed in a box on the table.

There are servants in the Beyond who work to pass on the messages and the names of people who have thought to contribute to the work of the Light or the names of those who have given their offering.

The Light blesses everyone whose name is placed on the table.

Through your offerings, many people, even Called Ones, and often times entire families that cannot put food on their tables who are victims of blockages, bewitchments, and attacks of darkness are being helped. Many people are unaware of this and suffer in their lives without knowing the origin of their suffering.

Through this Light mission, such people when they turn to the Light for help, the Spiritual Helpers in the Beyond are able to help them to know what is happening to them and in their lives to find a solution that gives them joy in life.

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Are you preparing for this upcoming Festival of the Holy Dove with the idea and the deep and serious intention of receiving the Force that is poured out on that day; a Force that you know is important in your life, a Force that will favour your spiritual evolution and that can change many negative things in your life?

As the Light Teacher, Master John advises, however, a Grail Festival must not be celebrated with worries, with problems that do not give you joy, you will waste your time staying in rooms of recollection being in this state....Every Festival must be a moment of recollection, so that people, the readers, receive the strength that will help them in their spiritual evolution.

On the Eve of Festival of the Holy Dove:

Send your prayer request for Light intervention in your life and affairs. In the spirit of love of neighbour, you are also invited to send a prayer request to the Light for someone in need or against times of need.

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