Anniversary of the Lord’s Birth – 2023

From Master John
The Lord came to Earth with the Mission to help human beings on a spiritual level with these teachings, to help them in their well-being towards their spiritual evolution. Not all human beings saw and met the Lord physically when He was on Earth, although the Lord was present wherever His presence was requested or needed. The Lord presented Himself to all those who sought Him and were spiritually open. The Lord is omnipresent. Some people who sought Him after contact with His teaching, the Grail Message, were also able to find Him.
The birth of the Lord on Earth was a Grace of God. The Lord was among men on Earth, but not all recognized Him as the SON OF MAN. The Lord loved to tell those who met Him that He was a Servant of the Light on a Mission on Earth, and that His Mission was to help human beings. He was simple, humble, and of Great Love for the human beings of the earth.
The Lord did not like to celebrate His birthday. He always preferred to do something that helped human beings in their lives. He did many things and miracles on His birthday. He would go to some people’s birthday parties just to try to do something useful for them, something that would help them in their lives. He wasn’t going to celebrate the birthday like other people, but it was an opportunity for Him, Who had a Mission to help people, to meet those who came to the party and try to do something that would help those who were giving an opening to the Light.
This help was available to anyone present who had a problem in their life and who had an opening to the Light. The most important thing for a person in need of help is to give an opening to the Light.
The Lord prayed that the Force of the Light would reach and help all those who open themselves to the Light on the day of His birth.
In your time, people are increasingly focused on what to do on the anniversary of their birth, a day they attach great importance to in their lives and seek to celebrate with pomp and circumstance in blind ignorance of what life is and their spiritual state. They go to great lengths to make this day as pleasant as possible for people, for their honour and happiness.
The birthday should be a day of contemplation, for it is a Grace of God that you continue to live on Earth. But we see how some people worry, become unhappy, discontented, moody, lack joy because they were not able to celebrate their birthday or the day did not go as they wished; they are not satisfied.

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Unfortunately, but this is the reality, even the servants on mission are acting like everyone else, when it is they who should be setting the example in this change that is expected of people for their well-being and spiritual evolution.
You, the servants of the Light on mission, are in this world, but you do not have to live like the people of this world.
We should not find the same understanding and celebration of birthdays among servants on mission as among children and people who do not know what this day should represent and mean in their lives. 
There is a good way to celebrate the anniversary of one’s birth, which can and should be an important day in the lives of people who know what that day means in their lives.
Whatever state and circumstances you find yourself in on your birthday, you will try to take a moment of quiet, of reflection, of taking stock of your life. And in meditation, turn to the GOOD GOD with all your being to thank Him for His Grace that He grants you to continue to live on Earth by adding one more year to abandon and get rid of what is not good, to correct what has not been done well, to improve what needs to be improved for your well-being and your spiritual evolution. To do this, you have to be at the service of God. Do His Will on Earth as it is in Heaven in the way you live each moment.
The Lord asks those who know what this day should be, the importance of the day of His birth, to meditate, to PURIFY themselves, so that you have the Force of the Light that helps in many things in your life.
People are going through turmoil and many problems in all areas of life, all over the world. They do not live in peace; there is no real joy in life because of the absence of those true teachings and knowledge that give life its true meaning, so that people lead a consistent lifestyle in true love of neighbour and purification of their thoughts.
In areas of war and various conflicts, with all the difficulties people face, the worries, anxieties, and concerns, they have only negative thoughts, which do not help them to purify themselves.
But no matter what happens in your life and in the world, nothing can be so serious that you cannot think of GOD, the Creator of all, the One Who has All Power over all and the solution to every problem, the One whose Force can intervene in you and give you peace, joy, the answer and the solution to everything. Human beings must instead purify their thoughts by thinking of God, of His teachings, in order to open themselves to the Force of the Light which they will attract into their lives and help them.
Human beings often open to the Light at the moment of greatest distress or greatest joy. Do not forget this.
Readers of the Grail Message know the teachings of the Grail Message, but they do not act upon these teachings when they are faced with a difficult situation or when they are in distress. Some even forget to meditate because of the problems, whereas it is the moment when they most need the Light Force that can help them in what they are experiencing.
Human beings are primarily responsible for all the evil and suffering in their lives and in the world. They are living the consequences of their own way of life that has distanced itself from God, which God does not appreciate, and which is the source and cause of suffering and unhappiness in their lives.
Servants on mission have the Force of Light accompanying them in their lives to help them accomplish their mission. They need to think about the purification of thoughts, which is necessary to activate this Force and for a good vibration around them in their lives.
The purification of thoughts to attract and activate the Force of the Light cannot be confused or combined with any other practice. Links with darkness are an obstacle to the purification of thoughts and do not attract the Force of God that can help a person.
The Message of the Lord on the day of His birth to human beings: The Lord urges human beings to work and think more on PURIFYING THEIR THOUGHTS to open themselves to the Light in order to attract into them the Force of Light that HE sends on the day of His birth on Earth. This Force will help those who are aware of this date and open to the Light, as well as many other human beings in many areas of their lives, for their well-being and spiritual evolution. It is important to connect to the Light and give It this opening to attract It to work within you and help you.
The human being must trust in God Who is the Force, Who has the FORCE, and Who has the solution to everything.
Concentrate more on what can help you to purify your thoughts by a good way of living according to the Laws. Do not be distracted, but seek to open yourself to your Intuition, which is your inner voice.
You know the MESSAGE OF THE GRAIL IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH, which is the TRUTH in which you have teachings that give you these explanations and these insights that help you to understand many things in your life.
The Lord is omnipresent.

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May the anniversary of the day of the Lord’s birth awaken something in YOU.

To learn how seek and find the Lord in HIS Omnipresence:

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We think that everyone should consider making an offering to the three (3) Grail Festivals…. We, in the Beyond, also make a gesture of offering to the Light that is different from yours on Earth.

Master John

Master John stated that we are in matter and there are many ways in which you can act as an offering to give to the Light.

The Essential Beings built a large Bridge … to place on which are placed the envelopes containing the request of each person with their name on the envelope. All the offerings, the compensations of the people who thought about the work of the Light, they are placed on this table.

The Bridge of Light which is at this point, causes the Light that descends to touch the names as well as the offerings, the donations of the people which are placed in a box on the table.

There are servants in the Beyond who work to pass on the messages and the names of people who have thought to contribute to the work of the Light or the names of those who have given their offering.

The Light blesses everyone whose name is placed on the table.

Through your offerings, many people, even Called Ones, and often times entire families that cannot put food on their tables who are victims of blockages, bewitchments, and attacks of darkness are being helped. Many people are unaware of this and suffer in their lives without knowing the origin of their suffering.

Through this Light mission, such people when they turn to the Light for help, the Spiritual Helpers in the Beyond are able to help them to know what is happening to them and in their lives to find a solution that gives them joy in life.

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