December 6: Day of the Lord’s Departure From the Earth

Transmitted December, 2022 from Master John
December 6 is the Day of the Departure of the Lord from the earth. It is a date known to the readers of the Grail Message on which the Light acts upon the earth. Despite the physical departure of the Lord from the earth, the Lord IS still on Earth through His Teachings. He is Omnipresent and can reveal Himself to anyone who opens to the Light.

Those human beings whose thoughts, words, and actions at all times are in accordance with the Laws of God that govern all Creation, they are the ones who serve the Light to which they are connected, and they also give It an opening through which It can act in their lives to help them in many things. These human beings ensure that their thoughts, words, and actions are in accordance with the Laws.

To recognize, understand, and want to live according to the Laws of God that govern all Creation, it is as simple as that; and that is what the Light expects of human beings in their lives: to do the Will of God on Earth as it is in Heaven, for their well-being and spiritual evolution. Unfortunately, this is what has become very difficult and almost impossible for human beings.

God’s Laws are Perfect, Just, Incorruptible and govern all Creation autonomously. There is nothing simpler than the Laws of God that are easy to recognize and understand. Human beings experience in their lives the effects of the action of the Laws which they can easily recognize and understand in order to conform to them. There is only one path they must follow in their lives, that of the LIGHT OF TRUTH for their well-being, their spiritual evolution and the salvation of their souls.

It was not the Will of God that the Lord should leave this earth so soon and in the manner in which HE left it. The Two Sons of God came to Earth to accomplish their Mission of Light. It was not the Will of God that THEY should have left the earth so soon and in the way you all know. They came on a Mission of God’s Love to help human beings, but human beings did not welcome them. The way Jesus, the Son of God, left the earth was a crime committed by humanity on the person of the Son of God; humanity dominated by darkness did not want His presence among them.

The darkness, which wanted to continue to dominate the earth, could not accept the presence of Jesus and the Light He brought to the earth. That is why the darkness fought against Jesus until He left the earth.

This is the same battle that darkness is still waging today against every servant of the Light who is on Earth with the mission to defend the Truth.  As long as darkness dominates the earth, every servant on Earth with the mission of defending the Truth must expect to encounter all kinds of obstacles, dangers, traps, fights of darkness to prevent one from accomplishing his or her mission, like the fights of that same darkness against the two Sons of God.

Only a few servants manage to leave the earth after having accomplished their mission of Light to defend the Truth on Earth.

A servant on a mission to defend the Truth on Earth, and who wants to succeed in his mission in spite of all these different obstacles of darkness, must act in true love with determination, firm will, conviction, trust in the Light, perseverance, and he or she will always end up doing something in the mission of Light as sent to accomplish on earth.

Many servants are not in the service of the Light because they live a double life, with one foot in and one foot out, and when they find themselves in front of a danger, an obstacle, they do not resist, they fall because of this foot out which is in fact an opening to the darkness.

It is not easy to be in the service of the Light and to accomplish a mission of Light on Earth. To do this you must first prepare yourself to be strong by living according to the Laws of God in order to activate and attract within you the Force of Light that will make you strong and able to face the many dangers on the way to fulfilling your mission of Light.

Servants on mission are accompanied by the Light Force to protect and assist them in many things in life during their missions of Light. To do this they must open themselves to the Light by acting in their lives in such a way as to activate this Force within them.

The departure of the Sons of God from the earth in the manner you know was not in the Will of God. God is Just and Perfect, and only from the Light alone can come the explanation of why God did not use His Almighty Power to spare His Sons this hasty departure from the earth and in such painful conditions. The many words attributed to Jesus regarding His treatment by human beings and His departure from the earth confirm, and always in accordance with God’s Perfect and Just Laws, that His early departure from the earth and under atrocious conditions, was not willed by His Father. It is human beings who are at the origin of the false explanation and understanding, which have been taken up by all, of this criminal act committed on Jesus, the Son of God, as being wanted by God for the salvation of human beings. No!

It was a criminal act committed on Jesus by human beings, and which they must acknowledge and accept responsibility in order to redeem themselves.
The two departures of the two Sons of God from the earth were not willed by God.

The Lord had been informed by the Light of what could happen in HIS life on that date of December 6. It was at the time of the death of one of His nephews named JACKSON, the son of His cousin whom HE loved very much, and who often came to visit the Lord and stay with Him for a few days. Jackson appreciated the Lord’s guidance, but he had the flaw of a life of dating different women.

Jackson had started going out with different women at the age of seventeen and had affairs with several girls and women. Family members and those who knew of his shortcomings had tried to counsel him about this, but he did not make the effort to leave the bad lifestyle of having intimate relationships with several different women.

Jackson was a classy man who liked to wear noble clothes. He was also liked by people for his humble manner, but he took advantage of and abused this quality of being liked by people, especially women, to go further by playing with his thoughts and fantasies of having intimate relationships with different women who liked him.

One day, he came to visit the Lord. He knew that the Lord was well aware of his dirty life with women. He kept asking the Lord to help him overcome his shortcoming, but when he separated from the Lord he did not change his dirty life. The Lord knew that Jackson had to fight against the darkness that sent women to seduce and destroy him.

There are those human beings who have faults that become like propensities in them. They try to make efforts to improve themselves and change their behaviour, but they always fall back into the same defects.

They ask for the help of the Force to change, but they cannot do anything about these defects for a long time; they always fall back into their old habits that they recognize and want to get rid of. These are the kind of people who have not understood the teachings.

When a person has well studied, deepened, and understood what the teachings transmit as knowledge for one’s well-being, it is with determination, firm will, faith, conviction, trust in God, perseverance, and patience that he or she will apply these teachings in his or her life to change it. This change will not happen overnight, but gradually. There will be ups and downs, but one must always get up each time one falls, and continue the struggle for change with conviction in the Light and trust; for, it is not an easy struggle to get rid of one’s faults, one’s bad habits. The darkness will always be there to encourage you not to get rid of it.

Any desire to change for the better is often fought by darkness, especially in its early stages. The darkness and its agents will not easily let you leave the wrong path you have long followed.

The doctrine of the evil of darkness is that human beings always think, speak, and act contrary to the Will of God, the Laws of God, therefore of evil. When you have defects, faults, that is behaviours and habits that are not in accordance with the Will and Laws of God, you are following the doctrine of the evil of darkness, which is contrary to the Love of God.

The Light is always doing Its job of imparting to human beings, teachings that give them the useful knowledge to live well in accordance with Its Laws that govern Creation. But in spite of all these precious teachings, human beings always do the opposite of what the Light teaches them. And with such behaviour that does not respect the Will of God, they open themselves up to darkness and its agents, who can easily reach them and catch them in their traps.

Always do good in thought, word, and deed and you will have God’s Protection.

Jackson knew well what he had to do to get help to get rid of his default of dating different women. But Jackson continued to enjoy this lifestyle, regardless of the consequences in his life.

Jackson caught an infectious disease. He did not know that he had been infected by JUDITH, a woman he had been seeing for a long time. And when he learned of Judith’s death, he inquired about the cause of her death and learned that she had died of an infection that she had neglected to treat.

Jackson, who had regular intimate relations with Judith, was tested and found to be infected as well, and that his infection was in an advanced stage. Long before this test, Jackson was already experiencing pain in his lower abdomen that did not seem serious; he was thinking about something else.

Jackson started taking medication, but continued to date different women. He too was spreading the infection to these other women with whom he was intimate. This was not a good or loving act on Jackson’s part.

At that time there were no powerful medicines to cure, treat, and heal certain diseases and infections that took a heavy toll. Some of these infections spread and developed rapidly in the body.

Jackson became very ill and weak and could not leave his house. He died on a Thursday at about 2am, alone in his bed. Frank, his neighbour, who used to see Jackson coming out of his house in the morning for some fresh air, did not see him that morning. Frank decided to go to Jackson’s house, but did not see him.

He knocked on the door, but Jackson did not answer. Frank called the police, who arrived at the scene, broke down the door and found Jackson already dead on his bed. It was shocking and sad news for the Lord’s extended family, whose members often socialized together.

Since Jackson often visited the Lord, HE also received the news of Jackson’s death from a member of His father’s family. The Lord prayed to facilitate Jackson’s release from his body, which in a vision HE saw was decaying rapidly. As it turned out, the infection that had lasted for a long time in Jackson’s body without being cured had already reached and destroyed some of the organs in Jackson’s body long before his death.

The Lord wanted Jackson’s spirit to leave this already decaying body as soon as possible. Jackson was already suffering quietly after his death. He could not let go of his body because he had loved it so much. The Lord prayed that he would be able to let go of that decaying body.

The Lord decided to go to Jackson's funeral where HE could also meet some of His family members. He was saddened when HE arrived at the place where Jackson’s body lay. The Lord saw Jackson in a vision, saw how Jackson was hiding in a corner to avoid meeting the family. He knew that some members of the extended family were forbidding him from this life of women that led to his death, but he thought he was being clever in refusing all advice. He thought people could see him, so he hid from people.

The Lord only wanted to be there to see how HE could help Jackson to detach himself from his body and move to other places instead of staying close to his body.

When Jackson saw the Lord, he sought to hide even more because he knew how the Lord had advised him to stop with this dirty life of dating many women.  The Lord leaned over his coffin and told Jackson, who could hear Him, that he should have the courage to move on to other places instead of staying near his body.

Jackson was happy to see the extended family gathered around his body. After a while he felt tired, his eyes closed for a brief moment, and when he opened them, he found himself in another place. He could still see his body from a distance.

He no longer felt any of the pain he had felt while still attached to her decaying body, he was somewhere instead and could see what was happening at his funeral.

The Lord had taken part in the funeral like everyone else. He had done his job in helping Jackson to detach from his body and continue his journey into the afterlife. The Lord also had time to see the extended family members who were there in large numbers. But before that, HE wanted to rest. It was a sad moment for HIM to see His nephew go because he had not wanted to hear the teachings and advice not to date different women, teachings and advice which could help him change his life and save him from this painful death.

Jackson had died because of a lack of obedience to the Word of God. He wanted to do God’s will, but lived his life as he saw fit.

The Lord was so touched by Jackson's death that HE had a vision of something that would happen in His life on December 6.

Jackson’s body was last seen on 6 December 1931. The Lord’s vision was so real that HE asked His Guides for an explanation, but they remained silent. He realized that this was not the time for Him to know what might be happening in relation to this vision. Sometimes the Lord did not receive answers to some of the questions He asked His Guides.

The Light, before acting on certain things, gives teachings, advice, warnings, and knowledge so that people can prepare themselves for what may happen to them.

The Lord had remembered this vision well and was aware of certain things that HE had to prepare before leaving the earth. Readers will now know what happened in connection with the Lord’s Departure.

The Lord had a friend, a reader of the Grail Message, a servant of the Light, named BAUDOUIN. He was a humble and helpful man who had a great love for people, and who willingly shared his possessions with those who were in need and asked him for help. Baudouin suffered from certain ailments, including headaches and other backaches. He did not understand what was going on inside him.

Baudouin went to see a doctor for these various ailments that he could not explain. The test results showed that he had prostate cancer. He kept the secret of his illness to himself and did not want to reveal it to anyone. He suffered in silence. And although he was taking medication, his condition did not improve.

One day, after the Sunday Hour of Contemplation, the Lord met Baudouin. By looking at him, the Lord saw that he was frail. And since he was alone, the Lord took the opportunity to talk with him. He taught him to love his neighbour. The problem with Baudouin was that he had the defect of not sharing his worries, his concerns, the problems of his life with his wife MARGUERITE and their children.

Baudouin struggled alone with his worries and problems in his life.

He had prostate cancer, but he did not tell his family. The Lord asked him what would be his reaction if it was his wife or his children who acted towards him as he did towards them, by hiding his worries, his problems, his life from them. Naturally he would not accept it, that it was a lack of love for his neighbour. Baudouin knew that the Lord knew about his prostate cancer. He promised the Lord that he would gather his family and tell them about his prostate cancer.

But, when he arrived home, he did not have the courage to do what he had promised the Lord, specifically, to gather his wife and family and tell them of his illness.

Baudouin’s pain became more and more intense. He often went alone to his doctor. His prostate cancer was terminal and he only had a few days to live. Despite this, he still did not want to tell his family. He preferred for them to learn about his illness after his death; that was his decision. He had even forbidden his doctor to talk about his illness to his wife and family.

The doctor could only respect his wishes. His wife only knew that her husband was ill, but of what, she knew nothing at all.

According to the doctors’ prognosis, Baudouin had only one week to live.

While he was sleeping, Baudouin saw in a dream that the Lord came and stood at his bed and spoke to him. The Lord reminded him of the teachings on love of neighbour that He had given him the last time they had met after the hour of contemplation. Baudouin could not say anything in his dream. The Lord placed His Hand on Baldwin’s chest and prayed for him as he slept.

Baudouin saw in his dreams everything that was happening. The Lord left Baudouin’s room without the door opening.

Baudouin woke up, his whole body drenched in sweat.

He knelt down and prayed to God to forgive him. He prayed, weeping and asking God to forgive him. He got back on his hospital bed and went back to sleep. In the morning he woke up with courage. It was the morning of December 6.

His doctor and the nurses had seen all the signs of impending death on Baudouin that night of December 6. They knew they would find him dead on his bed. For two days he had been having successive hiccups. As his cancer was terminal, it was deemed unnecessary to give him certain drugs which were previously stopped. He was only given painkillers and sedatives to ease his pain and let him go quietly.

The nurses watched him more closely and more frequently, so as to be there when he died. But to their surprise, Baudouin was still on his bed, stronger, more awake, more alive and with courage. He even asked the nurses for breakfast, which surprised them even more. They then called his doctor, who rushed to see Baudouin.

The doctor was remarkably surprised to see Baudouin, who was on the verge of death, suddenly regain all his energy and strength and stand up so easily in front of him. He had come back to life!

The doctor examined Baudouin and noticed that many positive changes had taken place in Baudouin’s health and body. He looked at Baudouin with questions in his mind about what he was experiencing in this case with Baudouin.

The doctor called in two other doctors to examine Baudouin’s case together, in order to try to find explanations that might help him understand. All of them would implement all their scientific intellectual knowledge, and after various analyses and examinations there was nothing abnormal and no anomaly linked to a cancer that Baudouin was supposed to suffer from and that was in terminal phase. All that was found was that Baudouin’s blood pressure was a bit high.

They waited until Baudouin had finished eating his lunch to talk to him.

They started by asking him some questions, and when asked if he believed in the miracle, Baudouin smiled and said that he was a servant of the Light. He told them about his goodness and his compensatory actions for the work of the Light. In the end Baudouin told the doctors that he was a reader of the Grail Message. The doctors simply looked at each other in amazement.

Baudouin’s attending physician spoke up and told him that he had just experienced a moment of miracle in his life, that God had visited him on the night of December 6, which was also for them his last day. All the signs of his imminent death were there, that the doctor and nurses were just waiting to confirm his death. This was not the case for him, because miraculously, without any explanation to understand what happened: Baudouin was alive in front of them in good shape, not sick.

Baudouin fell to his knees once more, and began a prayer of thanks to God. He asked that his wife be allowed to visit him in the hospital. When he was left alone in his room, he simply thanked the Lord for His visit to heal him of his prostate cancer on that day, December 6, the same day he was to die of the same terminal cancer.

His wife received a message to go to the hospital to see her husband. She thought it was bad news for her husband, but the informant reassured her that it was rather good news.

Baudouin was crying when he saw his wife enter his room. He asked his wife to sit next to him. He told his wife his whole story from the beginning. The wife, who could not believe what her husband was telling her, had to try to stand up to avoid fainting and making her husband sick again, as it was unthinkable for her to hear and believe what her husband was telling her.

Baudouin asked his wife, children, and family for forgiveness. Baudouin stayed in hospital for a few more days and came out completely cured of his prostate cancer. He couldn’t believe that all the pain was over.

He not only wanted to thank the Lord for His help, but also to pray for the healing of his prostate cancer which had reached its final stage. On the day Baudouin was to die, December 6, the Lord came to his aid to save him by giving him the Force that allowed him to be healed of his disease that man could not cure.

Baudouin, overwhelmed by the greatness of what he had just experienced, did not know what to do to thank the Lord for having saved him from certain death.

He saw this as an act of thanksgiving and wanted to thank the Lord. He wanted to make a gesture for this miracle in his life.

Before going to the Lord, Baudouin bought a car for the Lord. He presented this car to the Lord to thank the Light for healing him from his illness and saving him from certain death. This car was large enough to be used for errands and other needs at gatherings and festivals. There was a need for a vehicle, this size of a van, in the mountains.

Baudouin lived for several years after being healed by the Lord of his prostate cancer that was in its final stages and of which death was certain.

The Lord had healed many people on that date of December 6, those people who had incurable diseases and were to die on that date of December 6. He had information about people all over the World who were to die on that date of December 6 and whom He could heal.

The Lord could see in vision people coming out of their bodies and HE gave them the strength to live again. These people were often those who lacked help and could only rely on the help of the Light Force to heal them of their illness.

Since HE had the vision of December 6, HE thought to continue to help some of those who were to die on that date, in accordance with the process of the Light, and in accordance with the Will of God. He was helping some people to shed the body in which they were stuck. There is much to reveal to you about what the Lord did during His life on Earth.

The Light wants to answer the doubts of some people about what the Lord did during His life on Earth. The Lord’s Mission was not like that of Jesus. The Lord was discreet in all the help He gave to many people, and in other dangerous situations in life. The Lord IS always among people. He works in the lives of people who open themselves to the Light.

DECEMBER 6 should be a day of meditation and prayer with OUR LORD in mind.