In Commemoration of
The Lord's Departure from Earth
on December 6

Posted December 3, 2023


Every year on the 6th of December there was much happening around the Lord. Subsequently, the Lord was exceptionally careful about what He was going to do and was on the lookout for what was going to happen in His life on that day. Knowing that the 6th of December was not a good day for Him, the Lord did not feel He was able to do anything. He asked His guides for an explanation. They told Him that it was no coincidence.
Only later would the Lord have an explanation that would allow Him to understand what happened in His life on 6 December each year.

His guides advised Him to be ever vigilant on 6 December each year to all possible dangers around Him. He did not understand this and wondered why these things were happening in His life. On that date of each year, He would keep careful watch on everything going on around Him.
However, He prayed more for the protection of those around Him, knowing that He Himself had natural protection, and had to think more about protecting those around Him from the obstacles and traps that were aimed at Him.

Every year on this date of December 6, certain things happened with the darkness and its agents. They always wanted to attack the Lord. Some agents of darkness believed that they had the Force to attack the Lord even in public. But the Lord knew that no attack of the darkness and its agents could reach Him, and knowing that the people around Him could fall victim to them, the Lord decided to use His Almighty Force to divert any attack directed against them and to destroy all evil.

The Lord knew how the darkness and its agents worked, so He could easily protect those around Him.
The Lord's mother wanted the Lord to do something with His brothers on the 6th of December, but the Lord didn't want to because He knew how His brothers treated Him every time He taught them or gave them advice. They laughed at Him, even when what He was telling them was true.

And later in life, when there was confirmation of what the Lord had told them and they had refused to listen or believe, His brothers did not point out that it was the concretization, the fulfilment of what the Lord had told them. They said it was a fact, a normal event.

The Lord therefore avoided joining His brothers on the 6th of December. He wanted to remain vigilant, cautious and not be distracted on that day. He respected the advice of His guides. Much happened in the Lord's life on the 6th of December each year when He was still a child.

The Lord had a large family and they would pick a date at the end of each year for a joint celebration. They did not celebrate on the same date as everyone else. 

That year, 1886, they chose a date that fell on 6 December, a date that suited everyone.

The Lord was 11 years old and the party was to be held in the house of the Lord's father's elder brother.

Although it was a very cold day, all the members of the extended family were present. The women brought their specialities from the kitchen. Theresa, the Lord's mother, came with cakes for dessert. There was a good turnout at the gathering. 

The children had their own space where they could have conversations about what was on their level. The adults had their place and the women looked after the food. They sat together in a kind of circle.

The Lord was with His cousins, with whom He got on well. They talked together about what was happening. The Lord took the opportunity to give them some teaching and advice that could help them to understand and know how to live their lives as children and young people for their well-being.

Some of the children did not appreciate the Lord's advice and teaching. They said He acted like a little priest who only talked about spiritual teachings and gave advice. Some of His cousins even made fun of Him.

But later in their lives, as they grew older, they came to understand this behaviour of the Lord, Who, even at His age, was giving spiritual teachings and advice to young people. The Lord acted like an adult even when He was young.

His uncle told Him that He would become a servant of the Light when He grew up, because He spoke and said serious things about life like an adult, even though people didn't believe Him simply because He was so young. His uncle was his friend and he also valued his advice.__
While the Lord and His family were still at the place where they were celebrating the end-of-year festivity, on 6 December 1886, darkness and its agents were setting up their attack against the Lord.
Four (4) young people aged 16, 17 and 18 were in a car, which they had just taken without parental consent and was being driven by one of them with no experience of driving. They stole the car and went out to party, drink and have fun.

When the party was over, the first thing they did was to drop each of the two girls who were also in the car off at their house.

The house where the Lord and his family were celebrating was on the side of the road.

The boy driving the car was under the influence of alcohol. His vision was impaired and he could not control the car as it drove forward. Nor was he also able to see that the car was in the middle of the road.

The car was heading towards the house where the Lord and His family were celebrating. This boy, improvising as a driver, with no driving experience and under the influence of alcohol, realized that his vision and ability to judge what he saw on the road was affected.

He could not see clearly and in time that his car was in the middle of the road and that another car was coming in the opposite direction, so he had to position his car correctly to avoid a collision.

The moment he realized that a car was coming from the opposite direction and that, given the position of his car, a collision with it was inevitable, he panicked and, with the brakes not working, he abruptly turned the wheel of the car, which began to head towards the house where the Lord and his large family were celebrating their end-of-year party.

Where He was, the Lord felt a wind forcing Him to a different place from where He and His family were gathered. The Lord looked out of the window and saw a car that appeared to be out of control speeding towards the house where the family was gathered. There was going to be a serious accident with a lot of damage. There was a need for quick action to prevent this accident and especially the damage it would do, and the danger to people's lives. 
From where He stood and could see everything that was happening, the Lord cried out loud and clear, "My God, protect us". It was a cry of alarm, an appeal to the people in the house to move away from the danger posed by this car which was about to hit the house they were in, with potentially serious consequences for them.

Everyone rushed out of the house. The Lord closed His eyes and began to pray for the protection of all, including those in the car.

The car ended its mad dash by stopping in the garden of the uncle's neighbour. Everyone who had already left the house ran to see what had happened. The two boys in the car escaped unharmed, but they were scared to death. They imagined what would happen, the damage the car would cause if it hit the Lord's uncle's house, and the possible loss of life.

The boys escaped unharmed, no injuries, the car was a little damaged but it was drivable.

None of the Lord's family were injured, despite all the emotion they felt after what they had just experienced, thinking of the damage to the car and their own lives.

Oscar Ernst had disappeared and was nowhere to be seen. His mother looked for Him until she found Him in a corner, sitting in silence. His eyes were shining, His face was pale but very clear because of the strong light around Him as He concentrated in prayer for the protection of those present. His mother asked Him what He was doing in this place, alone and isolated from everyone. He replied that he didn't know how he had got there. 

His mother insisted that He tell her how He got there and what He was doing. He told her that all he could remember was praying to God to protect His family and the people in the car.

Theresa didn't want her in-laws to make fun of her son, the Lord, for the spiritual things He was saying. So she forbade the Lord to speak to anyone about what He had just revealed to her.

Theresa herself did not fully understand what the Lord was doing; she just wanted her son not to be ridiculed by His in-laws.

After finding the Lord, they returned to join the others who were all at the scene of the accident. Theresa urged her son not to tell anyone what had happened to Him.

The family dispersed and the party was cut short by the accident.

Later, when the Lord had time to speak to His guides, He asked them to explain what had happened to Him on this family celebration. They told Him that the Light had worked in Him to protect people in danger.

The driver of the car had lost control and was unconscious. All had been well prepared by the darkness for an accident to befall the Lord on the 6th of December of that year, which coincided with the date chosen by the great family of the Lord to meet and celebrate together the end of the year 1886.
This accident on the 6th of December was no accident, but part of the plan of darkness to harm the Lord on that day, wherever He might be.

The Lord had seen in time, with His spiritual eye opened by the Force of Light within Him, the accident that was going to happen in the place where He was with the whole large family.

The intent of this accident was to cause the greatest possible damage, even the loss of human life. As He was still very young, He could not act as the Light had acted in Him.

The lives of many people were in danger and it took the intervention of the Force of Light to thwart this plan of darkness to cause many human casualties wherever the Lord was. What the Lord saw happening, no one else saw.

The Lord was afraid because HE had no idea what the cause of the accident was. He didn't want to hear that people, His family, had anything to do with the accident.

The Lord continued to hide and pray while the Light was already working to save people's lives. The car was going to destroy two (2) houses and several people were going to lose their lives in this car accident. The Lord thanked God for using Him to save the lives of several people.

Everything had been well prepared by the darkness for a calamity to befall the Lord on the 6th of December of that year, which coincided with the date chosen by the large family of the Lord to meet and celebrate together the end of the year 1886.
This accident on 6 December was no accident, but part of the plan of darkness to harm the Lord on that date, wherever he may be.
The boy's family, the driver of the car and the Lord's uncle became friends after the accident. The boy who had stolen his father's car had joined the Austrian army, and every time he came back on holiday he made it a point to drop in on his uncle. He said he would kill himself if he was found guilty and sent to prison after the accident. Fortunately, a miracle had happened. There was more fear than harm. He thanked God and asked for forgiveness.

Many things happened on the 6th of December in the life of the Lord when He was still living on earth as part of His mission to mankind. Every year on this date, darkness and its agents planned evil things against Him in the ignorance of all. Darkness and its agents never abandon a plan to harm a person who is their target until they have done so.

All human beings, and especially the servants in mission, must always be vigilant and pray without ceasing. You do not know what the darkness and its agents have been preparing against you for a long time and are just waiting for the moment to reach you with their attacks to destroy you, to harm you.

You have natural protection, but also seek the protection of the Light by plugging in and connecting with the Light. There are servants who are watched and attacked from birth by darkness and its agents to destroy them and prevent them from recognizing themselves as servants and fulfilling their spiritual mission which would be a danger to darkness and its agents.

Darkness does not tire or abandon its plan to harm its target. Rather, it is the servants who often give the darkness an opening because of their carelessness in their lifestyle, which is not always vigilant and in accordance with God's laws.

The Light wants people to understand the mistakes they are making by attacking the servants of the Light on mission. JESUS came on a mission of Light, HE was attacked by darkness, which sacrificed Him on the Cross like a criminal. The Lord was on a mission on earth. He left this earth deploring the behaviour of men, servants called to a mission to help the Lord on earth.



The day of Lord ABDRUSCHIN's departure from earth should be a day of meditation and prayer. The Lord's departure from earth was not in God's Will. The Lord had come to earth for a Mission, which He did not complete, to help human beings in their spiritual evolution. He carried out His mission so discreetly that people did not really recognize Him as such, and some really wondered if He was the SON OF MAN.

Many of the people around the Lord didn't really know what He was doing. The Lord always acted by sending the Force to people or situations and events that had a problem that required the intervention of the Force of Light for a specific problem in their lives. In this way the Lord performed many miracles, always discreetly with the help of His all-powerful Force, which acted and helped wherever He sent it.

When Jesus came to earth, human beings had already lost all faith and all true knowledge of God, His Word, His Power and His Love. They believed and practised other teachings.

Jesus had come on a Mission to help them activate and revive the abilities that lay dormant in the human spirit. Jesus gave them teachings and advice based on the Word of Truth, the Word of God, explaining to them what they were living by and how to live by the Laws of God for their well-being. The Force of the spiritual teachings He gave them, as well as the miracles He performed, were to convince them to be interested in Jesus and this God He was introducing to them, and some might decide to follow Jesus to find out more about this God.

The miracles allowed people to see what God's Force could do in their lives if they followed His Will for their well-being. In this way the lost faith in God, in His Force, began to be reborn in some people who decided to follow Jesus and serve God in their lives.

People had lost all understanding of the true concept of God's Love for His creatures. That's why they put Jesus on the cross with the thieves. People did not understand and did not respect the Will of God who had sent His Son to help them in their lives to know God and to live according to His Laws for their well-being and spiritual evolution.
The Lord had a Mission on earth. The Lord's Mission was not like Jesus'. The Lord had a Mission that He had to carry out with the greatest DISCRETION. This means that many people did not recognize the Lord because they did not see the special things He did to recognize Him as the Son of Man.

Even the people who lived around Him saw how the Lord taught the Word of God's Truth, but they did not know or see these many miracles of the Lord which He performed with the greatest discretion by the help of His Almighty Force.

The Lord's mission was not to perform miracles in public, to attract people and make Himself known to them through miracles.

As the SON OF MAN, He acted in many different ways, helping, healing and saving many people.

The Lord left this earth on the 6th of December 1941, but HE remains among men. He remains and is among you in the spiritual teachings and counsels which He wrote and gave to mankind in the book "IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH" by ABDRUSCHIN.

Those who open themselves on the day of the Lord's departure, the 6th of December every year, will receive the FORCE OF GOD.

The Lord works wonders in people who open themselves to Him.