December 6 Departure Of The Lord From the Earth

Transmitted December 3, 2021
December 6 is the date of the Lord’s departure from the earth, a day of remembrance for the readers of the Grail Message. The readers of the Grail Message are not the only human beings who knew the Lord when He was on earth, for the Lord had helped many people who were not all readers of the Message during His Mission on earth.

He is the SON OF MAN who came down to earth on a mission to help human beings evolve spiritually. For this purpose, He bequeathed to human beings His teachings which are the Holy Word in His Grail Message. To this day many do not really know the Lord. Some people say that they knew the Lord, met Him, but they knew nothing of what He did in discretion. Most of His actions were in the greatest discretion.

The Lord may have been physically among the people but, in reality, HE was not at that place, HE was elsewhere in other places helping where there was a need for help from the Light.

The Lord had a hearing like no other, and that is how HE could hear the voices of people asking for help from the Light at immensely great distances from where HE could be. HE could also see in vision certain things that were happening far away and HE intervened in some way.

The Lord had a particular feeling in His hand when a sick person was near Him. And often He would hold back His Force so as not to act when He was with people, and this would manifest itself in sweat wetting His Hands. He would then use a handkerchief to wipe the sweat from His Hands. He could also put His Hand in His pocket so that people would not notice the sweat that could flow from His Hand.

The Lord restrained HIMSELF from many things, especially in the presence of people. HE acted by sending the Force to the people but, at the same time, HE wanted to act HIMSELF in certain cases to help the people, in certain situations. When HE was among a crowd and HE could not act, HE sent the Helpers, the Essentials, to act while being with them in thought in this work that HE sent them to carry out as a mission.

The Lord was NEVER angry with any person in His Mission on earth. HE had a way of controlling HIMSELF, when provoked. There were those who wanted to provoke HIM, but HE could detect the evil thoughts of people towards HIM before they reached HIM. But some people, especially women, did not stop with their seductive provocations that could push Him to get angry, but HE restrained His anger. HE took all these provocations of people against HIM. With a simple look, HE could neutralize some people who intended to hurt HIM.

When HE was a child, HE had to deal with many provocations of children of His age. In these cases, it was the Essentials who acted to calm these children down so that they would not act in this way.

They could provoke the Lord, but, at some point, they would suddenly hold back and stop with their provocations as if someone had forbidden them to do what they wanted to do.

The Lord had friends who protected Him in case of provocation. The Essentials acted from these friends for His protection. The Light acted for the protection of the Lord since His Infancy, so that HE could not get angry.

The Lord had performed many Miracles and all this in the greatest discretion. That is why HE often says that people were with HIM, but they did not know Him well. He did not want people to follow Him just because of the miracles He did, but out of conviction to the teachings He gave. He wanted His teachings to be known and understood by people for their good, their spiritual evolution. His Mission was not like that of JESUS. In some cases, HE acted, HE gave teachings to the person before acting in him or her.

December 6 is the date on which the Lord left the earth. It is a date that remains in the memory of the people and the readers of the Grail Message. The Light acts on the date of December 6, when the Lord left the earth. The Lord sends the Force to reach every person who is open on the day of His Departure from the earth. The Lord is Omnipresent. He is gone but He remains Among you.

People who pray and ask for His presence, He presents Himself to them. Many people have testimonies of the presence of the Lord in their lives, but they dare not speak of it for personal reasons and people’s reaction. Some people have seen the Lord in dreams giving teachings. These people thought it was just a dream, but it was a vision. There are even people who did not know the Lord that they had only heard about Him, and that they could see HIM when they prayed to Him to help them.

The Lord has not left, He remains through and in His word that He had bequeathed to human beings. There are things happening on this day of December 6 that people do not know about. The Lord is among human beings, it is enough to open up during prayer asking the Lord to intervene in your problem, concern, HE can act to give you joy and peace.

December 6 is a date that people, the readers of the Grail Message should not forget. Please read in deep contemplation thinking of the Grace of God for human beings by sending the Lord on earth to bring help through His teaching of the Real Truth. This date cannot be for people to be in sorrow since the Lord is Among you.

In the Beyond, TRUMPETS sound in great Temples at the precise moment of the day of the Departure of the Lord from the earth. These Trumpets also sound at the precise moment of the day of the Departure of Jesus, the Son of God. In all the great Temples, the women decorate with PINK ROSES. Outside these great Temples, on the date of the Departure of the Lord, the women arrange lights, lamps that are lit at the time of the Departure of the SON OF MAN AND JESUS. There is light everywhere around the Temples. The Women of the Beyond light the Lamps as a sign of recognition of the Love of the Light for human beings. God has fulfilled His Will, by sending His Sons to help the human beings of the earth. It is a sincere and profound thanksgiving to God that is expressed on the dates of the Departure of the Lord and Jesus.

It is only the Elders who come from many places in the Beyond who participate in this hour of recollection on the date of the Departure of the Lord and Jesus. They pray and send the Light on earth so that the Holy Word can be fulfilled in the lives of the human beings of the earth. These Elders who enter these great Temples, they have never been incarnated on earth. They are in the service of God in the Beyond.

Think of a moment of contemplation on this day of the Lord’s Departure. You will receive the Force of Light. The Lord sends the Force on the day of His Departure so that His Holy Word may be in the life of every human being. He does not address only the readers of the Grail Message but all people on earth. It is in joy and meditation that this must happen in order to attract the Force of Light around you. The Lord is with you.


December 6 Stories Of The Lord


JUDITH was a reader of the Grail Message. She had a three-year-old daughter, JOSELINE, who could not stand upright since birth. Judith had been to several different doctors without finding a solution to her daughter’s problem. The doctors had carried out several examinations without finding the origin or the cause of Joseline’s health problem. Judith prayed every day for the Light to intervene in her daughter Joseline’s life. She participated in the Grail Festivals with her daughter so that the Light would do something for her daughter, but nothing happened.

Judith made a request to the Mountain that she wanted to come for a visit. She brought her daughter with her to the Mountain where they arrived on December 5th. The next day, she brought her daughter for a visit on the Mountain. She first thought of going to see the Lord’s office and then go to other places.

When they arrive in front of the Lord’s office on the Mountain, Judith’s spiritual eye opened. Judith sees the Lord sitting in His office. She could not believe her eyes. She wiped and rubbed her eyes to reassure herself of what she was seeing, and looking out the window of the Lord’s office again, she saw the Lord sitting in His chair writing.

Judith took her daughter and placed her in the stroller, crouched down in front of the door of the Lord’s office and began to pray to the Lord that His Grace would bless her daughter and give her healing for her unresolved health problem. She cried as she prayed.

At one point, Judith felt a coldness all over her body. She opened her eyes to see and understand what was happening, but nothing in particular. Then she took her daughter and they continued their tour of the other places on the Mountain.

At night, around 10 PM, she went to bed with her daughter. She had a vision after closing her eyes. She saw the Lord coming into her room smiling and going towards her daughter on whom the Lord laid His Hand on her legs while praying, and He left afterwards while smiling.

Judith opened her eyes and turned her gaze everywhere to understand and see what she had just seen in vision, but nothing in particular. The door of the room was locked. She fell to her knees and thanked the Lord for praying for her daughter. She had been on the Mountain for four days before returning home.

She went regularly with her daughter to the doctor.

After their return from the visit to the Mountain and with all the experiences, it was time for Judith to go with her daughter to the consultation. At each visit, the doctor usually examined the girl’s legs by touching them.

The doctor examined Joseline as usual, and then turned back to Judith, whom he looked in the eyes, and asked her if she had done anything special to her daughter for the health problem. Judith, who did not understand anything, asked the Doctor what he meant by that. It was at this point that the doctor told her about the change he had noticed in the position of her daughter’s legs. The bones of the strong legs that were twisted deformed have straightened, are straight and normal, which was not the case before. A kind of miracle in itself that the doctor could not explain or understand.

Judith remained calm and moved inwardly, tears flowed from her eyes. She thanked the Lord in her heart. The examinations followed by the therapies until her daughter stood up and started to walk.

Judith had Catholic parents who did not believe in the teachings of the Grail Message. She told her parents about her vision and dream that came true in her daughter’s life, but her parents did not believe her. They would not even allow Judith to speak and tell this story to people who would not believe her. Some of her family members laughed at her. Some people said that she only wanted to make people believe that the Grail Message was a religion of truth. All these reactions made Judith keep silent because people did not believe her, even some readers of the Message did not believe her. The most important thing for her was the healing of her daughter Joseline by the Lord on the day of the Lord’s departure from the earth.

The Lord had acted on that day of December 6 by healing Joseline, the daughter of Judith who had had the grace to see in vision the Lord in His office.____


ROLF was a very angry man who had control over his wife BERTHA, who came from a family of readers of the Grail Message.

Rolf did not want to hear about the Message, so Bertha had to read the Message in secret, because if Rolf saw her reading, he would be furious and scold her.

It was a difficult situation for Bertha who wanted to read the teachings of the Message. Bertha’s father intervened several times, but Rolf was always against the Grail Message. During the days of the Grail Festival, Bertha was alone at home. On the night of 5th to 6th day of December, Berthe prayed to the Lord to help her in the conflict with her husband, Rolf, who did not want to hear about the Message. She prayed and went to sleep after the prayer.

On the morning of December 6, Judith woke up quite early, leaving her husband Rolf in bed. She went to take her book of the Message to read and meditate alone on this day of December 6, 1953. After reading, she closed her eyes and said a prayer.

Rolf walked out of the room angrily towards his wife, Bertha. The light opened Rolf’s spiritual eye, at that point, and Rolf saw a man dressed in a noble suit standing in front of his wife, Bertha. The man glanced with a slight smile at Rolf who stopped behind his wife.

Bertha, who was praying, did not notice anything that was going on around her. She was only praying, and when she finished her prayer she saw her husband, Rolf, behind her. She became terribly afraid that her husband might scold her as he used to do, but the man was still standing and silent as if he had seen something terrifying.

Rolf went to embrace his wife Bertha in his arms and asked her to pray together. Rolf, who was a violent and arrogant man, said nothing about what had happened to his wife, Berthe. He remained silent. But Bertha noticed that since that day of December 6, the day of the Lord’s departure from the earth, Rolf no longer forbade her to read the Grail Message, on the contrary, he asked her for explanations on the teachings of the Grail Message. But, above all, he asked for information about the Author of the Grail Message.

Rolf had seen the pictures of the Lord at Bertha’s parents’ house. He no longer said anything about Bertha’s reading and meditation during the Festivals. He even encouraged her to go and worship with her family instead of staying alone, which was not done. Rolf had kept his secret of having seen the Lord in a vision to his wife. Bertha suffered silently.

Bertha had asked the Lord to show her husband the way to the LIGHT OF TRUTH. How many times Rolf had torn up the books of the teachings of the Message and thrown them out so that his wife would not read them, but she had the conviction that the Lord would one day intervene to show her husband the truth.

Rolf had become a quiet man, after the powerful experience of seeing the Lord in a vision on December 6, 1953.

You who are fought by your family, your friends, for your conviction to the True Word of Truth, the Grail Message, do not fear, continue to defend the True Word of the Message, the Lord hears your prayer.

You are not fighting alone; the Light is with you in this fight for the Truth.

The Lord had appeared to many people by intervening in the lives of people. People did not see Him in a white robe, but HE was wearing his normal noble outfit. He was always surrounded by a strong light, and everyone who had seen the Lord in a vision received grace, blessing and healing for their illness. The Light does not act in haste. The Light can deliver a person at a given moment, but the healing can come after some time. The Light always acts according to It and in Its time.____


The Lord knew a man by the name of ALEXANDER. He was young when he started coming to the Mountain to worship. The Lord knew his parents, Missionaries who travelled to African countries and who also read the Grail Message.

Alexander was a young man when they came to the Mountain to worship. He stayed with the young children who could not be together with the adults during worship. And when he grew up, he continued on the path of the Truth. Alexander was trained to become a missionary, which he would become like his father.

In 1966, he travelled to Africa on a mission to help people. He was married to VIOLETTA, with whom they had four children: ALBERT, DOROTHEA, INGRID AND HANS. All of them travelled with Alexander in Africa. Cholera, a disease that killed many people, had reached the country where Alexander and his family lived in Africa. People were dying in masses and there was no medicine to fight the epidemic. Alexander and his family often stayed at home to protect themselves from the epidemic, but there were workers who went to and from work who brought the disease to Alexander’s family.

One by one, everyone in Alexander’s family caught the disease. Alexander had introduced his children to the Grail Message, which they never stopped reading during the difficult times they were going through. They prayed to God for the protection of their family. Alexander’s wife’s condition got worse. She was bedridden and coughed incessantly. Alexander’s son, Hans also got worse.

On the morning of December 6, 1966, Violetta asked Alexander to dress her in her beautiful dress, as she wanted to depart the earth wearing her dress. Alexander dressed his wife Violetta in her beautiful dress and stayed with her.

Alexander remembered that it was December 6, the date of the Lord’s Departure from the earth. He remembered again the Word of the Lord that HE had not gone away that HE remained among the human beings of the earth.

Alexander stood in the room of his dying wife. There was little time left for Violetta to leave her body. Alexander called out “In the Name of Imanuel” several times. After a while, he got tired and fell asleep at his wife’s feet. While he was sleeping, he had a vision of the Lord in the Temple on the Mountain.

It was a day of worship. The people were worshipping in the Temple, and Alexander saw the Lord go and sit on His chair in the Temple.

Before the end of worship, Alexander saw the Lord soaring above the people who were in worship. He was blessing the people without them seeing Him above them. Alexander, who was witnessing in vision all that was happening in the Temple with the Lord hovering and moving above the people, said in a low voice: “Lord, grant me Grace. Death is at my family’s doorstep”. Alexander sees the Lord turn His head towards him and move towards him and HE held his hand. The Lord told Alexander that HE had given him strength that he would pass on to his wife and children and they would have healing. He blessed Alexander by putting His hand on his head.

Alexander awoke suddenly from his sleep, remembering clearly what the Lord had told him when he laid His Hand on him. He stood up and put his hand on the forehead of Violetta, his wife, who awoke from her deep sleep to look at Alexander. Alexander ran to his son Hans’ room to do the same, but he could not find him because he had already been taken to the hospital.

He drove his car to the hospital to put his hand on his son’s forehead, who also gasped as he looked at his father in amazement. People came to see what had happened.

Alexander took his son Hans and they went to the house where they found Violetta sitting on her bed eating the soup that a servant had prepared. He called and gathered all his family around their mother, and they prayed for what had happened with the healing miracle of Violetta and Hans.

Alexander waited for Violetta and Hans to recover so that he could tell them what had happened to their healing.

After the Sunday worship, Alexander gathered his family to tell them what had happened in his vision and his call to help his family. Hans looked his father in the eye and asked him if he could not help the other sick people who were dying. Alexander looked at Hans, and he told him that the Lord had not told him to pray for other people. Hans added to his father that the Lord had not given him the Force to only help his family, the strength can work to help everyone.

Alexander had another vision in which he saw the Lord dressed in noble garb, in a jacket coming into his room. He smiled as He looked into Alexander’s eyes. He lifted Alexander’s hand and placed it on His Hand and held Alexander’s hand between His two Hands saying, “May the Force of Light be with you as you act on a mission to heal human beings.”

After this short prayer, the Lord left. Alexander woke up and felt warmth in his hand. He understood that what he had just experienced was a reality, and he also remembered his son Hans who had asked him to heal other sick people in hospitals, as he had done with their families.

It was a Call from the Lord in this Land for Alexander to act as a servant to heal the people. He hesitated at first to go to the people.

He would start with the people around him, his sick workers. And then he would go to places where there were sick people and he would put his hand on their foreheads and at the same time he would pass on to them the Light Power that was in his hand and the sick people would find healing. The people came in masses to his residence to be prayed for.

Some people were slowly being healed in their homes. Alexander respected everyone’s religion in the work of his mission. He did not see his work as only healing people from their illnesses. He also passed on the Grail Message through his behaviour and the way he lived with people.

Alexander was visited, from time to time, by the Lord in vision for teachings that helped him to do his mission well. He did not tell anyone about his visions with the Lord.

Many servants on mission on earth have been visited by the Lord in vision, but they do not act as the Lord tells them to. Some servants believe in a simple dream while they forget that the Lord had said that HE is not gone, HE is Among You. You believe in the teachings of the Lord but you do not believe in what HE said before He left. “I WILL ALWAYS BE AMONG YOU”.

Suggested Reading: Resonances 1:18


"God is omnipresent…!"
(Newly Revised Translation)