Fore-Festival: May 29
High Festival: May 30
Post-Festival: May 31



Behold, I send the Promise of My Father upon you; but tarry in the city [of Jerusalem] until you are endued with power from on high.”

Luke 24:49

The Holy Grail

From time to time, on the Day of the Holy Dove, the Dove appears above the Vessel as a renewed sign of the unchanging Divine Love of the Father. It is the Hour of Union that brings renewal of Force. The Guardians of the Grail receive It in humble devotion and are then able to pass on this preserved miraculous Force.
On this hangs the existence of all Creation!
It is the moment when, in the Temple of the Holy Grail, the Creator’s Love pours out radiantly into new being, into new creative urge, which spreads downwards like a pulse through the whole Universe. A tremor passes through all spheres, a holy shivering of foreboding joy, of great happiness. Only the spirit of earthly men still stands aloof, without feeling what is happening to it, what an immeasurable Gift it dully accepts, because its self-confinement in the intellect no longer permits the comprehension of such greatness.

It is the moment of life supply for all Creation!

From The Grail Message
THE HOLY GRAIL, Lecture 44.

Of The Three Great Festivals

From Master John

On the Festival of The Holy Dove, God sends Force to all human beings without exception. Every act of God towards His creatures is always an Act of Grace, full of love. It is God's Grace towards human beings to help them in one way or another in many areas of their lives, with everything that contributes to their well-being, their spiritual evolution and the salvation of their souls.
This Force that God sends to human beings on the Festival of the Holy Dove is to act in the lives of those who connect to the Light to which they must have given an opening by living in accordance with God's Laws. These Laws of God, which are Just, Perfect and Incorruptible, govern everything and function in a self-active way.
The human being who leads a life in accordance with God's Laws is in affinity with the Light, which links him to the Light with which he is in accord. The law of affinity, which is in action, attracts the Force of the Light to this person who leads a life in affinity with the Light. This Force is attracted to such persons and will act within them, helping them in their life in one way or another.
It's a simple process that, unfortunately, many people, although they understand it, find too simple to take seriously. Yes, it is simple, and still this is what is difficult for them to put into practice in their lives, to lead a life always in accordance with God's Laws in thought, word and deed, and to persevere with conviction, trust in the Light and patience.
Each Grail Festival is a grace from God for His creatures, through the Force He sends them at each Grail Festival. This Force helps everyone in whom It finds an opening through a way of life that conforms to God's Laws, that is, a way of life in affinity with the Light. The self-activating action of the Laws, in particular that of the attraction of affinities, will act in such a way that there will be an attraction of the Force of the Light towards the person who is open to the Light. This Force will act in the person's life to bring him or her useful and necessary help.
These people who receive the Force during the Festival, because they have had an opening to the Force of the Light that descends during the Festival, some may not be conscious of having received the Force of the Light within them, others may simply feel certain sensations or reactions in their bodies that may be the effects of the action of the Force of the Light in their lives.
There are also people who lead a life in accordance with God's Laws and who have an affinity with the Light that they naturally attract into their lives without really knowing it. This Force will act within them in their lives, helping them in certain situations and in different things in their lives, without these people knowing that some of the good and positive things they experience in their lives are the results of the action of the Force of Light in their lives from their way of living that is in conformity with the Light. This help of the action of the Force in this person can be an answer or a solution to a given problem, or simply joy or something more serious which can be the healing of an illness.
On the Festival of HOLY DOVE, the Dove, which is accompanied by the Force of God that It also carries, descends towards the earth, which It reaches at a precise moment, to give Power, Grace and Blessing to human beings who will find themselves open and receptive to this Force of Light at the moment when the Dove and all that accompanies it are above them. This Force will help them in many things that are useful and necessary in their lives.
It must be emphasized that the visible eye of the human being is not able to see the Dove, just as the Force of Light cannot be seen, but only felt in the body in one way or another.
This Dove, once it has penetrated the earth, divides into several smaller doves which are like luminous sparks filled with the Force of Light.
This knowledge is given to you so that you can better understand the greatness of this Festival, and know its importance for your life, so that you can prepare for it with all your seriousness, so that you are ready to have the grace to receive the Force of Light that accompanies the Dove, a Force that will help you in many things in your life. Open yourself to the Light!
While on mission on earth, the Lord performed miracles at every Festival of the Holy Dove. The people saw Him sitting and concentrating on the Festival, but as their spiritual eyes were not open, they did not see what the Lord was doing in discretion, He was blessing the people in the Temple who were open to the Light.

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