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The Light comes with a message of love to assist you in your spiritual evolution. The Light cannot leave the servants on mission to walk alone without helping them with various teachings and spiritual advice.
A person who wants to be spiritual or believes he or she is spiritual cannot reject the spiritual teachings and advice that help him or her to evolve spiritually. Many teachings claiming to be spiritual teachings are being published all the time. You must exercise your discernment to distinguish between those that are truly spiritual and those that are not, for all these teachings are not truly spiritual and do not contribute to spiritual evolution.
Some of these teachings have the sole purpose of sowing confusion, confusing people and diverting them from the path of Truth. They do not have the Force.
Every human being has intuition, an inner voice, which helps them to sense and distinguish between what is spiritual and what is not, and which does not elevate them spiritually. This is why reading spiritual teachings and understanding them must be intuitive, with intuition.
Reading and understanding spiritual teachings intellectually can lead you astray, but when you open yourself to the Light by reading with your intuition, you receive something of these spiritual teachings.
Preparation for a Grail Festival involves meditation. For this you have teachings to guide you in preparing for the Festival. Do not behave like people who only prepare for the Festival and then, after the Festival, relax and return to their old habits. They forget the meaning of this Festival and the need to continue to put into practice the Holy Word of God in their lives at every moment in order to connect and give an opening to the Force of Light for their spiritual evolution and well-being.
The Festival of PURE LILY is not just for women, although they are the ones most involved. Men must also prepare themselves to receive the Force that descends on this day to help them fulfil their role of supporting women in their mission, the women servants of the Light on mission.
Servants of Light on a mission, the LIGHT is speaking to YOU. What are you doing with the Force of God within you to help you in your mission?
You are servants of Light on mission throughout the world. Some of you recognize yourselves as such. You are on a mission to accompany and help certain people, men who are servants of the Light on a mission.
What are you doing at the moment, when all over the world these servants on mission are suffering for lack of help and knowledge of the spiritual teachings that you have a mission to bring them?
A servant of God has the power received from God to accompany her and help her accomplish her mission on Earth.

Once again, what are you doing, servants of the Light on a mission, with God’s Force within you to accompany you and help you accomplish the noble mission that God has entrusted to you on Earth?
Some of you, for reasons that are personal to you, do not act according to what you feel strongly inside, what you receive clearly from your intuition and what you should only follow and respect in your life, which would put you at the service of the Light to fulfil your mission. But for reasons of your own, you put all this aside to watch and follow what others are doing instead of acting according to your feelings and the directives of your intuition, to be at the service of God and on the right path, that of fulfilling your mission.
You always feel the need to do something spiritual to help people, but you hesitate and are afraid to act, thinking about people's reactions….
The Light sends you on a MISSION to help with the Force you have from God, but you do not act because someone prevents you from doing the right thing. In spite of the various obstacles and hinderances, you feel a bubbling up within you in the form of pressure that pushes you to act well, at the same time as you feel blockages that prevent you from acting rightly. God’s Power can free you from these obstacles.
Being a servant of the Light is not a title, but a commitment you have made to the Light to serve God. You know the teachings about GOD.
The Hand of God is upon you to accompany you in your mission, but what are you doing with this Power of God? That’s the question you must ask yourself at every moment.
The Light has sent many servants on mission on Earth, but how many of them recognize themselves as such and are at the service of the Light at this time?
Many have failed in their mission and are on the wrong path, the path of destruction. They do not know how to act in their lives to pull themselves together, to get back on their feet, to act for the good, to evolve spiritually, and to fulfil their mission.
The servants of the Light who have the Power of God that they could use to help these servants in distress, stand by and watch them do evil, without taking any initiative to help them. Some of these servants on mission are blinded by darkness and do evil. They are in darkness.
The servants of the Light on mission who are accompanied by the Force of Light to help them accomplish their mission have a light within them that is kindled by the Force of God. Instead of using this Force within them to help activate the dirt-covered lamps of these perishing servants so that they see the wrong path they are following and make the decision to change, these servants remain passive, inactive, and content to watch the servants fall, without doing anything to help them not to fall.
As servants of the Light on mission, you women hold a lamp in your hands, yet you cannot use it to support the servants who need the Power of the Light to accomplish their mission. The support that the Light needs from you is primarily spiritual. The servants need your help, you women servants of the Light on mission.
A woman who is rising spiritually can do many things with the Force of the Light within her. Do not waste the power you have received from God on all kinds of trivialities, but use it for your own upliftment by accomplishing your mission, and helping the men who serve you as well.
The Light has made all women BEAUTIFUL. The Light sees only what is important in a woman, what can make her a true woman, which determines in her life whether she is doing God's Will by living on Earth. A woman who doesn’t have to waste all her precious time standing in front of mirrors wondering if she’s beautiful.
A woman’s life must be an expression of God’s Will in the life of a human being. For this reason, a woman cannot have negative traits, attitudes and behaviours such as HATE, JEALOUSY and others that do not attract the Force and a good vibration in her life and around her. Do not cover up what is spiritual in you with certain defects that prevent your abilities, gifts and talents that are in your spirit from working well. ANGER is not for the woman who wants to be spiritual and attract a good vibration. Anger is for the agents of darkness.
When a woman is active and spiritually uplifted, she can do great things that men cannot do. It is through the power of God within her that she can act to accomplish these things.
Women servants on a mission, don’t look left and right at what’s being done elsewhere, which might discourage you by seeing how people behave, and prevent you from acting for the good that you feel deep inside, in your intuition, urging you to act. Trust your intuition, which always leads you in the right direction on the path of your spiritual evolution and the fulfilment of your mission.
It is sometimes difficult to act according to God's Will in certain situations, but think of God and the Force that is within you.
A spiritual mission can be fulfilled in different ways, in thought, word, and deed, in the way you live and behave with people, encouraging them to follow your example. It’s up to you to be the trailblazers for human beings, on the path to this change in lifestyle, for their well-being and spiritual evolution.
The Force can act and help the people for whom you send thoughts to help them with a given problem.
When you are connected to the Light, and you pray to help people through the word, that word has the force and can act and help the people for whom you are praying.
You can also help people by your physical presence next to those who need help from the Light. The Light Force to which you are connected will also affect these people and Its positive vibration around you will be able to act within them and help them in one way or another according to their need. Difficulties are everywhere, but do not let them discourage you. Remember God Who gives you the power to help others.
Do not forget that you are on a spiritual mission to help people understand that they must leave this path of destruction for that of the Light for their well-being and their spiritual evolution. This help comes through the changes that they have to make in their lives, through the teachings that you bring them and that they must accept, understand, and apply in their lives. This will not be easy.
When Jesus and the Lord were on a Mission on Earth, THEY experienced many more difficult things than you encounter in your life. THEY are with you on your mission to serve God and fulfil your mission.
The Name of IMANUEL has the Force that activates the Force within you when you act in the service of the Light. When the woman, the servant of the Light, acts by opening herself to the Light, she connects to the Light and activates the force within her. All bad thoughts are to be avoided in your life, for they form obstacles to all that is spiritual in your life. Every thought is like dirt that forms a layer that prevents your spirit from being touched, nourished, and activated by the Force and from shining more brightly for its evolution, which is very useful for the accomplishment of your mission.
You are servants of the Light on a mission from God on Earth. RISE UP. Do God’s Will on Earth. The HAND of God accompanies you wherever you are on Earth. With your willingness to put yourselves at God’s service, you will have God’s Blessing, which will also extend to your descendants.
You, men servants on mission, be responsible, aware, and respectful of the Will of God, Who wants you to rise spiritually. Seek to evolve spiritually. The Festival of the Pure Lily is for everyone. Open yourselves to receiving the Force on the day of the Festival. You, servants, do not allow yourselves to be distracted, and do not remain distracted.

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We think that everyone should consider making an offering to the three (3) Grail Festivals…. We, in the Beyond, also make a gesture of offering to the Light that is different from yours on Earth.

Master John

Master John stated that we are in matter and there are many ways in which you can act as an offering to give to the Light.

The Essential Beings built a large Bridge … to place on which are placed the envelopes containing the request of each person with their name on the envelope. All the offerings, the compensations of the people who thought about the work of the Light, they are placed on this table.

The Bridge of Light which is at this point, causes the Light that descends to touch the names as well as the offerings, the donations of the people which are placed in a box on the table.

There are servants in the Beyond who work to pass on the messages and the names of people who have thought to contribute to the work of the Light or the names of those who have given their offering.

The Light blesses everyone whose name is placed on the table.

Through your offerings, many people, even Called Ones, and often times entire families that cannot put food on their tables who are victims of blockages, bewitchments, and attacks of darkness are being helped. Many people are unaware of this and suffer in their lives without knowing the origin of their suffering.

Through this Light mission, such people when they turn to the Light for help, the Spiritual Helpers in the Beyond are able to help them to know what is happening to them and in their lives to find a solution that gives them joy in life.

Learn more about “The Gesture of An Offering”.
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Give as you feel.

Are you preparing for this upcoming Festival of the Holy Dove with the idea and the deep and serious intention of receiving the Force that is poured out on that day; a Force that you know is important in your life, a Force that will favour your spiritual evolution and that can change many negative things in your life?

As the Light Teacher, Master John advises, however, a Grail Festival must not be celebrated with worries, with problems that do not give you joy, you will waste your time staying in rooms of recollection being in this state....Every Festival must be a moment of recollection, so that people, the readers, receive the strength that will help them in their spiritual evolution.

On the Eve of Festival of the Holy Dove:

Send your prayer request for Light intervention in your life and affairs. In the spirit of love of neighbour, you are also invited to send a prayer request to the Light for someone in need or against times of need.

Learn more on about and how to send a prayer request