From Ismael:

Transmitted 28.05.2022


This message of Light is for those who wish to address human beings who are open to teachings that help them to evolve spiritually. Spiritual evolution is vitally important for each of you.  God has an abundance of Love for human beings.

I come once again in the name of our Lord to bring you a message of Light. You have with you the teachings of Truth which you must seek to deepen in order to understand them well and then and, above all, to practice them at every moment in your life in thought, word and deed, in order to evolve spiritually.  Without a way of life that conforms to the teachings of Truth, you cannot evolve spiritually, and there will be no change in your life.

The Light transmits to you these teachings in which you have these explanations which help you to have this understanding, which you lack in this knowledge which you already possess and which contribute to your spiritual evolution, your well-being. 

The help of the Light to human beings is out of the Love of God, God who loved the World so much that He always wants to help human beings to evolve spiritually for their well-being. For this purpose, God gives human beings His Grace to incarnate on earth, where they have to do the Will of God as It is done in heaven in order to become these spiritually evolved human beings.

No one receives Grace from God to do his or her own will and believe that he or she is pleasing to God. When God gives Grace, it is so that you can act in your life according to His Laws which govern all Creation and which guarantee your well-being and your spiritual evolution, the salvation of your soul.

You have with you these spiritual teachings that the Light is constantly giving you in one way or another in Its Love to help you. The Light will not cease to give you these teachings which are useful for your spiritual evolution.

The Light knows all that is happening in the World at this time, all these different problems that the world is experiencing.  In all that humanity is experiencing, there are those things that are happening that people can experience, see, and notice. There are also other things that people have no idea about and which are actually the origins, the real causes of what they see only their effects in their lives without knowing the causes.

There are problems all over the world, and not a single place is spared from difficult situations that may not be the same for everyone, and not all of the same kind and type.

We do say that the Light sees everything that happens in the World, but this should not be interpreted, understood and thought that the Light, which is Love, can see all these misfortunes without doing anything to help them.

It is the way in which the Light intervenes and acts in everything that happens as a problem to human beings which is not recognized and understood by human beings.

The Light which is Love cannot let human beings suffer without doing anything.

The intervention of the Light by His Almighty Force in all situations, in any problem in the World, is done and happens always in discretion, not in haste, not in improvisation, which would upset people and many things. The Light is not indifferent to what is happening in the World at the moment with these problems and events that are troubling human beings.

There are things that human beings find normal and not serious in their way of life, whereas it is precisely these things that are at the origin of the problems they live, problems that make them suffer, that torment them and for which they worry to find a solution. The Light which is Love is not indifferent to any problem that happens to human beings. It always acts for the solution of all problems, but always in Its own way and according to Itself, and not according to the thoughts of human beings.

The help of the Light is all-pervading, but it is up to the human being to make useful efforts to grasp and recognize that help which can provide the solution to any problem. The Light never rests, It is always in action through Its Laws, even if human beings do not see and recognize the effects of the action of the Light Force in life, in their lives.

If problems drag on and take time to solve, it is because of the way of life, the behaviour of human beings which is at the origin of these numerous problems. This way of life also delays the solution of these problems by the work of the Light, which is done in discretion. At the moment when the Omnipresent help of the Light is available for the solution of a given problem, there are always human beings who act somewhere in the direction that always aggravates the problem and delays its solution.

The Force of Light always acts only for what is good and beneficial to all.

Servants sent on mission are accompanied by the Force of Light to help them in their mission on earth, any mission of Light being always to help in acting always for the good in any situation. They must be aware of the Force of the Light that accompanies them and that is to help them in any action to help in any problem. It is their responsibility to always act in a good way so that the Force of the Light which accompanies them can also act in the matter, in the problem, through them.

Servants on mission cannot stand by and lament, doing nothing and behave like all the other people who do not have this Light Force.

You have been given this Force by God for the sole purpose of helping you in any action you take which is to help for the good where it is needed. Many Servants on earth are accompanied by this Force, but many do not use it. Many servants on earth do not recognize themselves as such, and those who do recognize themselves are not at their post, they are on other paths that are not of the Light, and are not worthy of this Grace received from God.

Servants sent on mission are trained and prepared in the Afterlife before they are incarnated on earth. During their training and preparation in the Afterlife, they receive those useful teachings which they carry with them when incarnated on earth, and also those guidelines and instructions of what they will have to do in their mission on earth.

When they are on earth, they are to follow this path prepared for them and in which they will have experiences that must lead them to recognize themselves, in order to lead this way of life in accordance with the teachings for their evolution so that they can do their mission well. Those servants who recognize themselves place themselves at the service of the Light. They begin by living the teachings and gradually they will know when the time comes what they must do. They will not wait for instructions from the Light to act. They have the teachings of the Light which give that knowledge which they will have to start by bringing to life in their lives, and the rest will follow naturally, in lived experiences.

You have the teachings of the Word in which you have these explanations that help you to understand what is happening in your life, in life in general. These spiritual teachings touch and challenge your spirit, and move you to act.

You will gradually begin to act in life according to these teachings of the Word, and gradually you evolve spiritually and become more and more convinced, determined and motivated to continue on this path, to live according to the teachings of the Holy Word. You have the joy of leading such a spiritual life, and you find it quite natural, normal and important to always act well according to the teachings of the Word.

By doing so, you serve the Truth, you are in the service of the Truth, in the service of the Light, you are a servant of the Light and you find yourself doing a mission of the Light.

In the conviction, the trust in the Lord, the determination to act in life according to the teachings of the Holy Word, you connect to the Light to which you also give an opening. Through this opening, the Light Force is drawn into you and will act in you to bring you all the help you need and can get in your life and in your mission. You live and make these experiences that help you to understand better what is happening in you, you persevere in being at the service of the Light, you evolve spiritually, and you become more and more aware of your mission.

A servant is trained, prepared in the Beyond, and then sent on a mission from the Light to help human beings on earth. He cannot therefore be proud and believe himself superior to those he is sent to help. These are attitudes and behaviours that are not compatible with the mission of a Servant of Light on mission.

It is the Light that lifts up servants on mission who accomplish their mission. A servant must be “humble and have love of neighbour”. Knowing and even knowing how to speak and explain the teachings of the Grail Message without living them does not make a person spiritually higher and above others.

Humility is one of these qualities of a servant on mission. When a servant is only thinking and seeking spiritual elevation, he is not acting well, he has not understood the teachings. He must avoid cultivating pride and believing himself to be superior to those whom he has a mission to help with their problems with the help of the accompanying Light Force, which they do not possess.

The Lord has chosen many servants and sent them all over the earth on mission. HE has these servants accompanied on mission by the Force of Light. HE does not send a single servant without being accompanied by the very important Force of Light to help him or her.
The Lord knows ALL the servants on mission on earth.

At every Festival, with the Force of Light descending to bless human beings, the servants on mission receive the BLESSING of the Lord Himself. HE gives the Blessing to the servants who are chosen and sent on mission on earth.

The Blessing of the Lord on the Day of the Festival is upon all servants on mission, even those who have failed in their mission and who are aware of the Festival, its significance and the event of the descent of the Light Force on the Day of the Festival, for them also the Blessing of the Lord is upon them. You are aware of the teachings that only he who opens himself to the Light attracts and allows the Blessing to penetrate and work in him.

It all depends on whether or not one is open to receiving the Lord’s Blessing which is over him or her on the Festival Day. The Blessing of the Lord helps in many things, especially in what is related to mission.

THE LORD has the POWER of GOD!

Many people can have the Grace of the Lord to enjoy the Blessing of the Lord which will be upon them on the Day of the Festival. The Grace to enjoy the Blessing of the Lord is only over these people. These people must seek to plug into the Light to give Him an opening through which the Blessing will enter and work in their lives.

The opening to the Light is essential to attract into a person’s life the Blessing of the Lord which will work in that person’s life to help him or her in many ways. This openness is in a way of living according to the Laws as explained to you in the teachings of the Light that you have. You are also working on the purification of your thoughts, at the same time.

The paramount importance of opening to the Light deserves to be taken very seriously by all, for without it you can get nothing from the Light that can help you evolve spiritually and for your well-being. This opening must be prepared several days before the day of the Festival for it to be effective, and not on the Day of the Festival or the day before. It is therefore not necessary to wait for the day of the Festival to think of an opening and the easy Purification of thoughts, and to believe that you are ready to receive the Force, the blessing on the day of the Festival. It is a work to be done on yourself, in a way of living in thought, word and act, in conformity with the Laws at each moment of your life.

You open yourself to the Light and you also purify your thoughts.

The work of the Light is always done with the utmost discretion. Human beings receive various teachings and messages from the Light in which they are told that the work of the Light is done discreetly, and that they will only see these effects in life, in their lives.

What the Light asks and expects from the human being is that he practices its teachings in order to lead a life in conformity with the Will of God, and then he will live, he will experience in his life, the effects, the manifestation, the accomplishment of the work of the Light which is done in discretion, which he will not see with his physical eyes. You have explanations on how the work is done in these teachings of the Holy Word of the Grail Message that you possess. It is explained to you how the work of the Light is done and what you should expect from this work if you live a life in accordance with the teachings of the Light.

The work of the Light on the Day of the Grail Festival is done quietly, whether it is the Force, the Grace, the Blessing of the Light that is promised to you, all is done and happens quietly in your life while you do not see and know anything of these acts of Light in your life. Some may experience certain sensations in their lives, but for the vast majority it will manifest in some way in their lives, and perhaps in a way that is not always what they expect, but the Light knows exactly how to give you what you need. It always gives you what is most useful to you, for your spiritual evolution, for your well-being, and not what gives you pleasure.

You have teachings on the meaning, significance and importance of the coming Festival of the Holy Dove for all humanity, all Creation. Prepare yourselves accordingly to purify your thoughts, to open yourselves to the Light on the Day of the Festival, so that the Force and Blessings that God sends upon you on the Day of the Festival will be drawn into you and work in your life.

You, the readers of the Grail Message, have received and continue to receive many teachings of the Light, but you do not take them seriously, you do not take them into consideration when you have to act or react in a given situation in your life.

Many readers of the Grail Message are content with their knowledge of the teachings of the Grail Message which they do not live in their lives, and which makes their lives remain the same, no significant change in their thinking, speaking and acting. Knowing the teachings without living them in your whole way of being does you no good, it does not benefit you, it does not help you in your life and you do not evolve spiritually, because you do not practice these teachings. Such a way of living proves that the person has not understood these teachings.

Knowing and understanding the teachings and especially putting them into practice in your life should bring about changes in the way you live and think about many things in life. If this is not the case then you are not practicing these teachings of the Light in your life.

Many readers of the Grail Message, which is the Truth, who believe they have understood everything, cannot reject a message which is the Truth, and therefore comes from the Light which is the Truth, for the simple reason that it is presented differently and seems new to them. If they react in this way, it is proof that they have not understood the Grail Message. They are not defending the Truth, they are not defending the Grail Message, they are defending other convictions which are not teachings of the Grail Message, which is the Truth, the Grail Message in which all truth is recognized as truth and which is found everywhere else and in any form.

The Lord gives in His Grail Message, which is the Truth, all the basic knowledge from which the human being can have an explanation, and can explain everything in life. The Lord had not gone into the details of all that human beings experience in daily life, that He had promised for this always in His Love to help you, to send you others who would come with detailed teachings that He has not given. Their detailed teachings will appear to you as new teachings. But the Lord reassures you that all that they will give is in accordance with the Truth, in accordance with the logic of the teachings of the Truth in the Grail Message.

These teachings, which are based on the Grail Message, will further expand your understanding of the Grail Message into the details of your various concerns in your life.

The new is not always the negation of the old. You have your intuition and your discernment.

You must know this. Not everything that is apparently new should be rejected simply because it is new to you. How will you then recognize those details that other people will come and bring to you which are in accordance with the Truth that is in the Grail Message, but expressed, explained otherwise. What they bring is consistent with the Grail Message.

Wake up! The Grail Message is the Truth.

In all that is presented to you as new teaching, do not reject it without taking time to think. Use your intuition, examine it, discern its content in relation to the truth you have in the Grail Message. You will know the Truth.

Any truth found elsewhere in any form must be found in the Grail Message which is the TRUTH. 

As long as you live on earth, you will always need to learn something new from the Light, explanations of certain phenomena of life that you can have in many forms, even in writing. The Truth remains and always remains the Truth!

The Lord, when He was on Mission on earth, learned a lot from the experiences He had living with people, especially those in His immediate environment. He, who is God, needed experiences to help Him learn and understand the human being and many things in his life to know how to help him.

You, the readers of the Grail Message, need the experiences you have had to learn, and above all to have the understanding you need to know how to act and react in life, according to the Will of God, for your well-being and your spiritual evolution.

The path of Truth is open to all and accessible to all. There cannot be one path of Truth for those who claim to know the Grail Message better, and another path for other readers who underestimate themselves and are underestimated by others. A behaviour that finds no justification in the Grail Message.

The Grail Message, which is the Truth, is addressed to each individual. The spiritual evolution of each person comes from each of his or her efforts to live according to the spiritual teachings.

Each person must act in his or her life to please God alone, not another human being who, like him or her, is subject to the same Laws of God and is solely responsible for his or her actions before God. Salvation is individual, not collective. Think about it. Before God you are all equal.

There is only one Light Force acting in matter. The Grail Message is addressed to the Individual, but not to a group of people who think they are more spiritually evolved than others, and able to judge the level of their spiritual evolution. Such a conception is not of the Light and is not appreciated by the Light. The Grail Message which is the TRUTH is for everyone!

God! Only He knows the level of spiritual evolution of each human being. This spiritual evolution has nothing to do with the level or social rank in life or the acuity of your intelligence.

The Lord urges readers who have knowledge of the True Word of the Message to live a life in accordance with the knowledge conveyed in His teachings of Truth in their lives. Live the Word in thought, word and deed every moment of your life, you open yourself to the creative Light Force that flows through Creation, and the Laws of God that govern all will help you in many things in your life, and in life.

In the teachings of the Light there is Power, and by living these teachings you draw into you the Power that is in this Word of Truth. This Force will work within you and help you to change many things in your life, and in the world.

These changes in you, in your life, do not happen overnight. You have to start by understanding the teachings of the Word, having convictions and trusting these teachings of the Word, being aware of what you are doing and persevering in this way of changing your life that you are sure will happen gradually in your life. It depends on how open you are.

One cannot be convinced of the Truth and be ashamed to live according to it, to defend it in one’s daily way of living in any situation of life. The Truth does not hide itself.

The Force of Light works quietly. Do not forget this. The Lord had done many things quietly in His Mission on earth. People, readers thought they knew the Lord when they were not aware of many of the things He did quietly while living on earth on Mission.

The Lord’s Mission was to help human beings in their spiritual evolution.

HE is THE SON OF MAN! HE was among men. The Mission of the Lord was different from that of JESUS, the SON OF GOD.

The Lord! He had done many things in His Mission with discretion. Everything that happened around HIM, HE knew without reacting, and it was always to help people. The Lord! is among YOU. His Omnipresence explains His presence among Human Beings. HE needs your openness to receive His Blessing which is over you on the Festival Day.

The Grail Message is the teaching of Truth. Readers who have knowledge of the Grail Message must act in their lives in accordance with the teachings of the Truth. A reader of the Grail Message who has understood the teachings and advice of the Message and who brings these teachings to life in his or her life, must have a true love of neighbour.

Truth encompasses many good things. When you know the Truth and live by the Truth, you will have joy within you and around you. You yearn for something that gives strength, and it will not be possible for you to attract anything else, for you live in the Light of Truth. The Light covers you and attracts to you a good vibration and Force.

Love thy neighbour as thyself, true love of neighbour, is what the Lord exhorts the readers of the Grail Message. Each one of you bears a great responsibility before the Lord, if people find in you an error or a fault that can lead them away from the True Truth of the Grail Message. Seek always to be a good example to those who observe you wherever you are.

This message of Light is addressed to all readers who know the Grail Message. The Light is not happy and does not agree with all this separation and division between people. The Light Force must Unite for it to act and vibrate strongly.

Readers of the True Word of Truth must be a LIGHT that enlightens, that helps everywhere, and wherever they are.

People should speak well of you. Teach people a good way of living and not hate and all the evils of life, like bad attitudes, bad behaviours that you know. These are behaviours that have no justification in the Grail Message.

The Lord needs you, bearers of the True Truth. You do not realize the Grace that you, the readers of the Grail Message, have to discover the True Truth, the Grail Message.