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– 2022

From Master John
You already know, readers of the Grail Message, that preparation must be made in advance for each Grail Festival, in order to be ready on the day of the Festival to receive the Force of Light that is poured into all Creation on that day.
It is necessary that your way of life in every moment, in your thought, word, and deed is lived in accordance with the Laws of God in order to tune in, to connect to the Light, and to attract the Force of Light into you. The Light Force will work within you to bring you the help you need in your life.
Make sure that everything you do is in accordance with God’s Laws in thought, word, and deed.
The Festival of the Pure Lily is not only for women, it is also for men and servants on mission on Earth. You know that everyone has a mission in incarnating on Earth, and that no one can claim that they have come to Earth to do their own will, to live as they wish.
Every person has, in incarnating, received the Grace of God to come to Earth. This Grace to incarnate on Earth is always given to human beings to evolve spiritually by doing the Will of God on Earth as in Heaven in the way they live each moment.
To call this act of God towards human beings an opportunity that the Light gives to people does not show, does not reflect, does not describe the greatness of the Love of God in this act. God’s Grace and Love work for people who are incarnated on Earth. Many people ask for God’s Grace to be incarnated on earth, but not all receive it.
The Festival of the Pure Lily is for every human being. The Force that pours into Creation on this Day of the Festival of the Pure Lily is for every human being who is open to the Light at the time when the Force is over them. Women are particularly affected with this Festival. It is during this Festival of the Pure Lily that some servants of the Light on mission receive the Force to accomplish their mission. There are many other special and particular things that happen on each Festival that only the Light knows. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare well for this coming Festival of the Pure Lily.
In the Beyond, every Spiritual Festival is of great importance. We always prepare for every Spiritual Festival. Women know their importance in Creation, and only do the Will of God. There are those women who work in the great flower plantations in the Beyond. They organize themselves and work so that they have more and more flowers at every Festival, and everywhere.
The decoration is made of lily flowers with a harmonious mix of other flowers which are all white. The women make the decoration.
Before the day of each Festival, women decorate everywhere with flowers. They decorate more with lilies for the Festival of the Pure Lily. These floral arrangements can be done in a minute, the concept of time in the Beyond is not the same as that of the earth in its heaviness. People respect time in the Beyond.
Women have a great place at the Festival of the Pure Lily. The Elders also have a place at this same Festival of the Pure Lily where ceremonies are held for those servants who are chosen and given the Grace to incarnate on Earth for a mission. These people go through a whole process that anyone who receives the Grace to incarnate on Earth must go through. It is not a simple thing.
The Pure Lily is linked to the purity and delicacy of the woman. God created the woman and gave her a certain Force that will help her in her mission on Earth. For this she must act in her life to activate this force that is within her and use it in the right direction. She will then rise up, and ascend spiritually.
The force of a woman is natural, she just has to open herself to the Light, and she will vibrate positively. A woman is not weak as some people wrongly believe. Weakness is stuck to her in relation to her finesse in her way of thinking, speaking, and acting towards people. It is out of pride, arrogance, and domination that some men think women are weak.
A man who knows the place, the role of the woman in Creation, and her Force given to her by the Creator, he cannot say that the woman is weak. With her Force received from the Light, the woman can attract those spirits who want to incarnate on Earth, she has a Bridge of Light that the man does not have, this bridge that the Light uses for the incarnation of humans on Earth.
It is a Grace for the woman when she stands up and rises spiritually, respecting the Will and Laws of God. She protects her home, her house, and her family. The Light appreciates men who respect women, men who have great consideration for them and put them in the place of a “mother”.
The lily flower has a good vibration which is also a force. In its kind and form, it represents something that the human being does not yet know. This flower represents purity, and it can also influence openness to the Light in a way that is different from other flowers, especially the white lilies.
Just by looking at it or contemplating it, it is the purity that emerges from its whiteness and it gives joy that can influence the opening to the Light.
In the Beyond, women plant many lilies of all colours, but the white ones dominate because they represent purity. The women who are florists, the ones who arrange and make the bouquets of flowers for the Festival, they must be open to the Light when they do this work as florists. They give even more purity to these flowers. Women who lack purity should leave it to the young girls to make these bouquets of flowers for the Festival.
Not all women can do the work of making the bouquets of flowers for the Festival, as this work requires purity of thought on the part of all who handle the flowers.
This work on the flowers must be respected and carried out with great care and seriousness because the flowers in the room of worship are of great importance. The vibration of the lily flowers contributes to a good atmosphere in the room, which can promote and help the spiritual opening of the people present in the place of worship on the Day of the Festival.
People should therefore think about a setting that is conducive to receiving the Force of the Light. The force of the vibration of the flowers will also depend on the condition of the setting in which they are placed. Flowers that have a positive vibration should not be placed in a room that is not conducive to contemplation.
People should not worry if they cannot find Lily flowers for the Festival of the Pure Lily. With a good decoration of a bouquet of flowers that is well prepared for the Festival by a person who has pure thoughts, there will be vibration and force in this place.

The Lily represents purity. The woman has force and purity. The choice of this Lily flower is not a coincidence. But if you cannot find the Lily, other natural flowers can also vibrate, having the force to be used for the Festival to the Pure Lily. The room of worship can be decorated with lilies and other flowers that will give a positive vibration in the room.
The Force that descends on the Day of the Festival of the Pure Lily is very important. The woman who is more concerned with this Festival must first think about her spiritual evolution. She will not only think about what pleases the eye, but more about what she has to do for her spiritual evolution. She should not only focus on what clothes to wear and other material things that do not contribute to her spiritual evolution. The purification of her thoughts should be her first concern, just as it is for everyone else. Especially at the celebration of a Grail Festival!
You cannot attract the Force of Light into you if you do not have an openness to the Light. You do not have to wait for the day of the Festival to hope for the purification of your thoughts; it is a daily task. The woman has a primary responsibility in her home, she is the guardian of her home.
Whatever happens in her home, she must feel it and seek to protect her home, her family. The man has his task, which he can do according to his responsibility.
The Island of Patmos, in the Beyond, is an island in which there are women, but it so happens that there are also men who are on that island for a time, for a reason: to help women in those difficult tasks, those jobs that are reserved for men. The Light knows very well what is reserved for women and what they can do and what is reserved for men, so as not to mix them.
Whoever does not respect this differentiation made by God, between what is reserved for men and what is reserved for women according to the Will of God, and whoever mixes them, does not respect the Will of God that women be in their place as women, and men in their place as men. Women who do the difficult and hard work reserved for men, lose the finesse of a woman. The woman must have more humility that brings out and shines her beauty as a woman.
God has created the woman with a beauty that suits her perfectly. A woman must be proud of herself; she cannot see, imitate, copy what is done in her surroundings that is not noble and worthy of a true woman that she must be, so that she does not behave badly against the Will of God.
At present, many young girls think only of marriage, of futile things.  They do not think about being real women who respect the Will of God. They follow fashion instead of respecting their bodies. Woman or girls, they should set a good example of real women who respect the Will of the Creator, God the Almighty.
The Lord knew ANGELA. Men liked Angela, but without any commitment that could lead to a promise of marriage. She was cheerful and helpful. The Lord had known Angela’s parents at a ceremony where they discussed teachings from the Word. They also wrote to each other, and when the opportunity arose, they met to talk about the Word.
The Lord appreciated the attitude and humility of Angela, with whom He would participate in conversations when the opportunity arose.
One day the Lord received a letter, not from Angela’s parents, but from Angela herself. She wrote to the Lord about her long-standing problems and worries. She was 35 years old. She was meeting men but when it came to commitment, it was separation with the man she was with.
The Lord knew well what Angela’s problem was, but he expected her to be able to come and ask for help herself. Angela knew that the Lord was a Servant of God.
Angela always heard and remembered the teachings the Lord gave to her parents. She did not live far from the Lord.
The Lord did not want to answer Angela with a letter.
He wanted to meet her to talk. The Lord had workers that He could send to the people He needed to meet to give them the letter to meet Him, as in the case of Angela. But these cases were rare.
The Lord wanted to meet Angela, who was worried about not having a man to marry. She didn’t talk about it much, and it could lead to depression. She wore a yellow dress and a white hat, and she covered her body properly so as not to draw men’s attention to her.
Angela apologized for the inconvenience and the journey, as she knew that the Lord was a very busy man. The Lord told her that it is His work and mission to help people. The Lord did not wait to continue the conversation. He told Angela that HE appreciated her.
Angela told the Lord that all the men liked her, but that the relationship with the men does not go far; it is as if the men leave her for a reason she does not know, but then regret leaving her.
The Lord looked at Angela and told her that it was difficult to experience what she was undergoing with men. He gave teachings on incarnation to Angela, who knew some of the teachings but not in depth.
The Lord knew how to pass on the teachings to people who did not have enough spiritual knowledge. He knew how to teach them the Word.
The Lord had a way of first giving joy to people who had serious problems and whom HE needed to help with teachings from the Word to solve their problem. He would send them a Force that would help them to open up to receive the teachings. This is what He did with Angela who became very joyful and even started to smile.
The Lord remained silent for a while, watching her speak. When she would finished explaining something, the Lord would speak again. He told Angela that she was reaping what she had sown in some of her previous lives.
He told Angela that she was a woman who had abused the trust of men in her past lives. She changed men as she wanted. She did not stay with men. She used occult means to lure men into her traps of darkness.
She lured men with financial means to her. She used them until they gave her what she needed. And when she had what she needed and didn’t need them anymore, she would chase them away in a regrettable way. She would even withdraw all the money from some men’s bank accounts and when they had nothing left to give her, she did not want them anymore.
One of the men from whom she had taken all her money reported her to the police. But due to lack of evidence, the police could not arrest him. The man committed suicide because he had been cheated by a woman he thought he loved.
The Lord told Angela some things in her life that she had done wrong and that she found hard to hear. She heard it all in tears and could not say anything.
The Lord told her that He could not have written to her in a letter all those things she had done wrong in some of her past lives with men. She could not bear to read them alone in a letter. But the Lord, by telling her to her face, was sending her the Force to be strong and to be able to hear and bear what she had done terribly wrong in some of her past lives with men, even though it was not easy.
The Lord told Angela that she was reaping what she had sown in some of her previous lives. It is the effect of God’s Laws working in her life. She could not look the Lord in the face. The Lord comforted her by telling her that she must have the courage to accept what she herself had done wrong by abusing the trust of men. She thought she was beautiful because men were looking at her, running after her.
The Light wanted her to learn how not to abuse the trust of people, not only of the men who liked her and came to her, but to have love for her neighbour.
She lived alone in the previous life, she also had an abortion to avoid having a child. She was running away from the responsibility of having children and caring for them. That would have prevented her from living her life with men the way she wanted to. She was most interested in men in that life.
Angela had loved money too much, which led her to extract money from men by hypnotizing them illegally, almost criminally, without their consent.
Some of these men only woke up when all their money was drained from their bank accounts. Others even incurred debts to satisfy Angela’s needs in this past life. She had really abused the trust of the men in this past life. 
She was reaping in this life what she had sown in a previous life.
Angela asked the Lord how she should act, so as not to abuse the trust of men again in her present life.
The Lord revealed to her that she had suffered much on her way to the afterlife. After hard experiences, and with the help of the teachings received from these experiences in the afterlife, she had made the decision not to abuse any more men.
In that previous life, she lacked humility and even insulted some men who did not give her what she wanted. She was insolent and rude to men. She used occult methods to silence those men she manipulated in that past life. After these harsh experiences on her way to the afterlife, she came to the decision to have more love for her neighbour.
The Lord told her that she still had her way of seducing men with her beauty, but that she had learned to respect men, which attracted men to her. She had asked to be incarnated into a spiritual family to learn to love people.
Many changes had been made in her present life so that she did not return to her bad habits towards men. She did not like occultists and when she knew one, she tended to approach the person to prevent him or her from doing these occult practices.
She didn’t feel comfortable in the presence of an occultist and would experience things she didn’t know why. She understood what was going on inside her with men who were leaving her for no reason. These men were not telling her anything, but they were leaving her and not coming back. Angela was reaping what she had sown in a previous life.
The Lord told Angela that whatever people do, they will reap; they must do good. Angela asked the Lord what she could do for the Light to forgive her. The Lord told her that she must have more love for her neighbour, which includes many things in her life and in life in general. She should not repeat what she did in her past life. When she loved a man, she should love him with pure love, without interest, without thinking of abusing his trust, nor for the pleasure of the body.
The love she should give to a man was to be the love without self-interest. She asked the Lord if she should act in the same way with all the men who came to her.
The Lord told her that she should not act like a prostitute by having relations with every man who came to her. She must pray that the Light will send her a man, her destiny or a complementary Soul who would come to live in harmony with her.  The Lord told her that it is not easy, but possible, when she had the firm will to change her way of life while accepting the reaping of the evil of the past that she has done to men.
She told the Lord that she was a bad person, that she saw herself as dirty. The Lord told her that she should not think that way because she was acting in this life out of ignorance of the teachings that could help her not to do so. Tears continued to flow, as she became aware of her faults.
The Lord told her that she had managed to avoid certain things and faults from her past life in this life and that she should continue to act in the same way for the better.
Angela asked the Lord to pray that she would meet her soul mate. The Lord told her not to focus only on her destiny, but on a man who will love her and help her recover from her past mistakes.
The Lord said a short prayer for Angela, and they parted. Angela returned to her parents’ house, exhausted. She went straight to bed and fell asleep.
In the year following her encounter with the Lord, Angela avoided the company of men. In her thoughts, men were the bane of her life, and she cried when she thought of all that the Lord had revealed to her in her past life. She wanted, if possible, to find the men she had hurt and ask their forgiveness.
She did not sleep without thinking of something she had done wrong to men and asked the Light for forgiveness for her mistakes. She prayed for the men she had hurt. Angela became withdrawn, which led her to stay clear of the company of men who wanted a relationship with her.
Some time later, Angela went to see a friend from university, where she met JULES who liked her, but Angela refused to meet him. Jules was an orphan and lived alone.
Jules invited Angela to join him for Christmas. Angela accepted his invitation so that she did not have to stay with her parents. It was the beginning of a relationship with Jules. It was difficult for her to accept Jules. In order to do so, she put into practice the advice and teachings that the Lord gave her.
The other men she had had before would leave within two months of starting their relationship, but Jules had been with her for four months. He was not demanding like other men. He was quiet, humble and loving. Angela, during her first intimate relationship with Jules, became pregnant.
She was the only daughter of her parents. She began to feel unwell. When she went to see a doctor, he told her that she was pregnant. What a joy to be a mother for the first time in her life. Jules couldn’t wait for the baby to be born, so he asked Angela to marry him. Angela had only been with Jules for a few months, got pregnant and married Jules. She had twins: a girl, MATHILDA and a boy, GEORGE. Angela never stopped teaching her children to love each other. She only wanted good things for Jules. She loved him with a selfless love. Jules became her friend.