Fore-Festival: December 28
Festival Day: December 29
Post-Festival: December 30



Christmas! The Festival of the Radiant Star! Both Festivals are in reality only one! It is the Day of the Radiant Star, the Star which was once sent by God into this part of the cosmos and which sent His luminous greetings to the Son of God as He awoke here on Earth; and which will now shine for the Son of Man from the day of His earthly awakening on, from the hour in which the Power of the Light is anchored in the world of gross matter!

Resonances 1:17 – “Christmas”

I then saw myself in a dream on a path where there were several children wearing noble clothes.

In this dream I was not wearing noble clothes, but normal clothes. I wanted to join the children, but I was ashamed that I was not wearing noble clothes like them. At that moment a man came to me and asked me why I was not wearing nice clothes. I asked him why these children were wearing noble clothes? He answered that it was Christmas and that this holiday was especially for children. I did not agree with him. I then asked him if the children were the only reason for this Christmas celebration, and he replied that it was a Christian Festivity in memory of the birth of the Son of God. I heard someone whisper in my ear that Jesus, the Son of God, was not born on the date that Christians celebrate and commemorate as the day of His birth. I turned around to see who was talking in my ear, but there was no one there.
Excerpt from “Miracles and Teachings: Abdruschin Himself Speaks”, Narrative 17

A Message From Ismaël

Post-Festival of the Radiant Star–2022

“The Light wants to give each of you the message of an event that will take place during this year 2023. Only the Light knows when and how. You are informed in time to prepare yourselves accordingly by cultivating true joy in your lives, around you, and by opening yourselves to the Light at all times, for you do not know the time, the day, or how.” Read the entire message…


From Ismael: Festival of the Radiant Star 2022
This message is addressed to all those who recognize that they have a spiritual mission, and to those who are spiritual servants and leaders. Continue reading…

Festival of the Radiant Star – 2021

December 29 is the date of the Great Spiritual Festival of the RADIANT STAR, a great Spiritual Festival for the human being and all humanity. Every year on this date, December 29, the special and particular Spiritual Force which God sends in His immeasurable Love into all Creation reaches the earth. Continue reading…