FESTIVAL OF THE RADIANT STAR Transmitted December 27, 2021.
December 29 is the date of the Great Spiritual Festival of the RADIANT STAR, a great Spiritual Festival for the human being and all humanity. Every year on this date, December 29, the special and particular Spiritual Force which God sends in His immeasurable Love into all Creation reaches the earth.

Only God knows why He chose this day, December 29, to spread this special Spiritual Power throughout the Creation, even on earth, in matter. This must have a great spiritual significance for humans. The Light always acts for a reason and for a cause which is always noble, and which, whatever it may be, is always to help human beings in one way or another in their lives for their good and their spiritual evolution and the salvation of their soul. For this reason, the human being must always take with great seriousness and consideration every act of the Light which has always a great significance and importance in his or her life.

The Festival of the Radiant Star is one of those acts of God’s Love for the individual and humanity. The human being must make the necessary efforts to know what this Festival means to him so that he can prepare himself accordingly in order to hope to present himself well at this Festival and to benefit in his life from this Special and Particular Spiritual Force of God which pours out on this date of December 29 in all Creation. This Grace of God for the human being is to help him in many things in his life, those things which contribute to his well-being and for his spiritual evolution.

This special and particular Spiritual Force, which pours out on earth on the Festival of the Radiant Star, is for every human being who opens oneself to it and who can receive this Grace which God gives to every human being on this Festival Day.

When the Light wants to act in people’s lives, it is through the Force, through Its Force that It sends to people. People must take into consideration all that the Light does to help them for their well-being and their spiritual evolution. In this way God shows His Love for human beings. Human beings must respect the Will of God by acting every moment of their lives in thought, word and deed according to the Immutable, Just, Perfect, Incorruptible Laws of God which govern all Creation automatically.

On the morning of 29 December each year, in the Beyond, the Trumpets of the Angels sound and the choirboys in the Beyond sing songs of commemoration of the Festival of the Radiant Star.

The sounds of the trumpets and the songs of the children of the choirs in the Beyond are not the same at each Festival. At each Festival different Trumpet Sounds are played and different songs are sung.

Those who are in the Beyond are informed of the Festival in the Beyond by the mighty sounds of the Trumpets resounding throughout the Beyond. These Angels who sound the Trumpets, they all wear white robes, they are so numerous that it is difficult to know their number. They stand in a line, each holding a golden trumpet. They are covered with a very strong light that it is difficult even to see them. The altar boys of the Beyond change their attire at each Festival, which is adapted to the Festival that is being celebrated.

At each Festival of the Radiant Star, the Angels who are in a Temple at the Feet of the Throne of God first descend in preparation for the descent of the Radiant Star. These Angels around this Star are quite numerous, and they work to keep the Light around the Star, which is always surrounded by a strong light. These Angels who are around the Radiant Star, they have the strength to withstand the strong light around this Star, otherwise they could not work around this Star.

The rays of the light force of the Radiant Star reach the earth on the 29th of December each year. This Radiant Star does not return to Its usual place on the same day of December 29 that it reaches the earth.

The Radiant Star spends three days before returning to its usual place in the Beyond. The descent of Radiant Star from its homeland in the Beyond to the earth is faster than the return from the earth to its home in the Beyond. The Star is in a place in the Beyond with a very strong Light. It is the Light that decides and controls how quickly the Radiant Star descends to earth, and how slowly it ascends. The ascent of the Radiant Star is slow because of the decrease of the light around the Radiant Star.

When the Star is still in its homeland in the Beyond, the Force of its Radiance is not the same during its descent to the earth.

The Angels who are around the Radiant Star in its homeland in the Beyond, they do not all descend accompanying the Star during its descent. The Angels who accompany the Radiant Star in its descent on the 29th of December of each year are covered with a layer while being around the Radiant Star during its descent.

The Light works in order in everything It thinks to do for the Love of God. Not all who are in the Beyond see each other, not all meet each other. Meeting and seeing each other in the Beyond depends on the Force of the Light in those different places in the Beyond. Some do not have that strength to be in certain places with a greater Light Force than they can handle.

At certain levels of the Steps of the Throne of God, there is an intensely strong light that some cannot bear, and cannot remain there.

In such places are spirits of a high level of evolution with the strength to dwell in such places.

When they want to go down to a low level, they cover themselves with layers that cover their strong light to allow them to be able to adapt and live in a lower place with a weak light force, compared to their own.

And when they come up to where there is a strong light, they shed those layers to release their force.
In that the Radiant Star is at a very high level, the Angels who are around It must have an extremely great and stronger light to support Its light force, while being conscious around the Star with Its great force of light. The work of the descent of the Radiant Star is done by the Angels from Its homeland and that moment when It must leave Its homeland in the Beyond, until the date of the 29th of December each year when the full force of its rays reach the earth.

Many people are living in anguish, suffering, fear, distress because of what is happening in the World at the moment where the darkness and its agents want to have dominion and control over people. People need God’s Strength and Protection for their well being. Many people were unsure whether they could live until now, Grace is given to all to live by the Strength and Protection of God. The Radiant Star brings strength, peace and joy into the lives of many people. Just open yourself to the Light on the day of December 29, the day when the powerful light rays of the Radiant Star reach the earth bringing with it strength to the world, and the Light will work in you.

God, through His love, sends His Power to all. The evolution of each person depends on oneself. The Power of God helps the spiritual evolution of those who open themselves to it. People who are in difficult situations, who have problems, who are in anguish, who are lonely, who are in distress and are suffering, are those who are most in need of receiving this Force of God.

For servants on a mission of the Light, you need the Force of the Light to act well in your mission to help wherever there is a need for it.

The Radiant Star comes down to this level where its rays of light can reach the earth on the 29th of December every year to bring you more Strength that can help you in many things in your life, in your mission. You are in great need of this Force of God.




The Radiant Star 1877

The Lord was two years old. He was sleeping one Sunday afternoon in his little bed, in the bedroom. His mother THERESA would not let Him sleep alone. She came to see Him from time to time to make sure that everything was all right with Him. It was winter time, it was already dark in the afternoon. Theresa was busy in the kitchen for a while. She realized that she had not been to see the child for some time, so she stopped everything and went into the bedroom to see the child sleeping alone in His bed.

The bedroom door was closed to protect the child from outside noises that could wake him up.

Theresa opened the room and, to her surprise, she saw a strong light in the room. The child, the Lord, was sleeping peacefully in the bed. Theresa did not want to enter the room abruptly when she saw this light around the child. She also saw a star shining and circling around the place where the child was sleeping. She was about to be frightened, but she pulled herself together and remained quiet so as not to startle the quietly sleeping child. The Star was still circling the child, the Lord. It disappeared as it went out the window, which was still closed.

After the Star disappeared, the light faded slowly, Theresa gently entered the room and took the Child in her arms. She felt surrounded by a force with the Child in her arms. She looked at the smiling child. She knew that the Star and Light was not to harm the Lord.

The child beckoned His mother to let Him down and said that He wanted to go outside the room. Theresa, pensive about what she had just experienced, stayed in the room for a few minutes. She thought it was all from the Light and if so she thanked the Light for blessing her Child. She did not tell anyone about the experience she had on that day, December 29, 1877.


The Lord’s mother, Theresa, used to buy clothes for the children for the Christmas Festivity, because the children wanted to have new clothes to wear on Christmas Day. They used to go to mass on Christmas Day morning.

The Lord did not wear new clothes and shoes on Christmas Day, and while the other children in the family wore their new clothes, HE wore normal clothes, and did not give in to his mother’s insistence that HE wear the new clothes.

On the morning of December 29, the Lord wakes up in the morning, wears new clothes and new shoes, a new habit in His life from the age of seven.

His mother insisted that HE put on his new clothes on Christmas Day but HE refused. HE took them to hide them so that his mother would not find them and not force him to wear them.

His mother eventually realized that she could do nothing against what had become a habit for the Lord, to wear the new clothes on the 29th of December.

One day, His mother asked HIM the importance and the meaning of this day of December 29. HE had no explanation, HE told his mother, his family, as HE told his friends, that HE felt a joy in wearing new clothes and new shoes on the 29th of December. This date had become an important date for HIM but without knowing why.

Only when the Guides began to communicate with HIM would they explain to the Lord what happens on this date of December 29 of every year. HE was happy to have respected the Will of God since he was seven years old. HE did not celebrate Christmas like everyone else.


Radiant Star 1885

The Lord used to go on holidays to the home of His uncle, His mother Theresa’s brother, who lived far away from the family, and who had a farm and a large plantation. From the age of five, the Lord enjoyed going to His uncle’s house to see and be with the animals HE could communicate with.

On the morning of December 29, 1885, HE woke up, wearing new clothes and new shoes. His uncle already knew about His habit of wearing new clothes on that date of December 29. His Uncle also knew that the Lord was a “Special” child who behaved at times like no other child of his age. HE spoke to His uncle like an adult but with great respect. After His breakfast, HE went to see the animals, His friends.

As HE opened the stable, HE noticed a strong light around the animals. This light shone into the stable where the animals were, it came from on High, and above His uncle’s farm there was also a strong star-shaped light. This Star shone so brightly that its light prevented even the Lord from seeing it well. But what amazed HIM was that the animals were not agitated, they continued to eat their food while HE saw the light of a Star shining above them. HE stared at the Star that shone above the stable, and HE noticed that as long as HE kept His gaze fixed on that Star, the Star grew bigger and bigger.
When the animals began to become restless, the Lord turned His gaze towards them to find out the reason for the restlessness of the animals and expression of discontent.

The Star that shone before HIM above the stable slowly faded away until it disappeared and so did the light.

HE went to the animals and calmed them by communicating with them. HE had understood what had happened that day of the Radiant Star 1884, at His uncle’s house, in the animals’ stable.

Wherever HE went, the Star followed to bring HIM the Force of that day of the Festival of the Shining Star. HE was accustomed to see the Star and the light on the 29th of December. HE did not see those Stars that shine at night, but another kind of Star that shines even during the day. The animals did not notice anything of this Star shining above them, but the Lord saw everything that was happening, but HE did not say anything to anyone.


Radiant Star 1886

The Lord woke up in the morning, put on new clothes and new shoes. HE wanted to go for a walk outside the house when HE heard His older sister crying for help.

He went inside to see what was going on. His brother ALVIN had fallen to the ground and was vomiting. Seeing this, the Lord lifts His head and eyes upwards and prays as His Guide had advised HIM to do in case of danger to HIM or to another person, that HE should lift His head and eyes upwards asking for help from the Light. The Essentials are always beside HIM, but there are cases where HE could be in danger Himself or another person, and there was need for the intervention of the Force to help the person in danger.

His brother Alvin was on the floor vomiting. This was a case that required the intervention of the Light. Alvin turned pale and fainted in his older sister’s arms. When the Lord lifted His gaze on high, and HE prayed for the intervention of the Force for Alvin, HE saw how the Light filled the house. HE looked up and as HE prayed, HE saw the Star shining outside the house. There was a large window in the living room through which HE saw the Star shining in front of HIM. HE saw how the Radiant Star approached near the window, HE had His Hand holding His brother’s arm while looking at the Radiant Star through the window. The Star grew larger until it came close to the window and then disappeared.

HE took His Hand off His brother as he looked at him. He was no longer vomiting, everything was calm. Alvin got up and went to wash off the vomit that was on his body.

Alvin would tell the family what happened when he fainted. It was after he had eaten a cake that he started to feel sick to his stomach. He did not want to tell their mother who forbade them to eat the food from people they did not know.

For this, he would also have a problem with their father who would only scold him for such situations.
He suffered all night, and it was when he began to have hallucinations that he did not want to stay calm and resolved to tell their sister that he noticed that he could not stand on his two legs for long.

He lost his balance and fell to the ground without noticing that he was vomiting.

He saw himself walking alone in a field, and then he saw his brother Oscar Ernst standing a little further away calling him to come and join Him.

He wanted to follow HIM, but he could not, and suddenly a strong wind blew to push him out of that place where he was in a field, and he opened his eyes.

His older sister told Alvin that Oscar Ernst was praying when he fell. Alvin looked at the Lord and laughed that this was not possible because he had seen the Lord. The Lord did not want to hear his family’s mockery of HIM, so HE went for a walk near the forest. HE thanked God for His grace for His brother.


Radiant Star 1887

The Lord had worn his new clothes and new shoes. HE took a walk along a path that led into the forest. HE often took this path whenever HE wanted to be in quietness, the Essential Beings were with HIM. HE did not want his mother to be able to give HIM a job to do on that Radiant Star Day. HE wanted to be in a quiet place and Alone.

HE had been away from His home when HE saw a Star appear above HIM. HE was happy to see this Star, but instead of the Star descending towards HIM as it did the last few times, this time the Star was moving above HIM, and HE also followed the Star along the path HE was on.

The Essentials followed them until the Star stopped overhead at a certain point. The Essentials would show the Lord by sign to follow them. The Radiant Star had stopped above the Lord. The Lord knew how to interpret and understand the signs of the Essentials. He followed them to a hole hidden under the grass. HE searched the weeds that were there, spreading them and pulling out some of them, and HE saw a dog that was wounded and was in that hidden hole.

The Lord looked at the Star which was still stationed above them. The Essentials surrounded the dog, blowing on the dog’s wound. At the same time, the Lord prayed for strength to be with the dog so that it could move and go to its owner to receive the necessary care. The Radiant Star had a specific time in which it had to be above the Lord before it disappeared. The Star had been above the Lord during the whole time, until the discovery of this dog’s hiding place and his deliverance, and It disappeared.

The Essential Beings had done their job. The dog stood up, the Essentials accompanied it to its home where they left it. The dog had been lost for four days, its master had been looking for it but could not find it. The dog had a wound on its leg that did not allow it to move normally, and it ended up in this place to protect itself. This dog could have died in that place if the Lord had not saved it with the help of the Essentials on that day of 29 December 1887. The Radiant Star had helped to find the hiding place of the dog. The Lord went on His way thanking God for His Love for His Creatures.


Radiant Star 1893

The Lord had worn His beautiful outfit which He had bought for the Festival of the Radiant Star. At that age, the Lord already knew what was happening with the descent of the Force on December 29. He prepared Himself accordingly for the Festival, He wore His new clothes to go for His walk. He also had His prayer made to receive the Force of Light.

On this day of December 29, the Lord had seen the Star that shines above the house in the morning. The Star hovered in the air and disappeared after a few minutes. The Lord did not fail to see this Star shining on that day of December 29. HE did not want to be distracted on that day from the descent of the Star that HE was used to seeing.

When HE had finished doing His prayer on that day, HE prepared to go outside. Since it was not very cold that day, HE decided to go into town for His walk. He often passed a restaurant of a Frenchman, Mr. BAUDOUIN, which was frequented by many French people. On passing Mr. Baudouin's restaurant, HE noticed a gathering of people as if there was something going on inside.

The Lord asked a passer-by what was going on, but the passer-by knew nothing about it. He then called upon the Essential Beings and sent them to see the situation with the gathering of people in the restaurant. They did not delay and came back for the Lord who they invited to go and see what was going on.

The Lord entered the restaurant and found Mr Baudouin on the floor, not moving. The people had called for a doctor who was still waiting while Mr. Baudouin went into a coma. The Lord asked the Essentials if they could do anything, and they said yes. But with all the people around, it would be impossible to do anything. The presence of the Lord was necessary for them to act with His power. The Essentials could do something good, but they would do it even better with the presence of the Lord.

In order not to wait for the worst to happen to Mr. Baudouin, the Frenchman, the Lord had pretended to be a doctor. And as He was dressed in a suit and looked like a serious man, people believed Him.

The Lord asked the people to come out to give HIM room to do His work of helping this sick man.

Mr. Baudouin had his daughter HELENE who told the Lord to occupy her father’s office to do His work. The people carried Mr. Baudouin into his office by placing him on a chair that was in his office and they all went out.

The Lord asked His Guide what had happened. The Lord prayed that the Force of Light that had come down on the Festival of the Radiant Star would work in Mr. Baudouin’s life to save him.

The Lord closes His eyes, and HE sees in Vision and from afar the Radiant Star in Heaven. The light of this Radiant Star shone so powerfully in His eyes as if it were near HIM.

It was the first time HE had seen the Radiant Star twice in one day. The Light of the Shining Star came down to Mr. Baudouin’s office. The Lord had His eyes on the man who was sleeping on the chair while holding his hand. After a few minutes of silent prayer, the man opened his eyes, very surprised to find himself in his office with a stranger he did not know.

The Lord greeted him by name, and introduced Himself as the doctor. Mr. Baudouin was surprised to
The Lord smiled and asked him to rest because he was waking up from a coma. The Lord called his daughter to come and take care of him. The daughter entered the office and rushed to her father.

Normally when a doctor treats a person, he gives certain instructions and prescribes medicines that the person would have to get for the cure of his disease. But in the case of the Lord, who presented Himself as a Physician, HE healed the person and went out without giving or prescribing any medicine.

The Lord disappeared into the crowd that was still outside Mr. Baudouin’s restaurant looking for news. Helene, Mr. Baudouin’s daughter, quickly went out of her father’s office to ask the doctor for the medicine her father was going to take, but she did not see the Lord.

Mr. Baudouin got up and went to the hospital where he was consulted, but nothing special and abnormal with his health. His daughter explained to the doctor, but who could not understand and believe what she was telling them in relation to Mr. Baudouin’s condition that he had just been consulted, who is standing up and walking without any problem, something impossible for a person who was in a coma.

The Lord and His team of Essentials had done their job of healing Mr. Baudouin, a Frenchman who was under attack by agents of darkness who wanted to harm him.

He could have gone into a coma and not come back alive, but fortunately for him the Lord was not far away at the time of this attack, and the Lord had acted as a servant of the Light on a mission to help where help is needed.

The Lord was only eighteen years old and had achieved much for his age. He had done many acts that had saved the lives of many people and were miracles. The power that had come down at the Festival of the Shining Star had worked in Mr. Baudouin by bringing him out of the deep coma he was already in and also by giving him healing. The Lord had played the role of a doctor when HE was more than a doctor.

The Lord acted whenever HE was faced with a problem or situation that required the intervention of the Light. HE was a servant of the Light on a mission. A servant of the Light is more than a physician because he has the power of the Light which is more powerful, and against which nothing can be done. A physician has knowledge that helps him to do his work. He acts on the knowledge he has acquired in his studies. A doctor will always need the power of the Light to help him do his work better, apart from his knowledge of study. A servant who does nothing wastes his power received from the Light to be in the service of the Light, which is always to help where help is needed. Such opportunities are many and everywhere.

The Lord continues to be gracious to many people on the Festival of the Radiant Star. He does not only act by being at the Mountain during the hours of worship of the Festival.

HE can help anyone who opens up on the Festival Day. Many people receive a Grace of miracle on the Festival of the Radiant Star, but they are ignorant to understand and recognize that what happens to them in life for the better is the manifestation of the effect of the Grace received from the Lord on the Festival.

Every request for help that is accompanied by the opening of the person to the Light, such a request comes to the Light who alone has the Monopoly of the answer.

The women who give birth on December 29th at the time that the Radiant Star Force descends, all receive the strength and blessing of God for doing God’s Will by using their Bridge of Light to welcome a Spirit who wants to come to incarnate on earth.

The Force of Light which descends upon humanity on the Festival of the Shining Star on the 29th of December each year, this Force is to help human beings in many things in their lives. This Force also acts in many other things that happen in humanity, without human beings in their blindness realizing the effects of the action of the Star Force in certain things in their lives and in things that happen around them.

At that hour when the Force descends, the animals come to feel a certain sensation which makes them calm at that hour. At the same time there are human beings who feel nothing of this Force which is above them and which is to help them in all things in their life. For this there must be a certain openness which allows one to feel something on the day of the Festival of the Radiant Star.


During the Radiant Star Festival, the Lord had saved a woman who had terminal cancer. SILVIA, a Brazilian woman who had served the Light in her life for a long time, had breast cancer. She had worked for a long time and retired long before her illness.

She knew about the Grail Message from a friend, she read it and she also celebrated the Grail Festivals in a quiet way.

Silvia was 54 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a lamp at her bedside that stayed on all day and night. She did not want this lamp to go out.

On the Festival of the Radiant Star, Silvia woke up very early in the morning to pray to God that His Power coming down on the day of the Festival would heal her of her cancer, this was around 4 AM, and returned to bed after the prayer.

In the morning, when the Force descended, Silvia was fast asleep. The Force of Light that had descended on that day of the Festival of the Radiant Star would reach and act in Silvia who was sleeping. Silvia felt a force shaking her whole body.

She did not wake up immediately, and when she opened her eyes, she saw that the light in her lamp had taken on the shape of a Star that was constantly growing and shrinking, a movement that had lasted for some time. Silvia goes to open her eyes so as not to fall asleep again, and she sees this Star in her lamp getting bigger and smaller until she sees the image of the light bulb in her lamp, but instead of the normal light bulb, Silvia sees a Star shining and shining in her lamp. She wakes up, gets on her knees praying to God and thanking HIM for His love for her.

A few months after this experience of the Star in her lamp, Silvia was cured of cancer. She woke up every morning of the Festival looking at her lamp, maybe she would still see the Star shining and shining in her lamp. It was an experience that was not unique to Silvia. Many had had it without talking about it. There are even animals that can see certain other things that human beings cannot see.


At a Radiant Star Festival, after worship, and given that it was very cold, many of those people who had come to the Mountain could not stay outside for long.

The Lord was receiving some people on that day of the Festival of the Radiant Star, after worship. When HE was free, HE wanted to drive around town in His car. HE felt that HE could do something there, that HE could pass the Force to some people in town. HE knew that in public places HE could have people who needed the power of the Light for some problem in their lives. HE would go around town not to shop, but to pass the force to people who needed it.

Usually, on the holidays, the Lord stayed at the Mountain. He could go to His little house or He stayed to pray for people who need the strength of the Light in their lives for a given problem.

HE was driving through town and HE saw in a vision a pregnant woman who wanted to cross a road. What struck HIM in this vision was the sign of a servant of the Light that was visible in the forehead of the baby that was still in the womb of this woman. The Lord had seen this sign of a Called One very clearly in the forehead of the baby. Something had to be done to save the life of this baby who was a servant of the Light on a mission on earth.

It was a long way from where the Lord was to where the pregnant lady was about to cross the road dangerously.

The Lord saw the whole situation of the woman as on a television screen. He saw how the woman was walking and was about to set foot across the road. The Essentials rushed around the woman, but despite their intervention to influence the woman not to cross the road, the woman was still moving towards the place where she was going to cross the road. It was urgent.

The Lord stopped His car in a quiet place. He concentrated on sending His power to the place where the woman was. Time stopped at a point when the woman was just about to put her feet on the road to cross it.

The traffic was stopped without people noticing anything about it, even the woman herself did not notice anything that was happening, that the traffic was stopped. She crossed the road which was clear. There were no cars in sight on either side as she crossed the road, and once she was on the other side, traffic had resumed normally without anyone noticing anything unusual.

It was rare for the Lord to act in this way to stop time on such a large scale involving a large audience.
Often it is the Essentials who, with the help of the Force of Light, could do this work, not to stop time, but within a very restricted framework to play on the time that they can deviate, delay for a certain reason.

To stop time on a large scale where many people are involved, and in a public place, is a very great work of a very high order that only the Lord could do with His Almighty Creative Force. The woman, MARIA, had her life saved, and quietly crossed the road.

How to understand what led the Lord to intervene to save Maria.

Maria had a karma of not loving her neighbour. She had had abortions in her past lives. She had to reap what she had sown in evil, and she had the Grace to incarnate to untie her karmic ties. In her life she made an effort to help children in many ways. She had acted by taking care of a neighbour’s daughter who was ill and in hospital for two months. She was going to leave the four year old girl at the nursery, she cooked for her and for everything the girl needed when she was little. She spent her own money on her neighbour’s daughter, who was not related to her. She even prayed for the neighbour to be healed so she could take care of her daughter. The girl liked Maria.

Maria had unravelled something by having such a love for her neighbour. She not only loved the girl, but also prayed for her mother. When the child’s mother, her neighbour, was discharged from hospital, she was happy with what Maria had done in her absence to her daughter. The girl would come and sleep at Maria's house some days as if it were her family.

After a year, Maria became pregnant. She did not think she would have a child again, after all the medical examinations said she could never conceive. They forgot that it is the Light that has the final word in every situation in people’s lives. Maria’s act of love was sincere and true so that some of the ties of the past could be untied. The Light had given her a Grace to receive a servant of the Light on a mission. She had learned, understood and practiced love of neighbour so that she could have the grace to have a child whom she would love and help with love.

Maria had a daughter to whom she gave the name of DOROTHEA who was also her only daughter. Dorothea grew up and married a servant of the Light MATHIAS who was her destiny, her soul mate, and with whom they had served the Light together. Together they had a daughter and a son, AGATHA and WALTER who were all servants on a mission on earth.

The Lord had seen all those servants of the Light who were waiting for the Grace to incarnate on earth that HE decided for an intervention to save the life of Maria. He had always acted for a cause of the Light.

He had all the information about the person’s past incarnations and what was to come after the intervention of the Force to save the person, Maria.

His all-knowing Guides had informed HIM.


The Lord had prepared a reception after the worship of a Radiant Star Festival. HE wanted the people, the servants of the Light, to gather together afterwards and have a meal together. HE wanted His people to come and share the meal together while exchanging spiritual teachings.

After the Festival, the people, the servants who were invited to this meal had responded to the invitation and were on the spot at the place of the reception. While the food was being served on the tables for the people to help themselves afterwards, a discussion had started between two people who did not have the same opinion on some subject. They spoke softly at first, but as they did not understand each other, the voices and tone became louder and louder, it became a discussion. It was just when it was time for people to go and help themselves to food.

Time was passing for some people who were only there for a short time on the invitation. Some people were beginning to worry about what was going on in the room.

A Disciple of the Lord wanted to calm them down, but one of the men who were discussing spoke unbearable words to him which stirred everyone in the room indignantly.

The people were agitated, and low voices, whispers and whispers calling for calm could be heard, but neither of these two men wanted to hear the call for calm and calm down.

The Lord withdrew to a side room so that He could not see or hear what was going on and being said. He avoided getting angry in this place where people had come for the celebration of the Festival of the Radiant Star. The people in the room who trusted in the Lord were many. The Lord asked to be alone in that room.

HE bowed His head and prayed that the Force of the Radiant Star above them might act by His strength and bring order and calm to the people. HE concentrated in His prayer. After this time of prayer, the Lord felt how His Hands were wet with sweat as if HE had just washed His Hands with water. HE was trembling in His whole body. HE felt the Force in HIM.

Suddenly the Lord saw Himself above the room soaring over it. He was sitting in the small room next to the big room, but HE saw himself above them all, moving discreetly in the air over the room and all who were there.

HE had the Light around HIM. HE was gently gliding over sending the Light to the people who were agitated by this argument of these two people in the room. And when HE finished moving around the room, above the people, HE stopped above those two men who were arguing in the room.
HE sent the Force to calm them, but they were still talking and it is at this point that the Lord will call upon the Radiant Star to intervene by sending the Force into the room.

The people noticed the increase in the intensity of the lights that were on in the room. The light in the room became stronger and stronger. No one could remain indifferent to this phenomenon, and everyone began to talk about it.

The men who were talking had stopped to take an interest in what was going on in the room, which also concerned them, with the phenomenon of the unexplained increase in the lighting of the lamps in the room.

The Disciples of the Lord knew that what was happening had something to do with the intervention of the Lord who had withdrawn to a small room nearby. After a while, this increase in light intensity gradually diminished until it became normal again.

Everyone sat down and calmed down after the phenomenon they had just experienced with the lighting of the lamps which had increased without cause to become normal again. Nobody spoke, it was total calm.

The Lord reappeared in the room with a worried face, and HE gave them teachings and advice.


Many times at the Mountain, during the worship in the Temple on the day of the Festival of the Radiant Star, the readers of the Message who had their spiritual eye open, they could see the Shining Star above the head of the Lord. Each one saw the greatness of this Star differently according to the greatness of his spiritual opening. This Radiant Star is of the same greatness and origin as the one that first appeared when the Lord was two years old.

The Great Radiant Star which is suspended over the earth sends the force for human beings on earth. This force of light is made up of innumerable little Stars which are like sparks of light and which carry the force of light. It is these little Stars that radiate for the human beings.

These little radiating Stars are not seen in the same way by anyone who has opened his spiritual eye and has obtained the grace to see one of them.

Each person sees it according to the size of the opening of his spiritual eye. The greater the opening of the spiritual eye, the greater the Star that shines in the spiritual eye of the beholder.

It is these small, radiant, force-carrying Stars of light that descend to the earth to human beings. The people who see the Radiant Star on the Festival Day, they do not see the Great Radiant Star suspended in Heaven, but they see the little Radiant Stars which are like sparks and which break away from the great Radiant Star to spread among the people. There are BILLIONS of these little Radiant Stars that break away from the great Radiant Star in a beam of force of light formed by these little Stars that descend over the people.

The Star that shines above the Lord has a greater grandeur than those little Stars that shine above human beings. What was happening in the mission of the Lord and Jesus was different from what is happening in the mission of human beings. There can be no comparison with the Sons of God.

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