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Transmitted December 5, 2022
This message is addressed to all those who recognize that they have a spiritual mission, and to those who are spiritual servants and leaders. Every person who is incarnated on Earth has a spiritual mission to fulfil the Will of God on Earth as it is in Heaven. But many human beings are not aware of this mission that they all have by incarnating on Earth, and of the support they can receive from the Light when they act according to the Light in their lives. Some people commit themselves to serving the Light in a particular way. Of their own will they make such a decision to serve God in their lives. This commitment is also an oath to God, and must be kept by people who want to have spiritual accountability* before God. People think it is easy to say they are serving the Light, but they do not know the seriousness and gravity of the responsibility they have before God.
A servant must have the qualities required to serve the Light in order to have the support of the Light that will give him the strength to help him in his mission. He must have strength, true love of neighbour, humility, a high sense of responsibility, a big heart to bear some of the things that happen to people on Earth, be helpful, have self-control, listen more to people, be ready to help people, go to those who need help with different problems, pray for people.
* acknowledgment and acceptance of responsibility for one’s actions.



The commitment that people make to be of service to the Light.

God, in His Love, wants people to do His Will on Earth. When a person makes a commitment and wants to serve the Light in his or her life, the Light will not let that person accomplish his or her mission alone without some form of support. The person who commits himself to the service of the Light must know that it is a commitment that is spiritual, and that the Light will accompany him with Its Force to help him in many things in his life, in his mission. There is no one who can think that he fulfils the mission of the Light by his own strength. There is only one Power and one True Path, that of the Light of Truth.
Anyone who truly serves the Light, by a decision of his own will, is often unaware of the support he receives from the Light in his life when he commits himself to serve the Light.
There are people who are working for a noble cause, which also includes being in the service of the Light, and who notice that whenever they have thoughts, ideas, or plans to do something that is noble and in the service of the Light, they always manage to do it better than they thought.
A servant does not need to wait for instructions from the Light to be of service in his life. That service is to help human beings in some way, to do something that benefits and helps human beings in their lives. Intuition is the inner voice of the human being, just open up with a firm will to serve God, the Force of Light will be with you.
It is God Who gives people strength. To be in the service of the Light is a mission that the Light does not fail to support with Its Force.


God is Love. People who want to serve God absolutely must have and practice true love of neighbour in their lives. The neighbour here is everyone but oneself. When people commit themselves to serving God, they must think carefully about how they can serve Him. There can be no difficulty in serving with love. There is not a single thing that can happen in a person’s life for which there is no solution; nothing. God is Love, whatever you ask of God, with conviction, trust, humility, perseverance, patience, and openness to the Light, know that you will get an answer, a solution. It is the people who lack patience and perseverance who quickly become discouraged, whereas the Light always acts according to It and in Its own time.
A servant must have and practice true love for his neighbour. He cannot develop hatred, anger, and all those negative attitudes within him that are not qualities of a servant.
A servant is at the service of God Whom he serves in all his life in thought, word, and deed. No one can claim to serve God if he lacks true love. When a person has love for one’s neighbour, one sees only what is good in the other, one does not even think of harming the other who is one’s neighbour. This love of God must be genuine, without any self-interest. A servant must not choose the people he loves, but respect everyone, because you do not know the spiritual nature of the person you reject, reject, and do not love.
The teaching of incarnation gives knowledge that is a lesson to those people who choose who to love and who to reject, and worse still, who to hate. You do not know that the people you dislike may have had a relationship with you in a previous life. Some people came to you out of affinity.
Some other people are drawn to you to unknot the ties that you are unaware of and that you have in one or more previous lives, and when you do not love them, you are not acting according to the Will of God and you are missing an opportunity to loose your ties in order to be free and evolve spiritually. Among those people you meet in different circumstances in your life, encounters that are not the effect of a chance that does not exist, some may have a relationship with you, a bond of affinity in one of your past lives. Deepen the teachings of the phenomenon of incarnation.
Do not judge people by their outward appearance, origin, race, social position in life, material wealth, or any other criteria that may deceive you and come from the intellect.
God in His love always wants to help. A servant on mission should not only help his family or the people he knows. Remember that your neighbour is everyone but yourself. You need to look more deeply into what this means. A servant on mission must be vigilant with everyone he meets in his life, who may be someone with whom he will carry out a mission together in this life.
The servant on mission should not think and believe that only those in his or her family are the ones with whom he or she will do the mission together.
The neighbour is everyone without exception. Love of neighbour must be alive in you.
Use your intuition, which can guide you and lead you and help you to meet and point you to the right person of the many you meet in your life, with whom you can be together in the service of the Light. The darkness also sends its agents disguised as false servants of the Light to seduce you, destroy you, and divert you from your mission.


A servant must be aware of the high sense of responsibility of his commitment to the service of the Light. A spiritual leader who is a servant of the Light must take his responsibilities to the Light with the utmost seriousness in his life. There must be a clear difference between a business leader and a servant of God who is a spiritual leader. But people often confuse the responsibility they may have to serve the Light. The servant of God who is also a spiritual leader must have the highest sense of the responsibility he has before God. He must see how he can work to fulfil his responsibility, instead of regarding the people he is commissioned to help and guide to God and who give him confidence as weak and worthless human beings. It is often pride that drives them to adopt attitudes and behaviours of business leaders which are contrary to the Will of God, towards the people for whom they have spiritual responsibility and who are under their care. They go so far, even to the point of disrespecting these people.
The excessive respect that people give to these leaders leads them to act out of self pride. The abuse of trust before the Light is a sin. Especially when people put all their trust in spiritual leaders, and the latter in return do not act according to the Will of God towards these people.
A servant of God who is also a spiritual leader who commits himself to God to serve the Light, he must have and always practice true love of neighbour and humility, which are very important in one’s mission. He must learn to humble himself by acting according to the Will of God, knowing that he is in the service of God. He must remember to always live, to always act according to the Will of God.

God is Love, and a spiritually responsible servant of God must always have a true love of neighbour, and think positively at all times. Only true love attracts the indispensable Light Force that will help him in his mission.
The Lord, in His Mission on Earth, lived very simply and naturally. He often told people who did not know Him that He was a servant of God. And when people asked Him what He meant when He said that HE was a servant of God, He told them that HE was in the service of God, that HE lived according to the Laws of God in all that HE did. He was not telling them that HE was the Son of Man.
He said HE was in the service of God, serving God in everything HE did was His mission on Earth. He did not want people to be able to follow Him because HE was the Son of Man.
He had in Him and with Him all His Divine Power, but He did not speak of It and used It only in the utmost discretion so as not to draw people’s attention to Him, because people would follow Him for what His Divine Power was able to do, which was a miracle to people. He wanted people to learn to live by the teachings.
He wanted people to know the Will of God and His very simple Laws governing Creation, in order to live well. He had joy in living simply according to God’s Laws.
Every account in the life of the Lord on Earth should serve as a teaching for the servants of God who are spiritual leaders on Earth. The Lord had left the earth, but He remains among you through His writings, His teachings of the MESSAGE OF THE GRAIL, which is the TRUTH, the only ONE.
The Light cannot understand how readers or followers of the Grail Message who are convinced of the teachings of Truth can adopt attitudes, behaviours contrary to the teachings of the Grail Message, and which result in conflict, separation, and division between them. The Grail Message which teaches love is always to UNITE human beings and not the opposite. Where do they get these teachings to do this contrary to the Will of God? Certainly not in the Grail Message. The consequences of such behaviour and attitudes that do not conform to the Laws of God are disorders of all kinds, because there is a lack of true love of neighbour.
A servant must be humble, helpful, to serve God. Pride has no place in the life of a servant of God spiritual leader. Pride is a defect that a responsible servant of God cannot have; it makes servants do anything, even intimidate people who trust them. Being humble for a servant does not mean considering oneself weak. Many servants have problems in this area of their work because of the way they handle themselves. They want to be helpful, but people misinterpret their humility.
Servants cannot behave like beggars who only ask people for money. The compensation, the offering for the work of the Light is a Law*, but it must be done in a noble way that takes into account certain realities that you are experiencing on Earth. No one should be forced to do them. No one should think of abusing it.
* Learn more about The Gesture of Offering and Compensation


In the course of His Mission on Earth, the Lord found Himself in many situations that demanded of Him the greatest self-mastery and self-control. The darkness and its agents provoked Him to get to know Him fully, to see how He would react, defend Himself, and to what extent He would resist, master, and control Himself in the face of their various provocations. But at no time did the Lord lack control over any provocation. He knew how to restrain, master, and control His Almighty Force in the face of any situation.
There were times when HE held back the Force, and when the provocations continued, HE called the Essential Beings into play to calm Him down. It was not easy for Him Who was Love to be angry. When HE was displeased, the Lord went away from people to be alone and pray. There were even people who came directly in front of Him to attack Him. He was God, HE knew how to master and control any situation HE had to deal with.
Servants, servant leaders, should look to the life of the Lord as an example for their own lives; learn to act and react according to the teachings in the stories of the Lord’s life that are given to you to take as examples to follow in your life.
Always ask for the help of the Light so that you can have mastery and control over any situation that comes your way.
You should not always react directly to a situation or obstacle that comes your way, if you do not know the origin and cause. Darkness always fights the servants of God in different ways. The various and numerous obstacles that servants encounter on their way can come from family, friends, acquaintances, and even strangers, whom you must be vigilant to know how to react properly and not make mistakes. Self-control is a struggle that servants must seek to wage by themselves and for themselves.
It is not easy to have control over some of the problems that may present themselves to you in life. But whatever happens to you, you have the teachings of the Lord’s life to know how the Lord, Who lived with human beings, behaved to have control in every unpleasant situation that happened to Him from human beings. In every unpleasant situation, every reader, servant, and spiritual leader must ask oneself how the Lord would have reacted to have mastery in a situation he or she encounters.
The Lord came on a Mission to teach human beings the right way to live. Before writing the Grail Message, HE wanted to know and understand how people lived in order to know what kind of teachings they needed, and what HE would give them to help them live well and for their spiritual evolution. Do not act like people who have no knowledge, who do not know the Truth and make many mistakes.


Many servants, leaders, and spiritual leaders do not want to listen to the people. Some have developed such self pride that they misinterpret the consideration and respect given to them by those they have a spiritual responsibility to help in their spiritual evolution. They think they are above everyone else. Others think they have nothing to learn from other people. They think that they are the leaders of a community, that they know the Word which they teach to people who have great admiration, consideration for them, who respect them and even fear them.  How can they learn from these same people that they teach?  This is self pride.
A human spirit, that has just been incarnated, brings with it in its memory or memory box, lessons from those strong experiences of previous lives into the new life on Earth. With each new incarnation of a human spirit on Earth, it is an old soul that takes on a new body for a new life on Earth.
Servants will not want to listen and hear the words of this child because they forget the important teachings about the incarnation that they need to know, that this child is only a child in body, but it is an old spirit in a new body. A servant must let people come to him with their questions. He or she must listen to these people and be able to help them with their concerns. This help will be through the teachings that they will share together that help people to understand their concerns and to have the solution and answer to their questions.
You are servants, not company bosses, to refuse to communicate with people, to consider them as your inferiors.
The Lord has sent many Called Ones to Earth. They are all over the world. They have a lot of knowledge in their memory box. They are sent on a mission of Light to the earth.

Among these many servants, many of whom are now on Earth, are the Lord’s Knights of Colour, the Apostles, the Disciples and the many Called of the Lord. The majority of them are unaware and do not even know who they are spiritually.
All of them have a lot of knowledge in their memory or in their memory box, which should help them in their mission on Earth.
Sometimes we see an older Disciple standing in front of a young coloured Knight who still has many experiences to go through in his life, growing and evolving spiritually. But because he is still a child or young person and in ignorance of who he is, of his true self, it happens that this older Disciple, also ignorant of who this young person in front of him is spiritually, wants to have control and dominion over this young person or child who is a Knight of Colour of the Lord in mission, simply because he is still young, or not as old as him.
If this Disciple had understood the teachings of the Word, even if he did not know the spiritual state of the child in front of him, he would not have acted in this way. You, spiritual servants and leaders, must have the ability to listen to the people who come to you, try to answer their questions and help them by sharing with them the teachings and also your experiences as a servant leader of God on mission. Some of them may be Knights, Apostles, Disciples, or Called of the Lord in mission who still need to evolve.
In the spiritual hierarchy from Above you have the coloured Knights of the Lord each with his own colour, the Apostles, the Disciples, and the Called Ones.
A Knight of Colour of the Lord on mission must have the humility, love of neighbour to help everyone and share the teachings with other servants on mission.
The Lord was on Earth with the Mission to help human beings in their spiritual evolution and well-being. To do this, HE often went to meet the people HE could help. HE listened to people extensively to let them express themselves so that HE could understand them well and know how to respond to them. Listening to people more, and giving them more time to talk, does not mean that you have nothing to say or that you do not know anything. But it is a good way of acting to understand the person well, so that you know the right teaching to share with them and in which they have the understanding of their problem, the solution, and the answer to their concern.
People should seek to live the teachings of the Word and share them with others for a better understanding.
The Truth of the Word must not be hidden, people must have the sense to share the teachings of the Word so that the Truth gradually reaches everyone. The Lord did not spend a single day without sharing the Word, a teaching with someone. It is the teachings of the Word that can profoundly transform human beings for their well-being and a better world.
The Lord went to the people, HE knew where to go to find the people HE could help by teaching them the Word for their well-being.
He listened a lot to what people had to say before he could give them a teaching, which they had never had before and which gave them the understanding, answer, and solution to their concern.  It was often at the end of a conversation, sharing, or exchange that people recognized the Lord.


The duty of a servant on mission is always to help people and share with them the understanding of those teachings that they need to know in their lives for their well-being. A servant on spiritual mission will not act like a leader of a religious community, of a company, or of any group of human beings, who sits in his office and waits for people to come to him or her.
The Light does not appreciate the way some spiritual leaders and servants, who claim to be in the service of the Light, behave and act. They do not act according to the Will of God when they choose to act like those leaders just mentioned, who prefer to stay in their church, their community, their office and be satisfied only with giving instructions, directives, teachings to others, without any other action, without doing anything else that could help each one individually in concerns that are specific and different for each person. It is a matter of helping each individual with his or her concerns. This is what a leader is able to do and it is a task of high importance in his or her mission.
These servants and leaders make more use of other servants to do the work they are supposed to do, and that which happens to be one of their important tasks in their mission for the accomplishment of which they have justly received from God the Power of Light that accompanies them, to help each one individually in their particular concerns.
Some of these servants with responsibilities, do not take any initiative to approach people to listen to them, to share what their problems are, to know how to help them for their well-being and spiritual evolution. These servants think that they are superior to others, and that it is others who must serve them. They develop pride, lack humility, and have no concept of true love of neighbour, which they must always be the first to understand and practice in their lives in order to attract the Force within them.
Any servant who does this is not serving the Light and has not understood what it means to be in the service of God and what it means in his or her life.
Any mission of the Light is always to assist human beings in some way with their various concerns.
Many of these leaders, these servants, are self-appointed or have been appointed by other human beings to the positions and functions they hold.
Servants who have the firm will to serve the Light, they have true love; they have humility; they are simple and helpful; and they always listen to others.
The Force of Light accompanies the servants in their mission so that they may have a true love of neighbour. Those servants who call themselves servants of God, but who do everything according to their own will or that of those who have appointed them to the positions or functions they occupy, and do not take into account the teachings of the Word, they have been chosen only to have a place at the head of the community, the church, the teaching, or the group of people they lead. They do not have that Force of Light that accompanies true servants of God on mission to help them in their mission.
Those servants who do everything according to their own will, they do not value the True servants, they always avoid them. They do not appreciate those true servants of God who are accompanied by the Force of Light, who have a Star of Light* and who do their mission. They always speak badly of them, for they think they are disturbing them in what they plan to do to manipulate the people who trust them.
It was not only the number of those Called Ones, whom you know and whom the Lord had called in the Beyond, who were on a mission to help Him on Earth. On Earth, the Lord had also called some other human beings who had put themselves at the service of the Light with conviction and confidence by acting in their lives according to the Light. The Lord had seen the conviction of these human beings, how they were evolving, how they were giving themselves to the work of the Light, and HE ended up calling them; they were like all the other Called Ones to the service of the Light.
He had not named them. They had earned this Calling from HIM, Who alone can and does know who deserves it. 
The mission of a servant is to always be ready to help other human beings in one way or another with their various problems. A servant of the Light must always think and seek to do something that is within the scope of his or her mission as a servant of the Light to help human beings. A servant must not always wait for people to come to him or her. He or she is on a mission to help human beings who need the teachings and the Force of the Light in their lives and who are unaware that It can help them solve certain problems in their lives.
The Servants of the Light on mission receive from God the Force that accompanies them in their mission on Earth, to help them in many things in their life and in their mission.
They must activate this Force by placing themselves in the service of the Light, beginning by living in accordance with the Laws of God, in order to open themselves to the Force of the Light, which will activate their dormant spiritual faculties.
The permanent and progressive activation of these faculties by the Force of Light makes them evolve spiritually, and in turn they will help the human beings to whom they will be able to transmit this Force that accompanies them in their mission, which they activated, to help them in their various concerns.
A servant who is a spiritual leader and servant on mission cannot play the role of a business leader, he is a servant of God. His mission is to help human beings to evolve spiritually. To do this he must be with the people to listen to them and see how he can help them. He will seek to see how he can help the spiritual development of the people who are with him. The help that a responsible servant can always give is love of neighbour, so he will listen more to people to know their problem so that he knows how to help them solve it.

* Not everyone who incarnates on Earth benefits from this Grace of the Light of having a Star of Light. Only the Light determines who deserves to have the Star of Light. So it is only a few who benefit from this Grace of the Light. (Learn more…)


The Lord left an example of how people can pray. Readers of the Grail Message should seek to deepen this way of praying. The Lord Himself prayed for people who had different problems from each other. In many stories and miracles, you read how the Lord prayed for people. He did not recite the prayer that He had left for people as an example. Sometimes He even prayed a long prayer in case of need, depending on the case. He did not heal people by reciting the same prayer. He prayed according to each case that came before Him. He prayed much more quietly in some cases for the problems of certain people or for those situations in which He had to intervene.
Every Sunday, the Lord did not leave His room without praying for the Light Force to be everywhere in the world. It would be a long prayer. The Lord’s example should inspire all to use it when faced with a danger, problem, or situation that requires prayer. You also have teachings in which the Lord gives explanations on prayer.
Read them, deepen them, because it is not for nothing that the Lord gives these teachings on prayer. Why did HE give them if you were only to follow this same one prayer that HE left you as an example?
Intuition is the inner voice of the human being. By concentrating, your intuition can help you to say a prayer for the situation you are in at any given time. A good prayer is one that comes from your heart and relates to what you are feeling.
A servant who is in the service of God is accompanied by the Light Force and a Star of Light. He or she is able to pray for people who need the help of the Light for various problems in their lives. This prayer can be done silently or openly.
The Lord often prayed in silence, in discretion. People would see Him sitting with them as He was praying for a situation elsewhere. A servant on a mission of Light has no excuse to say that he or she is not able or allowed to pray for people.
Servants who do not pray for people are not respecting the Will of God Who has given them this Power to help them in every situation in the accomplishment of their mission. Praying for people and giving them the strength that will help them in prayer is also part of the mission of a servant on mission.
God sends servants who have accepted and want to serve Him in a spiritual mission to help people on Earth. These people are committed to serving the Light; how they can abstain from certain things that are in the Will of God? Prayer is important and should not be neglected.
When reading the Grail Message, readers can concentrate on praying to the Lord for strength. Reading the Grail Message in a calm and concentrated way is not only a simple reading or teaching, but also a prayer. Every teaching and Word of the Light has a Force that can help the one who reads it and gives an opening to the Light.
There are many ways of praying that people need to learn. Servants have the strength to pray for people. The servants, the true servants of the Light who are also leaders, they have the Force of Light to pray for the people who have problems and who need the Light Force to help them in their lives. They should always remember to pray for the Force to be with the people and help them in any situation. Follow the example of the Lord.
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