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Stories From Jesus’ Childhood

– Transmitted December 22, 2022
Jesus, the Son of God, did so many more things, so many more miracles in His mission on Earth, than are known to human beings and recorded in the Bible. There are testimonies of what Jesus did in His mission on Earth that people have no idea about. Helpers in the Beyond have access to everything that is written about Jesus’ Mission on Earth, everything that Jesus did on Earth. . Continue reading…

Some Unknown Facts Of the Life Of Jesus

– Transmitted December 22, 2021
That the Light is Love, It always wants to come to your aid in many different ways, you human beings, to bring you to know and recognize the Truth so that you may lead a way of life in conformity with the Truth for your good, your spiritual evolution. To do this, the Light will reveal to you certain truths that are not known in what the SON OF GOD JESUS had done in His Mission on earth. Continue reading…