Christmas Is Not Only for Children,
But To Know Also What Jesus Did As A Child

Master John – December 2022
Jesus, the Son of God, did so many more things, so many more miracles in His Mission on Earth, than are known to human beings and recorded in the Bible. There are testimonies of what Jesus did in His Mission on Earth that people have no idea about. Helpers in the Beyond have access to everything that is written about Jesus’ Mission on Earth, everything that Jesus did on Earth.
The Helpers also have a mission to share with you some of the many stories, not histories, of what Jesus did on Earth. We are talking about stories that are those concrete things that happened in Jesus’ time, not stories that may be imaginary. Everything that is given by the Helpers has only one purpose: to help you in your spiritual evolution. We also have the mission to help you know the truth about what happened at the time of Jesus and that people have an interpretation that is not in accordance with reality, with the Truth. In these stories are also lessons for those people who need the spiritual teachings that help with spiritual evolution.
At the age of seven, Jesus had already performed some miracles. HE already knew how to interpret, understand the sign language of the Essential Beings, and how to communicate with them. His friends noticed that HE was doing some things that were not normal for them whereas HE was acting according to the Will of God.
Sometimes Jesus’ friends saw Him in His corner smiling without seeing or understanding why Jesus was smiling. Indeed, Jesus smiled when He was with His friends the Essentials that His friends could not see.
Jesus avoided certain games, especially violent ones, and HE did not like violent children either. When His friends asked Him what they noticed that HE was doing that they did not understand, Jesus told them that HE sometimes liked to be alone in His corner to contemplate. He said nothing about the Essentials that were with Him and that He saw.  He did not want His friends to laugh at HIM if HE told them what HE saw and experienced and that His friends and everyone else did not know.
At the age of seven, Jesus felt a certain Force in HIM whenever HE was confronted with a problem, a situation that required the help of the Light. He would try to stay calm, but He could not, especially when HE was with Joseph, His father or His friends. So HE ran away from them, so that they would not notice the stress HE felt when faced with a situation that required the help of the Light. He Himself did not yet understand what was going on within HIM. Instead of asking for Joseph or Mary, His mother, HE remained calm.
Jesus was a shy child, HE didn’t talk much. He did intervene to give advice to people. He even intervened to give advice to adults who were surprised that a child could tell them such things that were important advice that would benefit them in their lives.
Jesus was a gifted child at school. He only needed the subject of the teacher’s lessons to deepen his understanding of the subject of the lesson and to expand on it.


At the age of seven, Jesus saved Joseph’s sick donkey. Joseph had a cart that the donkey pulled. This cart was a great help to Joseph who used it to carry his work materials and other heavy things for his work. The cart also helped the family as a means of transport.
When the donkey could not pull the cart, they had great difficulty carrying all sorts of things. They knew when the donkey was sick, but they could not do much for the donkey. They just gave him water and food until it got better. When the donkey had a wound that they could see clearly, they could heal it. But when the donkey couldn’t stand up, was sick and couldn’t do its labour because it had an ailment that they couldn’t see, there was nothing else they could do to help the donkey.  
There were people who had some knowledge, but not well developed, to treat and care for animals. Water, food, and rest were the most important things they recommended to cure the sick donkey.
Joseph had this donkey to pull the cart that was used to transport various things for his work.  He was worried about the donkey’s health as it refused to stand up and could not pull the cart. This was a clear signal that the donkey was hurting somewhere, that it was not well.
Jesus, who was aware of the donkey’s condition, wondered what HE could do to help His father, Joseph, with this sick donkey.
Jesus went and stood in His usual corner to think about what HE could do to help His father Joseph’s donkey. The Essentials came to Him; they stood in a circle before Him. Jesus wondered what this meant. The Essentials beckoned Him to follow them. Jesus knew how to interpret and understand the sign language of the Essentials who were going to lead Him to a place where there was a well. The Essentials gave Jesus a sign to draw water from the well.
They gave Jesus further signs and he understood that they wanted HIM to draw water. Jesus wondered what HE was going to do with this water that HE was going to draw.
When Jesus had finished drawing water, they asked Him to follow them to the donkey. It was then that Jesus understood that they wanted Him to give the water HE had drawn to the donkey. Jesus said to Himself that Joseph also often gives water to the donkey. 
The Essentials began to make signs around the palm of Jesus’ Hand with some cries to draw Jesus’ attention to His Hand. Jesus remained silent and eventually understood that HE had to pray over the water that HE had drawn from the well and give it to the donkey.
Jesus left the Essentials and went quickly into the house to look for a container in which HE could put the water. He went to a quiet place, and all by Himself, He put His Hand on this vessel with the water, to pray.
Jesus, although still a child, prayed in the likeness of the adults He saw praying. He was still a child and prayed like a child while imitating how adults prayed.
After his short prayer, Jesus approached the donkey slowly. He placed the container in front of the donkey for it to drink the blessed water. Jesus picked up the container and went to a corner to see from a distance the donkey’s reaction to drinking the blessed water.
After a few minutes, Jesus saw how the donkey struggled for a while to get up. And when it got up, it made a few movements by turning around to show its joy that it had regained its strength and could stand up, and that it was well.  
Joseph, who was not far from where the donkey was, noticed the joy of the donkey, and left what he was doing to go and see the donkey. The donkey was healthy again, healed, and walking.
The next morning they took the cart and went to get everything they needed for home and work. Jesus did not say a word about what happened. He was happy to have done something for the donkey and the family.


One Monday, when HE was eight years old, Jesus went to the market to buy something for the house. Joseph had not yet woken up that Monday morning, as he usually did. The children asked Mary what was going on with Joseph. She told them that Joseph was not feeling well, that he was ill. Jesus, Who loved to ride in the cart, had become sad, because it deprived Him of the pleasure of riding in the cart.
The Essentials, who are always near Jesus, came to join Him in His corner where HE withdrew when HE had to muse on a problem. HE was sad while thinking. Without waiting, the Essentials would again make a sign around the Palm of Jesus’ Hand. Some of the Essentials stayed on the palm of His Hand, and the others pulled Him by the other Hand leading Him to Joseph. Jesus understood that He had to go to His father Joseph and pray for him. Once again, Jesus wondered how He was going to do this, as He wanted to do it quietly, without people seeing Him do it.
Slowly and gently, Jesus approached Joseph who was lying on his bed, and it was Joseph himself who asked Jesus to give him His Hand. Jesus took the opportunity to pray silently in His within for Joseph’s healing. The Essentials were already numerous around Joseph. They communicated with each other while Joseph still held Jesus’ Hand, not knowing what was going on in the privacy of the Essentials he could not see.  
After some time of talking, Joseph felt that he was sweating, and he asked Jesus to bring him some water. Jesus took the opportunity to pray over the water, and when he returned to Joseph’s room to bring the water, Jesus found Joseph sitting on his bed. After drinking the water, Joseph left his room without delay. Everyone was happy to see him up and out of his room.
Joseph said to them: “This is a miracle of Jesus”. He said this, unconsciously without thinking, although it is the reality, the truth that Joseph would remember and understand later.


When Jesus was ten years old, Mary went to draw water from a well with other women. They needed the water for various domestic needs. But this time the women noticed that the water level in the well dropped every time they came to draw water. Usually, after drawing water, the level would rise again, filling up well automatically. But this had not been the case for some time, the level was only going down but not back up to the usual, normal level. The water level had dropped so low that it was at the bottom of the well.
Jesus was touched and concerned about everything that was going on with the people where HE lived. He knew that He could help people deal with problems, illnesses, and other situations that might arise.
One day, Jesus overheard Mary talking to a woman about the worrying situation of the falling water level of the well, from which they drew water for various needs.
Jesus waited until evening, when the women were at home, to think about doing something about the well situation. Jesus had a way of calling on the Essentials. He called on them to help Him to do something for the women who really needed the water from that well for their domestic and other needs.
The Essentials took Jesus to a place where there was clay. They made a sign to Him to take a certain amount of clay with Him. Jesus understood their gesture and took some of the clay with Him.
Numerous were the Essentials around Jesus, showing Him the way to the Well of Water.  When they arrived at the Well, the Essentials dispersed to perform different tasks, some went down into the Well, others remained on the surface of the Well.
Jesus prayed over this clay, and after looking from left to right to make sure no one saw Him, HE threw the clay into the well where the water level was at the bottom.
Jesus could see into the Well because of the Essentials that were in the Well and that illuminated it.
Jesus saw how the clay was scattering in the well, and He prayed to God that the Light would fill that well to help the women and everyone else get water. Jesus was covered by the Light as He worked around that well of water. Only He alone could see, understand, and communicate with the Essentials.
The next day, a woman went to draw water, and when she saw the well was filled to the brim with water, she cried out in amazement and joy. It had been a very long time since the water came up from the bottom of the well to the edge.
The woman called other people who came in great numbers to see what had happened. Some said it was a miracle from God. Jesus stayed away from everything that was going on and being said. He was happy to know that the well was full of water.


JEREMY was Jesus’ cousin. He lived not far from Jesus and they used to play together. Four days had passed without Jesus seeing Jeremy outside his house. Jesus didn’t want to ask the other boys why HE didn’t see Jeremy in front of his house, so He went to Jeremy’s house to see him.
When Jesus entered Jeremy’s house, his mother told Hm that Jeremy had had a fever for four days, and she gave him water and some herbs, but without any real improvement. She waited for the nurse, who was not there, to come and treat him. Jesus was quick to intervene. Jesus went straight to Jeremy where he was sleeping. Jeremy had a smile on his face when he saw Jesus coming to him. Jesus took his hand and prayed for him.
Jesus looked into Jeremy’s eyes, as He prayed for him. Jeremy asked Jesus to put His hand on his head. Jeremy had been suffering from a severe headache for four days. Jesus responded positively to Jeremy’s request to pray for him. He prayed for Jeremy’s headaches that had not gone away for four days. Jeremy knew some of the things that Jesus did, and he trusted Him. Jesus was eleven years old.
People spoke of Jesus as a strange child. Only a few people said that Jesus was sent from God. However, people had many doubts about the nature, the identity of Jesus. Some saw Him as a child and did not believe what was said about Him, and that He did good things as an adult.
Jeremy told Jesus that he felt a certain Force coming from HIM when they were together. Jeremy was a servant of the Light on a mission on Earth. Jeremy’s mother heard Jeremy and Jesus laughing. She couldn’t believe it because she knew that Jeremy was very sick. She went to check on Jeremy, and when she entered, she saw Jeremy laughing with Jesus.


Jesus had performed many other unknown and unreported miracles during His Mission on Earth. One day, Jesus was passing somewhere with His Disciples, when He saw in a vision a woman who was humiliated by her husband, family, and people who knew her because she was barren. She had been married for seven years without having a child, and because of this she often stayed in her house to avoid humiliation from different people. She cried and asked God to hear her prayer.
When she heard that Jesus was passing through her village, she prayed that Jesus would see her.  Many people were waiting for Jesus, but she hoped that Jesus would look at her where she was standing.
She could not stand in the middle or next to other people to avoid humiliation. She ran away from people and stayed in her corner. She lived in trauma.
Jesus had a vision of this woman. His Disciples showed Him the way He should go, but sometimes Jesus could deviate from the path shown to Him by His Disciples and take a path shown to Him by the Essentials. This is what happened. The Essentials showed and led Jesus on the path that led to the Barren Woman that Jesus had seen in vision.  
Jesus followed the path to the barren woman who was trembling when she saw Him coming towards her. Jesus approached her and looked into her eyes. Jesus asked her to give Him her hands. He looked the woman in the eyes and told her not to be afraid because her conviction and belief in God was to save her, to help her with her concern.

The woman asked Jesus to pray for her barrenness, Jesus replied that it was a Grace of God she had received in her life to be able to meet Him.
Jesus left the woman to continue on His way and concentrate on something else HE wanted to do in that village.
A few months after this meeting with Jesus, the woman noticed that she was not feeling well, she had discomfort that she could not explain, especially in the morning when she woke up.
Since she had never been pregnant before, she could not for a moment have any idea that she was pregnant. Her husband, who was fed up with her, sent her back to her parents.
When she arrived at her parents’ house, her mother immediately noticed that her daughter had changed, that she must be pregnant, which was later confirmed. She called her daughter’s husband to tell him the news. Both of them were very unconvinced by this news.
They went to a midwife who confirmed the news and even the length of the pregnancy, which was already seven months. This was impossible for the woman. The man was still not convinced and still had some doubts.
The woman remembered her encounter with Jesus Who had prayed for her and told her that she had the Grace of God. The woman did not believe that a miracle had taken place because of the way Jesus had done it, He had only looked her in the eyes, and without doing anything else special, not even touching her and praying for her. How then could she believe or think of a miracle in her life?
The midwife told the woman that the case of her pregnancy was rare, and that it was often a Grace of God. Faced with this evidence of his wife’s pregnancy, the husband took his wife back.
The woman gave birth to a girl, MARY, and a little later had two more children, two (2) boys, JOHN and LUKE. The Grace of God was fulfilled in the life of the barren woman that Jesus prayed for her.
Christmas is not only a celebration for children. It is a Festival where we remember Jesus as a child. People should remember Jesus, the Son of God, that HE was among you, human beings, on a Mission of Light on Earth, in the World of Matter.
Jesus had transmitted teachings from the miracles He performed in His Mission on Earth. He wanted to show the Power of the Force of God and what It is capable of. The Light works through Its Power, which It sends to the Earth. What happened in Jesus’ time in His Mission can be done today. Just be open to the Light, and you can have the Grace of God and the Miracle in your life. Believe in God and in Jesus, Who is the Son of God. HE IS THE SAME TODAY, YESTERDAY, TOMORROW, and for ETERNITY!