Account Of An Unknown Fact In The Life Of Jesus
Master John – Christmas 2023
JESUS, the Son of God, was sent on earth on a mission to help human beings out of the spiritual and earthly distress that would surely lead them to perdition if God did not intervene.

During His Mission on earth, Jesus did many things that are not yet known to this day. What you know about Jesus' life, activities and actions during His Mission on earth is not all that HE did that has been told or reported to you to this day.

Certain people witnessed and testified to certain things Jesus did, just like the Disciples of Jesus whose names are known, and many other unknown people who were around Jesus; they also saw many things done by Jesus that they were not able to tell or report.

What is certain is that Jesus, with His omnipotence, did many more things discreetly than people saw. He was on an urgent Mission on earth to help human beings rediscover their faith in God for their well-being, their spiritual evolution and the salvation of their souls. At every moment of His life on earth, Jesus was on a mission and was always doing something related to His Mission to help human beings with their various concerns.

Jesus had Essential Beings, helpers, to assist Him in His great, vast and difficult mission of helping people in every area of their lives so that they would come to recognize God, live according to God's Laws and abandon the other doctrines that were leading them away from God. Jesus was surrounded by Essential Beings who helped Him wherever He went.

Jesus was of considerable assistance to JOSEPH, his father, in his work, carrying out certain tasks with the aid of the Essential Beings. Joseph was always amazed at the speed and quality of the work he entrusted to Jesus.

Sometimes Joseph wanted to look closely at Jesus to understand how He was working to complete the task he had given Him with such speed and quality. Joseph could not perceive the presence of the Essential Beings who were working with Jesus. These Essential beings also had the task of distracting Joseph with other things, and when he looked at Jesus, he saw that Jesus was simply and naturally doing His work. He did not see these Essential Beings working with Jesus.

Jesus could start a job without finishing it, and the next day, when they arrived at the workshop, they would find that the rest of the work had already been done by the Essential Beings. This happened especially when Joseph had many orders, some of them urgent. So Jesus and the Essential Beings went to work to help him.

Joseph already knew about the Essential Beings when Jesus began His mission.

One day, Jesus came to see Joseph in his workshop. He wanted to be alone with Joseph to talk about certain things and spiritual teachings. Joseph took the opportunity to ask Jesus how HE managed to work so well and complete all the many urgent orders He received on time.

Jesus answered him: "If you had your spiritual eye open during this time when we are working to do this work you are entrusting to us, you would see these many Essential Beings working around Me and with Me to help you”.

Joseph told Jesus that he had already noticed something, but that he didn't want to tell Him because he was still a child and young. He mentioned it to MARY, who replied by telling Joseph to leave Jesus alone. Jesus also took advantage of Joseph's question about the Essentials to teach him about the help that God makes available to human beings, but that unfortunately they are not open to these Essentials.

Joseph asked Jesus to pray for him so that he could see the Essentials and ask them for help. Jesus replied that the opening must come from Joseph himself. These Essential Beings need a great opening so that people can see them and ask them for help.

When Jesus separated from Joseph, He asked His guides to do the work of helping Joseph in his workshop. The Light had acted.

Joseph, the father of Jesus, had the grace of the Light to be helped in his work by the Essential Beings whom he could not see, but with whom he could communicate by thought, always thinking of them by his side to help him with any work he wanted to do. So when he needed to do something, he could see that it was well done, but only when he concentrated on what he wanted to do, and discreetly.

Joseph had made himself comprehensible to the reality of the presence of essential Beings on his side.

Jesus had told him to hide certain things from His mother, Mary, who was a very emotional woman, unable to keep to herself and who was always talking to everyone.  Joseph could send the Essentials to tell Jesus to come to him when he needed them, and he found that Jesus came to him.

Joseph began to believe everything he had experienced when Jesus was born, but he didn't want to tell people. When people came to him to accuse Jesus, Joseph always told them that Jesus was the Son of God and that they should believe Him. It wasn’t that Joseph didn't know who Jesus really was, but he wanted to keep quiet about it to protect Jesus, but he knew the truth about Jesus.

One day, when Joseph was very ill, he asked the Essentials to inform Jesus so that he could come and pray for him. He waited for Jesus to come and see him personally, as was his custom, but this time it wasn't to be. It was while he was asleep that Joseph saw Jesus come to him in a vision while he slept.

Jesus, all covered in light, stood there before Joseph, who had his spiritual eye open. Joseph said to Jesus, "Master, did you receive the message I sent You about my health through the Essentials?” Jesus was still smiling, telling Joseph that HE was looking forward to coming to pray for him.

Jesus approached the bed mat on which Joseph was lying, placed His hand on Joseph's forehead and told him that his healing was the result of his faith in the Light which had sent him on a mission to help people. Jesus spoke to Joseph as HE speaks to everyone.

Jesus did not stay long with Joseph, who went back to sleep even more soundly.

The next morning, when Mary came to see him, Joseph was already up, gathering wood. Mary was taken aback by the speed of Joseph's recovery, and he told her that God had healed him of his illness, without mentioning the presence of Jesus who had come to pray for him.

Jesus reacted quickly when He was informed of what was happening with His father Joseph, who knew that Jesus might come to see Him in a vision. While Mary was always concerned about Jesus' personal absence, this was not the case for Joseph from the day Jesus appeared to him in a vision. He knew who Jesus was.
Not far from the house where Jesus lived, there was a tree that had been there for many years, before Jesus was born. The elders who lived there used to gather under this huge tree to talk about certain things that were happening in their community. It had become a meeting place for the elders and the people of the time who lived around it.

As time went on and the world developed, people began to build rooms where they could meet, rather than under the tree as before, to talk about certain things that were happening in the community. Other things could still be discussed under the tree, but not meetings with the elders. The tree always remained in the same place.

People noticed that even when it rained, the surface of the earth around the tree remained dry under the leaves of the same tree, that the drops of water from the rain did not penetrate the leaves of that tree and that no puddles formed on the surface of earth around the earth under the leaves of the tree. People took advantage of this situation to shelter and protect themselves from the rain every time it rained. People thought this was normal.

When Jesus was six (6) years old, He was used to sitting under this tree. He could be alone or with the other children, but He didn't stay long. He seemed to think and meditate whenever He was under this tree.

Jesus might go out on a mission for a while, but when He came home He would always go and sit under that tree, alone.

When He was a child, His mother Mary didn't pay any attention to His customs, which didn't bother her, because He was quiet under this tree.

And when He was resting from the work He was doing in Joseph's workshop, Jesus would go and sit under that tree and eat something He had with Him.

But when he grew up and went home, having met many different people, Jesus would also go and sit under that tree.

Mary had wanted to understand and know what HE was doing under that tree since she was a child, and often there was no one with Him the whole time He was sitting alone under that tree. It was as if everyone was blocked, prevented from approaching that tree the whole time Jesus was there, and HE had to remain alone.

One day, Mary asked Jesus why He often sat under that tree. Jesus did not want to answer Mary's question, which He thought was a matter of curiosity. Jesus knew that many people were waiting for this information, which could only come from Mary, His mother, who in turn would announce it to everyone. So Jesus did not want to answer Mary about the real reason why He often sat under this tree.

He tells Mary that this is His favourite place to take the fresh air.

The people who didn't like Jesus and who were waiting for an answer they hadn't received to what had become an obsession, decided to cut down the tree. But to do so, they had to have a reason that would convince the elders to give them the right to cut it down.

Any idea or plan to modify an old centrepiece had to be approved by the elders. You had to have their permission, their authorization to cut down that tree.

The enemies of Jesus went to the elders with a plan to build an extension to a community house on the site of the ancient tree that was to be felled.

The project was presented to the elders, who were invited to deliberate and give their opinion on the project. Among the elders were also some who didn't like Jesus and whose voices had influenced the decision to cut down the tree, even if it wasn't obvious from the start.

The Essentials informed Jesus of this news. Jesus asked the Helpers to do their work so that the tree would not be cut down.

The people behind this decision went out and bought everything they needed to cut down the tree. On the morning of the day they were to cut down the tree, they woke up to find that it wasn't where it was supposed to be. The other people were also surprised that day to see that instead of the tree, there was just a small piece of tree trunk that was all was left of the tree that had been cut down, and without getting any other trace.

It was clear that the tree had been cut down, but when and by whom? and where was most of the tree. It was an enigma, a mystery, and the biggest worry for everyone. And how come nobody heard the sound of a tree being cut down?

Jesus was on a mission and couldn't go home with His Disciples in the evening to cut down the tree. Some people began to talk about a miracle by Jesus, but others didn't believe it.

But the tree was not cut down, it remained in its place. The Essential Beings had done the work Jesus had asked them to do to protect the tree from being cut down.

They built a kind of "dome" that covered the whole tree and made it invisible to people. They only got the visible image of that part of the trunk as what was left of the tree, making it clear that the tree was cut down as those who didn't like Jesus wanted it to be.

All things are possible in the Light.

The search began for any information that might provide an answer to this mystery. People were sent to the places where Jesus was, in search of information about His movements. But in the end it was decided to wait for Jesus to return and ask Him if it was He and His Disciples who had cut down the tree.

One day, after some time away, Jesus returned to see His family. Everyone was curious to see Jesus' reaction to the unexplained disappearance of His favourite tree, under which He sat regularly.

He greeted everyone, as was His custom, then walked over to the tree and sat down in the place He had occupied since childhood.

They all followed and watched Jesus' every move and behaviour closely. Astonished, they could not understand what they were seeing, as Jesus went and sat down peacefully in His usual place under the tree, which did not exist, with His back resting against the part of the tree trunk that was visible to them.

They could not understand why Jesus was not worried about the disappearance of the tree and why He was sitting so peacefully as if the tree was still there, when they could see that the tree had been cut down and that only this part of the trunk of the cut down tree was left which they could see and on which Jesus was leaning.

They didn't know what to do, how to react, what attitude to take or how to react to Jesus' attitude.

This tree was planted in this place by a servant of the Light, BARTHELEMY, who had respected the inspiration he had received from the Light, long before the coming of Jesus, to plant this tree in this very place. He was also the one who cared for the tree, watering it as it grew. This servant also received messages from Helpers to assist him carry out his mission.

When the tree grew tall, the servant no longer needed to water it, he simply came and sat under it to receive God's Force.

One day, while sitting under this tree, Barthelemy fell asleep. He had a vision in which he saw himself in a very bright place. He saw himself sitting in an armchair, in a furnished house. And when he woke up, he saw himself still sitting under that tree. From the day of that vision, he returned from time to time to sit under that tree to receive the Force of Light.

It was at the age of seven (7) that Jesus had His first experience of what was happening under the tree where He came to sit regularly.

That day, His mother, Mary, was visited by people who only talked about things that didn't disturb Jesus. So Jesus decided to go out and sit under the tree.

Once under the tree, Jesus called the Essential Beings to keep Him company, to amuse Him, to distract Him. Just as He was expecting the Essential Beings to come to Him, Jesus noticed a change in His vision, which had become blurred and hazy, and He began to see something else. As if in the blink of an eye, Jesus saw Himself in a very bright place, dressed in different white clothes and sitting on an armchair in a house.

He couldn't understand what was happening to Him.

A woman wearing a BLUE hat entered the house and greeted him with great respect. The house had no doors or windows, and HE wondered from where the woman had come. The woman introduced Jesus to a glass of JUICE. It was only after he had drunk the contents of the glass, which He thought was water, that Jesus felt it was not water but juice.

The place was very bright and He could see that it was a woman wearing a blue hat who was there. When He had finished drinking the glass of juice, He felt a force inside Him. The woman left just as she had entered.

Jesus noticed a change in His eyesight and fell asleep.

When He awoke, He saw himself under the tree. After this experience in the Beyond, Jesus was afraid for the first time. He didn't tell anyone about His experience under the tree, His favourite place to sit.

The second time He wanted to go and sit there, He hesitated, but went and sat under the tree again. He had the same experience as the first time. But this time, the woman in the blue hat told him not to be afraid to come to this house to receive the Force.

After this reassuring conversation with the woman in the blue hat, which He appreciated, Jesus, who was no longer afraid, was able to return several times to go to the Beyond whenever He needed to withdraw a little to receive the Force of the Light.

Jesus knew what was happening when He sat under that tree, but He didn't tell anyone, and when He left there, having experienced the Beyond, His face changed. He had been given the Force.

Over time, and with all the changes in the world's evolution, the trunk of the tree had also disappeared from where it stood. There was nothing left, a void. But the tree is still there, where the Essential Beings had also built a Bridge of Light, which Jesus used to return to the Beyond from time to time in order to receive the Force of Light.

Some years later, after Jesus, a servant was sent on a mission to protect this place. This servant bought the land on which he built a FLOWER GARDEN. But before that, this part of the tree, where there is also a Bridge of Light, had remained undeveloped, but protected by the Essential Beings.

The Light had given a servant the grace to incarnate on earth to guard the whole area where the tree was.

There are many places like the Bridge of Light under the tree.

There are many BRIDGES OF LIGHT built by Essential Beings in many places on earth. You can even find houses built where there has been a Bridge of Light built by Essential Beings for years.

It is the Essential Beings who have the task of building a Bridge of Light on earth to a place indicated to them by the Light, and which connects this place to the Light in the Beyond.

A Bridge of Light is presented as a small thread of Light that comes from the sky to where it is connected on earth. But seen from the Light, this small thread of Light is very large, a great Bridge of Light, for the activities of LIGHT on earth. The Force of Light is permanent in this Bridge of Light for the differing actions of the Force of LIGHT on earth.