Some Unknown Facts Of the Life Of Jesus

Transmitted December 23, 2021
That the Light is Love, It always wants to come to your aid in many different ways, you human beings, to bring you to know and recognize the Truth so that you may lead a way of life in conformity with the Truth for your good, your spiritual evolution. To do this, the Light will reveal to you certain truths that are not known in what the SON OF GOD, JESUS ,had done in HIS Mission on earth.

The Light knows everything and knows exactly what human beings need to know, It knows the level of evolution and spiritual maturity of humanity and of the individual human being. Therefore, in everything that the Light gives to human beings, there are always teachings that are useful to them for their good, and that contribute to their spiritual evolution. Whatever you receive from the Light, the Light knows that you are able to understand it.

The Light cannot give to human beings what is not true and does not contribute to one’s well-being and spiritual evolution. Nothing that is given by the Light to human beings is given for the sake of information only, or for their curiosity. Everything is truth, which contains and transmits in one way or another that knowledge which is useful for the human being to lead a good life and for his spiritual evolution.

We are going to reveal to you some facts in the life of JESUS, THE SON OF GOD that are unknown to the general public. These actual facts in the life of JESUS are not given to you only so that you simply know these unknown true facts in the life of JESUS as mere information that you read and put aside into oblivion. No!

Everything that is given by the Light and by the Helpers of the Light, including revelations, always transmits a useful teaching or lesson to human beings and allows you through revelations to know the Truth, in this confusion maintained on many past and present facts related to the life of the TWO SONS OF GOD and the servants of the Light during their mission on earth.

JESUS is THE SON OF GOD. He came down to earth on a mission as a Servant of Light in the service of God. The only reason for His presence on earth was to serve God. He could not only speak about Himself but also that He was sent by GOD to help people.


The servants of the Light who are on a mission of the Light, they are envoys sent from God. They come on a mission of Light in which they follow and respect the process of the Light which is in all and in all conformity with the Immutable, Just, Perfect, Incorruptible Laws of God which govern all creation in a self-acting manner. They are at the service of the Light in their lives and in their mission to help human beings.

Servants of the Light on mission incarnate on earth to serve the Light, to serve the Light in their lives.

Some of these servants have already been at the service of the Light in different incarnations on earth. Among these servants there are some who come for a special mission, they are also servants of God who follow and respect the process of the work of the Light. They are special in the sense that they are accompanied by a Force which is not like that of other servants of the Light on mission.

There were things that the SONS OF GOD had done in their mission that other servants of the Light in mission, who are also accompanied by the God-Force, could not and cannot do. Some of the things that the Sons of God had done in their mission are known, but there are still many others that remain unknown to people to this day. It is our task in our mission to help you to know few of these unknown and real facts of JESUS’ life that help you to know, recognize and understand better the nature of JESUS through His Works. The intervention of the Light in people’s lives is always for some reason, which is always to help human beings.

We know that many people, the readers of the Grail Message in particular, are aware of some of those things in the life of JESUS which are truths that are unknown or not well known by many human beings. Since Truth never hides itself, and always comes to light one day, every human being has a period in his or her existence when he or she will encounter Truth in one way or another. That we are revealing these things to you today, it is because the time has come for you to know the Truth about those things which you did not know before or which were not well known.

There are some things that you could not understand before because of all the confusion and misunderstanding. Today, with the various experiences that we have had helping you, we think we can reveal them to you and that you are able to understand them. Their logic, simplicity and easy-to-understand clarity will amaze you, and you will even wonder how it was possible that you could not understand all this for so long.

Although there are certain truths that are hidden from human beings by certain people for reasons that are known to them, but know that the Light is Truth, and nothing can be hidden forever from the Light, everything is eventually brought to light within the reach of every human being, who is free to accept or not.

Not all truth is good to tell. This does not mean that people are encouraged to hide the truth and tell lies. Many people should not forget or ignore the fact that they still have the freedom to act in the way they want in any situation in life. Human beings are free to think and responsible for choosing what they decide to believe and follow in their lives. Human beings are aware of this Law of Free Will which also makes them responsible to the Light for the choice of everything they do in any life situation.

This knowledge of free will must also make each person aware of his or her responsibility for everything that happens to him or her in life, which in most cases are the effects of the consequences in one’s life of the choice of actions that each person had freely chosen to take. This awareness of the return in your life of any choice of what you freely decide to follow, to accept, to do in any area of life, must lead each human being to reflect well, to discern well, in order to understand well before deciding to act in one way or the other in any situation of life. Choosing what is true, therefore, in conformity with the Laws of God, must be the right choice for every human being, for one’s good, one’s spiritual evolution or development, the salvation of one’s soul and for a better world.

The work of the Light is to always give the teachings that help human beings to understand how they should behave in Creation for their own good. For this the Light brings back the Truth where it is misunderstood, distorted, misinterpreted, for the human being must know the Truth that will set him free. It is said that you will know the Truth and it will save you.




JOSEPH, the father of JESUS, was a carpenter, a trade that he had also taught some of his children. He often went to the forest to cut down trees for the wood he used in his carpentry work. There were also other children who came to the workshop who watched how the others worked while they also learned some things and could even help Joseph with some of the small tasks in the workshop.

Sometimes Joseph would take some of the children with him in his wagon to cut down trees in the forest. JESUS and His friend BENJAMIN were not missing among the children who went with Joseph to the forest.

Joseph knew the forest well and those places where he could get quality wood for his work. He did not let the children get away from him when he was in the forest.

One day, Joseph told JESUS to tell Benjamin to get ready to go to the forest to cut wood. JESUS was always happy about this wagon trip.

JESUS had begun to see the Essential Beings at the age of four.

On that day, JESUS had wanted to go with one of His cousins far away from where they lived, but His mother Mary refused because HE was still a child for such a long journey with His cousin. When HIS mother refused to let HIM go with His cousin, to show HIS displeasure, JESUS went away, all sad, to HIS corner, and this was before HIS father came to propose to HIM to go to the forest in a cart with HIS friend Benjamin, a trip in a cart that JESUS liked very much.

While HE was sad, in His corner JESUS saw before Him in the air, in space, little beings fluttering about. At first HE did not really take notice of these little Essential Beings. It was only afterwards, when HIS vision became clearer and clearer, HE began to see more clearly and distinctly these little Essential Beings fluttering around HIM. HE became frightened and stood up in the place where HE had been huddled sadly in the corner of the house.

The little Essential beings continued to flutter around HIM. HE watched them with much more interest and attention around HIM. HE began to notice and understand that these little Essential Beings were only playing around HIM, that they had no intention of harming HIM.

One of the Essentials, who was a little taller than the other Essentials, came closer to JESUS and lightly brushed his wings over JESUS’ cheek.

It had become amusing and JESUS was beginning to smile slightly, but HE was still attentive and to a small extent alert to the movement of these little Essential beings around HIM.

HE watched them carefully as they made gestures. Some Essential Beings who had coloured wings attracted His attention particularly, so much so that HE was interested to see them fluttering around HIM.

At the very beginning, JESUS did not hear their cries. It was as they were still around HIM that HE began to hear their cries faintly, which grew louder and louder until HE heard them more clearly and more loudly.

JESUS forgot HIS sadness, HE was busy with the games of these Essentials which sometimes made HIM laugh. From that day on, the Essentials never left JESUS.

When JESUS slept and sometimes opened HIS eyes, HE always saw certain Essentials near HIM. It had become a custom and a normal occurence for JESUS to see and hear the Essentials. JESUS was four years old.

It was therefore from the age of four until HIS Departure from earth that these Essential Beings were around HIM, in great numbers to serve HIM.

JESUS went off to call Benjamin, and they ran to get into the cart and head for the forest to cut down the trees with Joseph. When they arrived at the forest, JESUS and Benjamin were able to get off the cart and let Joseph go and find the right tree to cut down and bring it with them to work in the workshop.

Joseph always left the children in a safe place in the forest if he had to go a little further inland to cut down the trees in this forest which was not large.

At this place in the forest, there were trees that could be used for various things in Joseph’s workshop. JESUS was not far from Joseph. He always had some Essentials around HIM who accompanied HIM wherever HE went and even when HE was with Joseph and HIS friend Benjamin, but HE did not tell them anything about it.

JESUS had HIS eyes on Joseph every moment they were at that place in that forest.

All of a sudden, JESUS noticed that the Essentials were agitated, making certain signs, gestures and faces as if they had noticed something. Some of them moved away from JESUS, while the others wanted to let JESUS know what was going on. One of the Essentials flew to the top of the tree that Joseph wanted to cut down, to get JESUS’ attention, and it was at this point that JESUS saw a snake standing on top of the tree.

Joseph was not paying attention to everything that was going on around him and could not see the snake, although there was a definite danger that the snake could bite him while he was cutting the tree.

JESUS became nervous. HE did not know how to tell His father Joseph what HE was seeing and that HE himself did not understand how HE could see this snake at this height from where HE was standing. Benjamin was on the other side of the tree picking the mushrooms that grew around the trees. JESUS saw how the Essentials arranged to form a column from the top of the tree to the bottom of the tree through which the snake had to pass. As Joseph began to cut down the tree, the snake slowly descended to the bottom of the tree following this column formed by the Essentials who were watching and almost escorting him.

JESUS wanted to shout to warn Joseph of the danger, but HE felt as if his tongue was tied. HE stood still and watched what was happening with the Essentials crying out while circling the snake that was slowly descending from the tree that Joseph was cutting down.

The Essentials were with the snake, which they would divert to another path so that Joseph could not notice its presence. The cries of the Essentials were like the communication between the Essentials and the serpent. JESUS saw how the snake slowly descended until it disappeared into the forest. After this work, the Essentials returned around JESUS.

When they finished the work, they returned home without incident. Jesus had understood the importance of the Essentials by HIS side, and HE was no longer afraid of them. HE would not tell anyone what had just happened in the forest with Joseph, the Essentials and the serpent.


JESUS was seven years old and worked in the workshop with Joseph, HIS father. A man had placed an order for furniture which he explained to Joseph was for his house. The man paid the full amount of the bill for all the work. But Joseph did not really understand the description of the furniture that the man gave him. Joseph was not sure how he was going to do the job, but despite this uncertainty he accepted the order. He was nervous about this order.

The Essentials, who were always by JESUS’ side, had managed to read Joseph’s thoughts on this order. With two days to go before the man was due to collect his furniture, Joseph was not yet ready with this order.

During the night, JESUS thought about how to help Joseph to do this job for this man who had already paid for all his furniture to be delivered in two days. JESUS, who had learned to pray at that age in the way children pray, asked God to give Joseph the intelligence to do the job.

The Essentials heard JESUS’ prayer, and they called upon other Essentials greater than themselves who might be able to intervene to help Joseph do this work of this man’s order that was late and in danger of not being delivered on time, which JESUS wanted to avoid.

The Essentials worked all night to move, arrange, and lay out all the wood and other things that would go into the making of this man’s order, so as to save Joseph the time it would take him to search for and gather everything together before starting the work. The Essentials had done a great job of helping Joseph.

In the morning, Joseph arrived and opened his workshop. He was amazed to see that everything was arranged in a way that would save him a lot of time and make it easier for him to do the bulk of the work that the man commissioned. He called JESUS, who was still at home, and asked JESUS how HE knew what had to be done and was necessary for the work of this man’s order, so that HE could arrange, sort out and put in place these different parts, these different pieces of wood, these tools and everything that was useful and necessary and that would make the work he was going to do for this man’s commission much easier.

JESUS looked quietly at the Essentials who were all around HIM, they were in joy. HE had quickly understood that they had acted in accordance with His request in HIS prayer to help Joseph.

JESUS answered that it was the answer to HIS prayer that all would go well for Joseph’s work, and that the Light Force was among them. JESUS did not want Joseph to be left thinking about what was being done that he could not understand.


At the age of ten, JESUS began to act with HIS Light Force. While HE was playing with the other boys, a boy slipped, hurt his foot badly and cried out loudly in pain. Some of the boys went to alert the boy’s parents of what had happened to their child.

JESUS began to feel the manifestation of the Force in His body. HE trembled as the boy cried out in pain at his leg. JESUS felt how this Force was pushing HIM to this boy who was crying out in pain and complaining that he was in great pain.

With the other boys having left, JESUS was left alone with this boy. HE looked at him and stood in front of him. HE heard a voice telling HIM to put HIS Hand on the boy’s leg and close HIS eyes, although the boy did not want HIM to touch his leg which was hurting badly. But after a few seconds, all was quiet. JESUS opened His eyes and looked at the boy who told Him that he was no longer in pain.

The boy told JESUS that when HE closed HIS eyes and prayed while holding it to HIS leg, JESUS’ face changed, transformed.

JESUS told the boy not to tell his parents about what HE had just done to him, because if his mother, Mary, heard about it, she would scold HIM. She had forbidden HIM to do certain things that would attract people’s attention, as it happened after JESUS’ preaching in the Synagogue in the presence of the men of the Law. The boy would not tell his parents, he feared JESUS for what he had seen that day.


When JESUS was fifteen years old, Mary sent HIM to the market to do some shopping for the house. JESUS enjoyed helping HIS mother when the other children did not, or would not. There were many people in the market that day. JESUS walked through the crowd like any other HIM to buy.

JESUS noticed a group of people watching something. JESUS heard a voice speaking to HIM, telling HIM to come closer to this group of people and see what was going on and what they were all watching. They were all looking at a woman who was in labour pains. They had to act quickly and look for a birth attendant to help the woman. But while waiting for the birth attendant, the woman’s pain had to be soothed, because the child’s life was in danger. They had to act quickly.

The voice told JESUS to take the woman by the hand and bring her to a birthing assistant who was not far from the market place. By holding the woman’s hand in this way HE could also transmit the Power to the woman and ease her pain on the way to the birth attendant’s place. This is what HE did. HE brought the woman gently and slowly to the place that the Essentials pointed out to HIM.

HE knocked on the lady’s door and she immediately noticed that the woman was in urgent need of help. JESUS left the woman in the house of the birth attendant and went on HIS way. The woman gave birth to a boy, to whom she gave the name MOISE. The birth attendant told the woman that it was a miracle for her to have her child alive since the child was outside the placenta and the umbilical cord was around the child’s neck, which was a danger for the child to be suffocated and die. The placenta was torn into pieces, the other part which had moved upwards could have reached the woman’s heart and block its function, which would cause the death of the woman and the child. The woman and the baby were in permanent danger of death. It was a miracle that both mother and baby were alive and well.

The woman would return home with her baby. She would know about JESUS’ mission after years, and would not stop testifying to the people about JESUS’ intervention to save her life and that of her child.

The GUIDES of JESUS had begun to have communication with Jesus gradually. They spoke when they wanted Jesus to intervene to help people. JESUS heard the voice of the Guides as HIS inner voice, and HE acted by doing what the voice told HIM to do. HE knew the Guides at a certain age.


When JESUS was eighteen, HE had a friend named DAVID who was orphaned and living with his uncle. David was fifteen years old and was mistreated by his uncle who sent him to do work for which David earned money. But seeing the state of David’s clothes, he was like a slave. He slept in the animals stable.

JESUS liked David for his character. They talked about spiritual teachings and exchanged a lot of wonderful things. He was a good boy, despite what he was going through in his uncle’s house. He did not talk about his life. He was always happy.

One day, JESUS went to see David. HE found David lying in the stable; he had a fever that day and was shivering in his blanket. When David saw JESUS, he smiled a little. He asked JESUS to stay with him. JESUS told him that he was not going to die. David told JESUS that he had been like that for four days, and without eating anything. His uncle asks him to do something for him before he gets something to eat. The state he was in he could not work for his uncle and could not get anything to eat from his uncle.

JESUS put His hand on David’s head and prayed. HE told David that HE would get food for him. Meanwhile, David’s uncle was waiting for his nephew to die since he did not want him in his house.

The next morning, the uncle was astonished to see his nephew coming out of the animal shed. The uncle stood and watched his nephew walking slowly. David told his uncle that he did not want to stay in his house any longer. His uncle threw his clothes into the street and drove him out of his house.

David went far away from his uncle to look for work. He worked on various farms where he received animals as a reward. With these animals he moved to a village and married DOROTHEA. He followed the preaching of JESUS at the time of His mission. He was among the people who supported Jesus materially in His mission.

When he was at his uncle’s house, sick in the stable, David was already beginning to detach himself from his body when Jesus came to see him. He was dying, but JESUS had brought him back to life. JESUS could already see his Spirit was about to leave his body. His Guide told HIM that David was a servant of the Light on a mission who would help HIM in HIS mission. The Essentials had been working on David’s body, which was gradually weakening as it failed to meet the necessary conditions to maintain the connection between the body and the spirit. The Essentials put everything back into place so that David’s body could regain the good health that would allow him to maintain the connection with his spirit. This had enabled him to walk normally in front of his uncle.

People only know what JESUS did for Lazarus and which is considered by many to be the only case where Jesus saved the lives of people condemned to death for one reason or another.

JESUS had saved the lives of many people whose spirits were already detached from their bodies. There are many cases of healing of people who were already detached from their bodies and were brought back to life by JESUS.

Another fact is that JESUS saved a baby who had fallen into a river with his mother. The baby had swallowed so much water from the sea that it was doomed to die. JESUS took the baby in HIS arms and asked for the grace to live for this baby who was barely moving. To the surprise of the people, the baby woke up crying in JESUS’ arms. Everyone was overjoyed at this act, which was for them an act of miracle. This baby would become a servant of the Light on a mission on earth.

JESUS had started to do miracles, when HE was still alone without a Disciple. The Disciples and the Apostles came afterwards, and even they had only seen some miracles, but they knew nothing of some of the things, of the many miracles that Jesus did before HE was together with them, or that HE did in the background.

The Power of God began to work in JESUS from His childhood. Jesus could not wait to act with His Power when there was a situation or a case that arose where HE could be or that came to His knowledge and that required His intervention, HE intervened using His power. HE was on a mission and HE had done His mission. HE had the Essentials from the age of four, they were all to help HIM in HIS mission on earth.


JESUS had a family member who was demon-possessed. The man had gone mad with violent reactions. He did not reason normally. JESUS was twenty one years old and acted in a discreet way. Every time HE met this man, HE was sad, but His Guides would not tell Him what HE could do to help the man. The man was locked up and had chains all over his body to prevent him from hurting anyone with his violent reactions.

One day, after prayer, JESUS went to sit in a place that was like a garden to meditate, and while HE was meditating HE saw in vision this man in the place where he was placed, locked up, chained. JESUS saw around this man many demons, and HE understood at that moment that this man had no control over himself, that he was acting unconsciously, and that he was not aware of what he was doing.

JESUS asked His Guide who was already in direct communication with HIM to act to save this man who was also a member of His family. His Guide advised HIM to act discreetly and far away from this man, because if JESUS acted personally in front of this man to cast out these demons and set him free, in their failure to attack and defend themselves, these demons would attack the man more powerfully with risk to his life, and the work would not go well.

The Guide asked JESUS to concentrate and act from afar using His Force.

The spiritual eyes of JESUS opened wide and HE saw himself in front of this man in chains all over his body. JESUS concentrated and HE saw himself in a vision that HE reproduced in countless other JESUS where this man was in chains and under the control of demons.

These innumerable reproductions of JESUS were whirling with such speed, such speed around this man in this place, that it was impossible for the demons to locate or identify the True JESUS among these numerous reproductions of JESUS that were circulating with such great speed in this place, and with such force that the powerful demons that had possessed the man would eventually let go of the man and flee. The force had cut the chains freeing the man who was free.

Once free, the man was surprised to find himself in this state and in this awfully dirty place. When he appeared in front of people, everyone ran away from him. He had to make an effort to ask them what was going on. Everyone was astonished and wondered how he had managed to cut the chains with which he was bound around his body.

Now free, the man wondered who had helped him to cast off these chains, and how he had come to be healed. JESUS had acted quietly to save a family member who had been driven mad by darkness and possessed by the demons that controlled his life.

JESUS went home very tired and went to bed.

The man himself had called upon these demons in his life by the way he lived which was an opening to the darkness because of those incantations he enjoyed doing in attacks on people. He enjoyed seeing people in pain. The man lacked love of neighbour.

One day, JESUS went to the man and told him to stop doing evil. The man looked at Jesus and asked how He knew he was a sinner. Jesus told him that the Truth before the Light is not hidden. Whatever people do wrong in secret, the Light sees it all, and that it was good for this man to repent and ask God for forgiveness instead of doing nothing.

The man asked JESUS if he should ask forgiveness for his sin, to whom would he turn. JESUS answered him: to God. The man said that he did not see God, JESUS answered that he had to do God’s Will in his life and that only in this way could he be saved. The man said that he did not trust the teachers of the law.

JESUS told him that he had many ways to repent, but the most important thing was to do the Will of God in his life. For repentance, it is all about following the path of Truth which is life.

The man looked down and told JESUS that it was God who had saved his life, and that he wanted to follow that God and do His Will.

The man followed JESUS in His preaching, and he helped people to believe in the miracles of JESUS since he himself was an example of these miracles worked by the power of God in his life. The man knew nothing of this miracle of JESUS in his life. He only believed in God who had sent His power to free him from demons and save him.


JESUS had a cousin named MARY who cared more for HIM. A plot was afoot to poison JESUS. The man who had received this dirty mission from the darkness had received a large sum of money to poison JESUS.

A rich man invited JESUS for a private meeting. A plan to poison JESUS was already well prepared for this private meeting. JESUS told the Disciples not to follow Him to this private meeting. JESUS was well aware of what was planned. He went alone to meet the appointment. The cook who was to carry out the deed rejoiced to see JESUS come alone to the appointment.

At mealtime, JESUS concentrated on using His Power, and HE saw that HE was moving to that place. The people in the room saw HIM sitting in HIS chair as He moved to that place in discretion. When it was time to serve themselves, they always saw JESUS in His place and that HE was serving HIMSELF quietly.

The Essentials had organized themselves to remove the poisonous food that was on JESUS’ plate. It was something spiritual on a very high level that you cannot understand. People saw JESUS sitting in his chair eating, as HE went around the room. HE returned to his seat when there was nothing left on the plate. He gave some teachings and left.

The cook who had received the money waited for JESUS to die, but nothing happened. He went to see JESUS’ cousin, Mary, to ask about JESUS’ health. It was at this time that Mary saw in a vision the person who had put poison in JESUS’ food. Mary had the gift of vision and prophecy and JESUS knew that Mary his cousin was a servant of the Light on a mission on earth that HE could rely on and that she could take care of HIM.

The man revealed all that he had done to Mary, JESUS’ cousin.

Another fact is that of the man who threw poisonous powder on JESUS’ face. The man did not appreciate Jesus and His preaching. He was waiting for JESUS when He was to pass by with His disciples to throw the powder in His face. The Disciples rushed at the person to stop him, but JESUS told them to leave the man alone as he was acting out of recklessness, he was driven by demons that had possession over him to act in an evil way. The Disciples noticed that JESUS did not react to this attack, a serious act for them, and that HE continued to act, speak and walk normally. He walked quietly without complaining about anything.

When the act was about to take place, the Essentials around JESUS had acted to form a kind of protective dome that covered JESUS’ entire head, and when the man threw the powder, JESUS’ face was already protected.

People had no idea what was going on behind the scenes that they could not see.

JESUS saw the Essentials around Him and everything that was going on without saying a word to the people who were with HIM.

JESUS had faced many acts of attack against Him, but the Essentials were present to prevent anything from happening to Him. There were even witch doctors who came into the crowd of people who followed JESUS with the intention of attacking Him. They made their incantations but nothing happened, and JESUS continued to preach.

JESUS would even call out openly and in public some of those people who were attacking Him, and who HE exposed and called upon to abandon their practices. The Light was with JESUS to help Him do His mission on earth. People knew that JESUS was the Son of God, but instead of thinking of the Almighty Power of God that was with Jesus and against which they could do nothing, they still thought that they could hurt HIM.

JESUS who healed the blind how could HE become blind with all that protection HE had from the Power of the Light. HE prayed for those people who were ignorant of the return in their lives of what they were doing wrong to others.


JESUS had NEVER known a woman in HIS life during HIS mission on earth. It was Joseph, HIS father, who had the responsibility of JESUS’ bodily care, from HIS infancy until that age when Jesus had to take care of HIS own bodily care. Mary, HIS mother, had received a message from the Light to give the care of JESUS to Joseph. And as they respected the message from above, they obeyed it too.

A woman by the name of HELENA had a mission of darkness to seduce JESUS. She tried everything to make JESUS fall under her charms. This happened during a mission that was going on somewhere and that JESUS often went on. During the night, JESUS would be alone somewhere praying, leaving His disciples and others asleep. Helena took advantage of this mission to be among the women who travelled with JESUS. When night fell and JESUS went to be alone for prayer, Helena followed JESUS secretly, although the Essentials could see her.

When Jesus had knelt down to pray, Helena came out of hiding with the intention of pouncing on JESUS and kissing HIM directly. She moved slowly towards JESUS. She moved forward, suddenly she saw herself in a different place other than where she had thought she was and saw JESUS praying.

She found herself elsewhere, and no JESUS in sight praying. She stopped, looked back, and saw that she was alone in a forest with tall trees. She was afraid and stopped. She started walking again, hoping to find a way to join the other people she was with, but it was not easy. She was just going in circles. She could not see a way to go until laid herself on the ground and even went to sleep in the same place.

When JESUS finished His prayer and returned to the place where HE was to sleep, HE passed Helena, who was fast asleep on the ground. The next day, the people found Helena sleeping in another place. She was awakened by the sounds of the people around her. She was ashamed and ran away, never to follow JESUS in His mission again. JESUS said nothing about what Helena wanted to do that night and what happened to her afterwards.

Another woman, RITA, had tried to seduce JESUS on HIS mission. Jesus passed by, and Rita wanted to jump on Jesus and embrace him directly. She felt her feet as if nailed to the ground where she was standing and wanted to jump on JESUS. She wanted to lift her legs, but she could not until JESUS passed by and she could not do anything.

The crowd started to disperse from that spot and left Rita claiming that her feet were stuck on the ground in the same place she was. She asked for help, but people considered her crazy because they could not see anything that prevented her from moving her feet.

Rita was crying and asking for help, but people passed by and ignored her request as no one saw anything wrong with her legs. She stayed there for a long time until the evening when she was finally able to get up and walk. She went quickly to her room to ask God’s forgiveness for her bad way of life of seducing men. She asked JESUS for forgiveness. Rita had repented in CHRIST, and she left the life of men. She married a servant of the Light.

The Light has many ways of getting a message across to people.

Another woman asked JESUS to marry HIM, but JESUS told her that HE respected the Will of God Who sent HIM on a mission, to serve HIM and HIM alone. JESUS told her that HE was on a mission to help people but not to be in union with a woman. The woman told JESUS that she was a servant of the Light, and JESUS told her that there are also many women who are on a mission and who should not be in union with a man.


JESUS did not only teach people in public. JESUS also went into prisons to teach people.

HE visited the prisons especially at nights. People would see HIM sleeping while HE was in some of the prison cells preaching to the people.

Many people who came out of prison testified that they had been with Jesus in their prison cells, but no one believed them.

There was a soldier who saw JESUS in a prison cell at night, an experience he had several times and came to believe, but without telling anyone. The soldier followed JESUS on His mission to see and learn more to understand what was really going on. The soldier stayed among the crowd and slept with the people near JESUS. He did not notice anything about JESUS moving or disappearing at night. He saw JESUS on His mat sleeping quietly. But how could he had seen Him with his eyes in a cell at night talking with a prisoner.

One day, he went to JESUS to ask HIM what he saw but did not understand. But long before he asked JESUS his question, JESUS told him that curiosity is not good for people who want to learn the teachings. The soldier asked his question to which JESUS replied that it was with his spiritual eye that he had seen HIM in that prison cell preaching to a man. The soldier did not believe JESUS’ answer. JESUS opened his spiritual eye to him on the spot, the soldier saw JESUS in the same outfit that HE had in that prison cell.

When the soldier opened his normal eyes again, he had become mute. He remained speechless for some time. He had to start learning to speak again. He did not want to say anything about what had happened with JESUS for fear of becoming mute.

JESUS had a mission to bring the True Word of God to the people. There were people in prisons who also wanted to have HIS teachings to know God and repent.

Many people were imprisoned for acts they did not commit.

Some people were imprisoned unjustly, they needed the Word to comfort them from this injustice of which they were victims. There were also poor people who were imprisoned for doing nothing wrong.

Many people, vulnerable people, were freed by the intervention of the Light, through the presence of JESUS at night when HE came to support the prisoners. The Light does not choose who to help. Jesus knew that some prisoners who did not know Him needed to know the Word of truth to be saved. There were criminals who had been taught how to live, they behaved badly because they only knew one doctrine of evil that they followed.

JESUS preached in many of the places that HE passed by, after being in prison. And even the soldiers who had the responsibility of guarding Him, JESUS had prayed for some who had found healing for their illness.

It was not through His imprisonment that JESUS stopped doing His mission on earth. He was in the service of God until He left the earth.

HE preached the two prisoners who were together with HIM on the cross. People know this story well. The soldier who gave water to Jesus, he had a disease since his childhood, and from which he was healed because of this gesture of love that he gave water to Jesus who was on the cross. He went home healed. He thanked God for this act of miracle by JESUS on the Cross.


JESUS had healed many people who were incarnated with karma. Many of these people had not understood JESUS’ teaching, so they were reincarnated several times on earth, making the same mistakes over and over again. This is the case of the blind man in the Bible, the one who JESUS had healed. This blind man was reincarnated twice after being healed by JESUS, but he came back with the same burden. Many people in JESUS’ time, they followed JESUS more for the miracles, but not really for the teachings of JESUS.

At the place where JESUS was crucified, the Essential Beings had built a great Bridge of Light that allowed and served JESUS to detach from HIS body and walk on HIS path of Light. There were many disembodied people there, and this Bridge of Light allowed JESUS to go on the Path of Light. This Bridge of Light was strongly lit to facilitate JESUS’ Departure from earth.

This Bridge of Light is until today at this place of the crucifixion of JESUS. The place is no longer the same, but the Bridge of Light is not destroyed in places that are built by the Essential Beings.

At the place where the body of JESUS had been placed after His Departure, the Essentials had built a great Bridge of Light. It was from this Bridge of Light at this place that the women had seen a strong Light.

JESUS was the Light of the world. All those places where HE was, the Essentials had built a Bridge of Light. These Bridges of Light exist in these places to this day. These places may undergo great changes, the houses demolished, but the Bridge remains in the same place, the Bridge shines on that place.

The place where JESUS lived, the Light shone to enable the Essential Beings, the Helpers, to do their work well. In this part of the earth there are many Essential Beings at the place where JESUS was born and this is still the case today. They were sent to this place to help in the mission of JESUS, and they remain at this place on earth for other missions on earth.

What was built by the Light is not easily destroyed. Just like the place where JESUS was born, the Bridge of Light of that place is still illuminated since that event. The Magi (Three Wise Men/Kings) had their spiritual eyes open to see the Light of that Bridge that was built at the place where JESUS was born.

It was not with normal eyes that the Magi saw the light that shone on the place where JESUS was born.