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Prayer Request Form

1. If you are accompanying your offering with a prayer request, please full out the form below stating precisely what you are asking the Light to do for you.
2. If you are requesting prayer for someone else , you must give the person’s name. Without a name, a request cannot be brought before the Light for intervention.
If you are accompanying your offering with a prayer request for some else, please input the person’s name below:
Gender of the person for whom you are making this prayer request and offering.
Describe fully what you want from the Light on behalf of the person in consideration.



1. Bank Name:                          Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
2. Bank Address:                      595 Bay St. Toronto, ON. M5G 2C2
3. SWIFT BIC Code:                    CIBCCATT
4. Canadian clearing code format: //CC001005702
5. CIBC institution number:        0010
6. Transit #:                                05702
7. Beneficiary account number: 2911817
8. Beneficiary name: The Light Room Press for Spiritual Teachings From the Beyond Inc.
9. Beneficiary address: 702-80 Dundas St. E, Toronto, ON M5B 2P5